Four Medical students experiment on "near death" experiences that involve past tragedies until the dark consequences begin to jeopardize their lives.

[first lines]
Nelson Wright: Today is a good day to die.
Young Winnie: Hey! Hey, Fellatio! Got a match? Well, I do! Your face and my ass! Your breath made of buffalo farts!
David Labraccio: Do I know you?
Young Winnie: You don't know jack-shit! Butt-wipe! Needle-dick! Cock-bite! Jack-off! Limp-wrist! Corn-hole! Banana-breath! Shit-bird! Bird-turd! Turd-face! Kiss-ass! Brown-nose! Macho wimp! Limp dick! Fart-face! Tire merchant! What's the matter? Gonna cry? Come on, Crybaby Davie! Cry! Cry! Cry! Shit-face! Rat-turd! Ass-licking son of a bitch!
Nelson Wright: Hey, Dave! What if it works?
Nelson Wright: You bring the equipment, I'll bring my balls.
David Labraccio: [screaming at a religious stained-glass portrait] I'm sorry... we *trespassed* on your... *fucking* territory. God! I'm *sorry*!
Randy Steckle: [In the car] Billy Mahoney died seventeen years ago. Whether or not he is, Nelson feels responsible.
David Labraccio: Oh shit! Where did he go?
Randy Steckle: He took off mumbling something about making amends.
Joe Hurley: How the hell do you make amends with someone who's already dead?
David Labraccio: I don't know.
[pauses and then looks at Joe]
David Labraccio: You don't think he would try to flatline without us, do you?
Joe Hurley: It would be suicide.
David Labraccio: Shit!
[Drives faster]
Winnie Hicks: I haven't been that ugly little girl in years.
David Labraccio: You were never ugly.
Randy Steckle: I did not come to medical school to murder my classmates, no matter how deranged they might be.
Nelson Wright: When my body temperature hits 86 degrees, you're going to hit me with 200 Joules. The electric current will stop my heart. When the heart is dead, take the mask off... I'm going to draw 20 ccs. You handle the injections. When the EEG flatlines, the brain is dead. I'll be exploring. Give me 30 seconds. Flip the blanket on to 'warm.' Take me up to 93 degrees slowly. Inject 1 cc of Adrenaline, and at one minute, Joe, you come in with the defibs. And you bring me back to life.
Rachel: [entering room] With brain damage. Resembling in many ways a cabbage patch doll.
Joe Hurley: Nelson, if you die, can I have your apartment?
Nelson Wright: Somehow we've brought our sins back physically. And they're pissed.
Nelson Wright: Everything matters, everything we do matters.
Nelson Wright: Hello, I'm nice, he's nice, we're both fucking lunatics. Can I come in, please?
Randy Steckle: [to Joe who's dressed in a skeleton-printed Halloween costume] Who are you supposed to be? Boner-Man?
Rachel: See you soon.
David Labraccio: You should have told us, Nelson.
Nelson Wright: You wouldn't have done it.
David Labraccio: At least we would've had a choice!
Playground Kids: Three-six-nine! The goose drank wine! The monkey chewed tobacco on the street-car line! The line broke! The monkey got smoked! And they all went to Heaven in a little row-boat! Clap-clap!
Nelson Wright: Philosophy failed. Religion failed. Now it's up to the physical sciences.
Joe Hurley: This is not the kind of shit I want on my transcript.
Nelson Wright: Our sins have come back in a physical form... and they're pissed.
Randy Steckle: [In the car racing to get to Nelson] We're being paid back for our arrogence.
Joe Hurley: [Sarcastically] Save it, Randy!
Joe Hurley: I don't know. Not thinking about the past or the future. I don't know it's difficult to explain, maybe impossible.
David Labraccio: Yeah, dying is quite that way.
Randy Steckle: Good thing I didn't flatline. My 350-pound babysitter would be chasing me for the half-eaten pastrami sandwich I stole from her.
Nelson Wright: C'mon, Billy Mahoney. C'mon... Gimme your best shot. I dare ya. I fuckin' dare ya.
Nelson Wright: Wake up, you little shit, you got company!
David Labraccio: He said... he said it wasn't such a good day to die.
Nelson Wright: Thank you.