When a boy learns that a beloved killer whale is to be killed by the aquarium owners, the boy risks everything to free the whale.

Rae: You like whales?
Jesse: I like him.
Rae: Well, he doesn't like anybody, so stay away from him. You see, Willy's a case. A very special case.
Jesse: So? Who isn't?
Randolph: Dial is trying to collect the insurance money. Willy's worth a million dollars.
Jesse: A million dollars? Randolph, let's free him.
Randolph: What?
Jesse: Let's free Willy. We can take him by the bay, and put him back in the water.
Randolph: I don't like this job anyways.
Randolph: 300 years ago, my people only had to spend one day a week gathering food, and everybody ate like kings.
Jesse: So what'd they do the rest of the time?
Randolph: Told stories, made music, made carvings. Made babies.
Jesse: Sounds good to me.
Glenn: I've always been a better rule breaker than rule maker, myself.
Randolph: You must have something special, that's why Willy didn't eat you up. Maybe high blood, medicine roots.
Jesse: No way.
Randolph: Then you're just one lucky little white boy, you like the sound of that better?
Jesse: Let's free Willy!
Rae: [to Jesse] Orcas are usually nice and smart. Willie is smart and nasty.
Randolph: [to Jesse] Willy. He won't look at Rae, or me. Maybe he sees you.
Dwight Mercer: When are you gonna get it, huh? When are you gonna get it? Your mother isn't coming back. Forget about the day she dropped you on our doorstep? Forgot about that! Well I remember. She turned around and drove away! Didn't look around, didn't slow down, didn't even look in the rearview mirror! Does that sound like somebody's mama to you? You've got two people here who wanna be your friend. That's more than your mother ever was, and you could use a friend right now, son.
Rae: [Anxious about Willy's clearing the rocks in the marina] You ever see him jump that high?
Randolph: Things can happen.
Mr. Dial: So can you do all that again?
Jesse: Do dogs pee on brick walls?
Perry: They looking for me?
Jesse: Nah.
Perry: Cool.
Randolph: We've all become great admirers of your work around here, but all good things must come to an end.
Passerby: Nice whale.
Randolph: Thanks.
Jesse: [to Willy, crying] Don't forget me, okay? I won't forget you.
Glenn: It's pretty late, I think you should go up to bed, Son.
Jesse: I'm not your son.
Glenn: Yeah I know that.
Mr. Dial: Nobody steals a whale.
Wade: But I'm telling you the whale is gone, the trailer is out of there, the forklift has been moved. That big mouth trainer and Indian must've done it.
Mr. Dial: This is a disaster.
Wade: Why?
Mr. Dial: Because we don't have theft insurance on the whale, that's why.
[looks at his watch]
Mr. Dial: Call Wilson, bring his crew down.
Jesse: I'm asking for your help. Please, he's gonna die!
Glenn: There's a 10 foot length of chain and the winch control behind the seat of the truck. Go and get it.
Jesse: Thanks, Glenn.
Jesse: So how much are they payin' you to be my jailer?
Glenn Greenwood: Jailer? Heh, well, I'm makin' such a great deal on you, you wouldn't believe it. You're a regular cash cow, kid. With that, plus $1,000,000, I could probably retire by the time I'm 300 years old.
[repeated line]
Mr. Dial: God, I hate that whale!
Glenn: Let me get this straight, you snuck out of the house in the middle of the night to clean up graffiti? That's an amazing story.
Mr. Dial: [to Wade] The Willy Show! It'll make money. That, my friend, is what we're all about!
Jesse: Ah Dwight, shut up and leave me alone.
Glenn: Let go of my boy!
Randolph: Looks like your parents are still up.
Jessie: They're not my parents.
[at dinner]
Glenn: So what is it you're into, Jesse?
Jesse: I'm not into talking while I'm eating!
Jesse: I love you, Willy.

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