Fran Tarkenton — American Athlete born on February 03, 1940,

Francis Asbury "Fran" Tarkenton is a former NFL quarterback, television personality, and computer software executive... (wikipedia)

The pro athlete is a sad tale. He signs a big contract and thinks he's set for life. I didn't think I was set for life, and I don't now. As athletes, we are important, celebrities, in demand and rich. Then we are out of the game and we are not important, not celebrities, not in demand and not rich.
You can only learn by opening yourself up to engage with different sources of information. How can you learn something if you never see it, read it, or hear it?
Ignoring facts does not make them go away.
If you wait for the right time or the good times to start a business, you wait all your life.
If football taught me anything about business, it is that you win the game one play at a time.