In a hotel room in Paris, a doctor comes out of the shower and finds that his wife has disappeared. He soon finds himself caught up in a world of intrigue, espionage, gangsters, drugs and murder.

U.S. Embassy Official: What number are you calling from?
Richard Walker: How should I know? I... I'm in a cafe, the Paris Midi.
U.S. Embassy Official: How do you spell that?
Richard Walker: How do you... with an "S" for shithead!
Richard Walker: Dede's been dead for over 12 hours.
Michelle: How do you know? What are you, a doctor?
Richard Walker: No corpse stinks that much after only 12 hours. Take my word for it. Yes, I am a doctor.
Richard Walker: Where is she?
Michelle: Please don't kill me.
Richard Walker: Where is she?
Michelle: What do you want?
Richard Walker: My wife.
Michelle: What wife?
Richard Walker: Where is she?
Michelle: Why did you kill Dédé? Why did you kill him?
Richard Walker: I didn't. I didn't kill anyone.
Michelle: What do you want from me?
Richard Walker: [holding matches from the Blue Parrot] Look familiar?
Michelle: Where did you get that?
Richard Walker: Your suitcase.
Michelle: So you have it! Then pay me what you owe me. I did my job.
Richard Walker: Job?
Michelle: That's right. You know what I mean.
Richard Walker: No, I don't know what you mean. All I know is I that I have your suitcase and you have my wife's. Do you understand?
Richard Walker: You picked up the wrong suitcase at the airport!
Rastafarian: You're looking for Dédé, man?
Richard Walker: Yeah. You know him?
Rastafarian: Sure, man. You don't look like you know him.
Richard Walker: What am I supposed to look like?
Rastafarian: Desperate, man.
Richard Walker: Well, I'm desperate.
Rastafarian: So where are you from, man? New York?
Richard Walker: San Francisco.
Rastafarian: Much better, man.
Richard Walker: Yeah.
Rastafarian: North Beach. Much, much better, man. Many places to dance.
Rastafarian: "If you go to San Francisco, be sure to wear a flower in your hair". Come on, man. Buy me a Kahlua and tell Jack your desperate troubles.
Richard Walker: All I really need, man, is, uh, Dédé.
Rastafarian: All the boys and girls are looking for Dédé these days. But Dédé's been gone, you know, two nights.
Richard Walker: Yeah, but where?
Rastafarian: Man, why not say what you're looking for? Dédé is not the only one who can show you.
Richard Walker: Why don't you tell me what I'm looking for?
Rastafarian: The white lady. Isn't that so?
Richard Walker: Yes.
Rastafarian: Heavy. Now I see the desperate man.
Richard Walker: Is she all right?
Rastafarian: Beautiful, man. Nobody has touched the lady. You don't worry, man. Follow me.
Richard Walker: This? This is what you want?
[throws the device on the river]
Michelle: [Looking at Walker's ransacked hotel room] I thought my place was messy!
Richard Walker: Yeah, well, there's always someone who'll do you one better, huh?
[last lines]
Richard Walker: I love you, baby. I love you.
[first lines]
Sondra Walker: Do you know where you are?
Richard Walker: No, it's changed too much.
Peter: We missed you. Where were you, high up in the first class, I bet?
Richard Walker: We got here yesterday.
Peter: Yesterday? And you haven't find the way out of the airport yet? I thought I was wrecked.
Richard Walker: No, a mix-up with the bags.
Peter: Mix-up with the bags? Mmmm. To tell you the truth, I am a little wrecked. I hope I don't miss your speech. Is tomorrow, right?
Richard Walker: No, no, Peter. Today. Today.
Peter: Today?
Richard Walker: Yeah.
Peter: I hope you don't miss it.
Michelle: [on Chris Montez - The More I See You] I can't stand this music.
Richard Walker: [negotiating with the dealers the trade of the device in return for his wife] My wife first!
Richard Walker: You can talk about this in front of Michelle. She knows more about it than you do.
Man in Tweed: Who gave you the instructions?
Michelle: Dédé Martin.
Man in Tweed: Who else?
Michelle: Nobody else, just Dédé. He is a friend of mine.
Man in Tweed: Uh uh. He was.
Michelle: He was.
Man in Tweed: So, then you left the statue in the locker, right?
Michelle: The suitcase.
Man in Tweed: The suitcase?
Michelle: I was supposed to leave the statue but I saw him at the station and I panicked. I recognized him from the plane.
Man in Leather: Bullshit! That's bullshit! The plane was packed. She didn't know where I was sitting.
Michelle: Oh the stewardess spilled coffee on you. He has a bad temper.
Man in Tweed: Yes, he has. So, you saw him at the station, right?
Michelle: By the lockers.
Man in Tweed: And you panicked? And...
Michelle: I threw the suitcase in the locker.
Man in Tweed: With the statue?
Michelle: No, just the suitcase.
Man in Tweed: You took the statue out.
Michelle: No, it wasn't there.
Man in Tweed: Where was the statue, dear?
Michelle: In another suitcase.
Man in Leather: [starts pulling Michelle's hair] What is this crap? What other suitcase? What other suitcase? Do you think we are idiots? Or what?
Michelle: I don't think you're an idiot. Please.
Michelle: What kind of music do you like?
Richard Walker: What? Oldies, I like oldies.
Michelle: Oldies? Yeah, me too. You like this?
["I've Seen This Face Before" by Grace Jones is playing on the radio]
Richard Walker: This? This is not old.
Michelle: Well, three, four years.
Richard Walker: I woke up and you were gone.
Man in Tweed: Who is him?
Michelle: He's... you know.
Richard Walker: You guys make so much noise. Who are you? These guys are friends of yours?
Michelle: Not really.
Richard Walker: What the fucking are we talking about?
Man in Tweed: Take it easy, there is some mistake.
Man in Leather: He's American, he may be crazy.
Richard Walker: You goddamn right, there is some mistake.
Man in Leather: Cool it. Cool it. Just cool it, mister. We're only asking the young lady a few questions.
Richard Walker: You're not asking her jack shit, man. C'mon. Go on. Now get out of here, I don't have all day.
Man in Leather: I'll go in my own time.
Richard Walker: [pushes the guy away] You'll go now. Don't mess with me, man. I'm an American and I am crazy!
Richard Walker: Nice. Nice fruits.
Sondra Walker: Well, I would have prefered flowers.
Richard Walker: [viewing Paris from their hotel room] Nice view.
Sondra Walker: It's magnificent. It should look exceptionally lovely from the Eiffel Tower this afternoon where you and Dr. Alembert can share it together. I want to take a hot shower. But first, let me have the note so I can confirm your luncheon.
Richard Walker: What for?
Sondra Walker: You can't speak French or use the phones.
Richard Walker: I'm not gonna go! Don't confirm the luncheon.
Sondra Walker: Why not? You did tell Maurice Alembert that you were arriving a day early, didn't you?
Richard Walker: Honey...
Sondra Walker: Oh Richard, you obviously want to see him. C'mon. Please give me the note. Richard...
Richard Walker: I didn't tell when I was coming. Maurice Alembert, Maurice Alembert happens to be the chairman of the convention.
Sondra Walker: Richard, give me the note.
[Richard plays with her, hiding the note on his hands]
Sondra Walker: Give me the, give me...
[he eats the note]
Sondra Walker: Oh. Richard, don't swallow, you're gonna choke.
Richard Walker: Now she says...
Sondra Walker: Well, at least let me get you some water to wash it down.
Richard Walker: Maurice Alembert doesn't give a rat's ass about me. Not since he saw you at the Berkeley seminar last year. "Be sure to bring your lovely wife to Paris".
Sondra Walker: Was he the one with the long legs who took his shoes off when he spoke?
Richard Walker: [smiling] Never mind.
Michelle: You want your wife back or what? Then relax, be cool and just walk. We'll give them what they want. You will get your wife, I'll get my money and everyone will be happy... except Dédé.
Michelle: I am cold, Walker...
Douglas Shaap: The device doesn't belong to you, doctor Walker.
Richard Walker: Doesn't belong to you either.
Michelle: [punches the table] It belongs to me! I brought it over!
Richard Walker: This is an emergency. Do you understand?
U.S. Security Officer: Yes sir, I do.
Richard Walker: You understand but you don't give a damn? Is that it?
Edie: Looking for your little friend? She was gone through there already.
Richard Walker: Where is she?
Rastafarian: Cool, man. No one has so much as stepped on her toe. She's here, man. And pure as the driven snow. C'mon, give it a try.
[shows a paper with cocaine]
Rastafarian: Do a one-on-one and tell me if I lie. Come on, man. The nose knows.
[Walker tries it]
Rastafarian: The white lady. Pure white. Good, not true? 600 Francs. You don't need Dédé, man.
Richard Walker: [Walker grabs Williams by the shoulder and fashions his hand like a gun] You know what that means to me? He had his arm around her here, like this. He could have had a gun, like this. Pointed right at her. Shut up! Smile! Walk! Out the lobby! Huh, like this. Huh?
[Walker forces Williams towards the door]
Douglas Shaap: Yes, yes, it could mean that, or they could have just been having a good time.
Richard Walker: Mr. Shaap, you're talking about my wife... you must be thinking about yours.
Richard Walker: Who were the two guys in her apartment?
Douglas Shaap: Probably our side.
Richard Walker: Our side? Your side!
Man in Tweed: Once again, where is it?
Michelle: I don't know!
Man in Leather: Like hell you don't! Slut!
Man in Tweed: They don't teach you to talk to young girls. Keep it in English and cut the good cop, bad cop shit. There's no time. Come on, we're French. We understand each other, don't we? Trust us. We don't go around cutting throats. We're no bandits. We're just not that kind of people. We can protect you. Show us some good will and we'll show you good will, okay?
Man in Leather: At the airport in San Francisco, a blond guy kissed on both cheeks? What did he say?
Michelle: Bon voyage.
Man in Leather: He gave you something.
Man in Tweed: She already told you. He gave her the Statue of Liberty. She put it in her suitcase. He gave you the Statue of Liberty. You put it in the suitcase. And then?
Michelle: I got on the plane.
Man in Tweed: In Paris, what did you do?
Michelle: I put it it my locker.
Man in Tweed: And the key, the key to the locker?
Michelle: I left in the phone booth with chewing gun under the shelf.
Man in Tweed: [a pigeon flies outside scaring everyone] Check the bathroom.
Hotel Detective Le Grand Hotel: Have you and your wife been to Paris before?
Richard Walker: Yes, on our honeymoon.
Hotel Detective Le Grand Hotel: Is it possible she met someone here? Someone she has been thinking about?
Richard Walker: Since June 15th, 1968?

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