Jesse becomes reunited with Willy three years after the whale's jump to freedom as the teenager tries to rescue the killer whale and other orcas from an oil spill.

Elvis: Traitor
Jesse: What?
Elvis: Girls are the enemy!
Jesse: No, you are the enemy!
Elvis: Hi, I'm Elvis. I'm half Apache.
Randolph: Nice to meet you, Elvis. Apache. They're the sworn enemy of my people.
[Glares at Elvis]
Elvis: Um, did I say Apache?
[Randolph nods]
Elvis: Oh, I meant, I meant, I meant Cherokee.
Randolph: That's even worse.
[Elvis looks in shock then Randolph bursts out laughing]
Annie: Oh no. I promised Elvis he could help. I even did a spit shake.
Glenn: You did a spit shake with someone? Man that is serious.
Jesse: This sucks.
Glenn: Yeah it kinda does I guess.
Nadine: Are you sure you can drive this thing?
Jesse: Er, define "drive".
Glenn: You're not going anywhere.
Elvis: But I'm hungry.
Glenn: Eat your hat.
Randolph: [Gives Jesse a necklace with an orca on it] My people believe your soul is right here.
[Points to Jesse's chest]
Randolph: So when you wear that, the Orca is close to your soul.
Randolph: Rick, Nadine.
Nadine: Hi Randolph.
Jesse: I hope she's the second surprise.
Randolph: I'll Ignore that.
Jesse: Do you come with a remote?
Elvis: None that I know of.
Jesse: Want me to drive?
Randolph: You know how to drive?
Jesse: No, do you?
Jesse: Not ruining their home in the first place would've been for their own good. It's all just a bunch of bull.
Elvis: Traitor. Girls are the enemy.
Jesse: No, YOU are the enemy.
Annie: So how did you get the name Elvis, Elvis?
Elvis: My mom.
Glenn: Funny, that's how I got mine.
Jesse: Who said you could touch my necklace?
Elvis: The President of the United States, he announced it on TV.
Elvis: Is there an amusement park on this island?
Jesse: No, there's a whale spotting station.
Elvis: Is that where they paint spots on the whales?
Jesse: Yeah.
Randolph: Jesse. You must have grown six inches.
Jesse: Four and a half, actually.
Glenn: Since breakfast.

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