After a one night stand with Isabel, Alex realizes that she is pregnant and they decide to get married. However, along with the marriage comes compromise of one's own cultural traditions.

Alex Whitman: You are everything I never knew I always wanted.
Alex Whitman: This morning I couldn't decide between a hamburger and a tuna melt. But my life made perfect sense. Now I know exactly want I want, but my life makes no sense. Somewhere between tuna melt and your aunt's tamales, life lost meaning and gained a purpose.
Isabel Fuentes: What are you saying?
Alex Whitman: I am saying- This is morning I was worried I'd met the girl of my dreams at the drycleaners and not recognised her. But you- You are what I never knew I always wanted.
Richard Whitman: In case you haven't noticed, the white people are melting out here!
Isabel Fuentes: Love is a gift, Alex, not an obligation.
Great Grandma: You will never know love unless you surrender to it.
[at the hospital]
Alex Whitman: Are you okay?
Isabel Fuentes: I'm all right.
Alex Whitman: Is the baby okay?
Isabel Fuentes: There is no baby.
Alex Whitman: What?
Isabel Fuentes: If I hadn't been pregnant, I wouldn't have gone to your house and we wouldn't have gotten married. The baby was the reason for us to be together.
Alex Whitman: Not true.
Isabel Fuentes: I thought it was fate. But it was just a stupid, superstitious dream. There are no signs, Alex. We're different and always will be.
Alex Whitman: So what are you saying?
Isabel Fuentes: We're not meant to be together.
Alex Whitman: Don't do this. Not now.
Isabel Fuentes: Alex, this is not going to work.
Alex Whitman: Let me help you!
Isabel Fuentes: Get out, Alex.
[Alex starts backing slowly towards the ward doorway starring at Isabel]
Isabel Fuentes: Get out!
Isabel Fuentes: [eyeing Alex angrily and scolds him] Get out!
Isabel Fuentes: Alex, this is Chuy.
Alex Whitman: Chuy, hi. I'm Luke Skywalker.
Great Grandma: It is not your faith that has betrayed you. It is your fear.
Priest on Street: There are signs everywhere.
Alex Whitman: Wait a minute! You snuck out on me, and I never heard from you again. And now you just show up, tell me you're pregnant, and I'm supposed to know exactly what to do? Well, I'm sorry, but I don't know, exactly, what to do.
Isabel Fuentes: That's the first good thing you've said all night.
Dam Policeman Delivering Baby: These contractions are right on top of each other.
Alex Whitman: Did you hear that? He said these contractions are right on top of each ot her.
Isabel Fuentes: I'm not deaf - I'm in labor!
Mrs. Fuentes: You left Alex with your brothers?
Isabel Fuentes: And Chuy.
Mrs. Fuentes: Oh, I better light another candle.
Alex Whitman: How've you been?
Isabel Fuentes: Pregnant.
Jeff: I mean, this makes no sense at all. Why would you marry her... unless you knocked her up?
Alex Whitman: [pauses]
Jeff: You knocked her up?
Alex Whitman: Yes, but that had nothing to do with it!
Alex Whitman: They're great. I had no idea that families talked at dinner.
Alex Whitman: [as Desi Arnez] Lucy. You got some 'splaining to do.
Alex Whitman: Jeff, you gamble either way. And you are just pissed because I won on the first pull instead of putting quarters into the wrong machine for the last five years.
Jeff: Wait! First of all, those were silver dollars, my friend. And that slot machine now owns my house.
Isabel Fuentes: [in labor, screaming at Alex] I hate you! I hate you! I hate you!
Dam Policeman Delivering Baby: They always say that.
Alex Whitman: [after being told to hold the baby's head] Why, does it come off?
Isabel Fuentes: It was a sign, Alex.
Alex Whitman: Of what?
Isabel Fuentes: That the baby would be Catholic.
Alex Whitman: Oh, well, then it's a good thing you weren't stopped in front of an IHOP.
Tracey Burnham: Well nobody ever plans to end up in Vegas. You just do. Kinda sneaks up on you. But it is the fastest growing economy in the US, the economy is booming, business is growing, I'm up to my neck in paperwork. Oh, but frankly, it's not a whole lotta fun. Are you are whole lotta fun Alex?
Alex Whitman: Ah, Jeff said we might have some problems with our liquor license because of new zoning?
Tracey Burnham: Mmmm, I'll talk to the County Supervisor for you but if I were you I'd pay more attention to the ABC investigation. They're gonna ask you all kinds of personal questions. They'd like nothing more than to catch you with your pants down.
Alex Whitman: [Isabel tells Alex she's pregnant] But we were only together one night.
Isabel Fuentes: That's all it took.
Alex Whitman: And I used a condom. Lots of them.
Isabel Fuentes: Well, one didn't work.
Alex Whitman: But that's it's job! It's whole purpose in life is... to work.
Isabel Fuentes: [before meeting her family] Whatever you do, don't tell them I picked you up outside a bathroom.
Alex Whitman: Where are you going?
Isabel Fuentes: You're not my favorite person right now.
Alex Whitman: Yeah, well, you either.
Isabel Fuentes: I pee really fast. I live with five brothers, three cousins and only one bathroom. Believe me - I can pee faster than anyone in the world.
Alex Whitman: Isabel, don't jump.
Isabel Fuentes: I'm not going to kill myself, stupid. But if you come any closer, I'll throw your ass over.
Jeff: [about the overwhelming heat in Las Vegas] Jesus, why didn't they just build this place on the surface of the fucking sun?
Isabel Fuentes: No. No quiero oir nada. No quiero que me digas una palabra. Estoy harta de todas tus mentiras. Eso son todo lo que me has dicho. Cobarde.
Alex Whitman: What does that mean?
Isabel Fuentes: It means that you are a liar and a coward. That's what it means.
Alex Whitman: It sounded so much prettier in Spanish.
Alex Whitman: There was nothing I could do the deal starts July 1st.
Isabel Fuentes: Tell them to wait.
Alex Whitman: I can't do that.
Isabel Fuentes: Can't or won't?
Alex Whitman: I've worked to long, too hard...
Isabel Fuentes: To what? To share your life with someone who loves you? Who cares for you? Alex you have to be there everyday!
Alex Whitman: What do you think I've been killing myself for?
Isabel Fuentes: Oh come on you knew about this for a month, but you don't include me... Why are you afraid of me? Why do you alienate me from your life?
Alex Whitman: I don't... I don't know...
Isabel Fuentes: [sighs] Look I told you in the beginning... I have no problem raising this child on my own.
[walks away]
Alex Whitman: I thought we were a family...
Isabel Fuentes: [turns around] You don't understand the concept of a family! To you it's something you put up with on national holidays! Love is a gift, Alex not an obligation.
[turns and walks away]
Alex Whitman: Look this is the brass ring. I've worked my entire life for this kind of opportunity and I am not gonna throw it all away just because one night I put a five dollar ring on your finger in front of Elvis as a witness!
[after doing a fast u-turn into traffic]
Alex Whitman: Shit.
Alex Whitman: Sorry. Shit.
Great Grandma: How selfish you are. To presume you know better than love.
Tracey Burnham: Jeff, hon, would you get us some ice?... And while you're at it put some scotch in it.
Donna, Construction Secretary: Alex, there's a woman on the phone who says she's your wife.
Alex Whitman: Take a message. Oh, and get her phone number.

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