A passing boat bound for New York pulls Jason Voorhees along for the ride. Look out New York, here comes hell in a hockey mask.

[boxing Jason]
Julius Gaw: Go ahead. Take your best show, motherfucker.
[Jason punches his head right off]
Rennie Wickham: Look, you don't understand. There is a maniac trying to kill us.
New York Waitress: Welcome to New York.
J.J. Jarrett: Aw man! This place is aching for a video! Wayne you're an asshole!
Street Urchin: [Jason kicks a gang's boom-box out of his way] You're deadmeat, slimebag!
[Jason turns to the gang and lifts his mask]
Street Urchin: Yo, man. It's cool. It's cool, man. It's cool.
[the gang runs off]
Tamara Mason: Julius is the only senior I would even consider doing it with.
Charles McCulloch: Walking corpses are not real.
Julius Gaw: Oh, yeah? Yeah, well, these dead bodies are sure enough real, all right.
Julius Gaw: I was able to find some shit from the halls and game room. Go ahead, take what you want.
[Everyone takes something but Julius]
Wayne Webber: Well what are you gonna take, Julius?
Julius Gaw: Nothing...
[Everyone glares]
Julius Gaw: ...but this gun.
Deck hand: You're all gonna die. You're the last ones. He's come back for you.
McCulloch: What are you talking about?
Deck hand: Jason Voorhees.
McCulloch: You're insane. Jason Voorhees has been dead for years.
Deck hand: He came up the river and he's gotten on board. He walks this ship here and now.
McCulloch: Yeah, a killer walks this ship all right, and it's certainly none of us!
[pulls out a knife]
Deck hand: You're the one who's insane.
Jim Miller: Forget about it, Suzi. The guy's dead now, somewhere at the bottom of this lake if you believe the stories.
Suzi Donaldson: What stories?
Jim Miller: There was this boy named Jason Voorhees who drowned in Crystal Lake about 30 years ago. None of the counselors heard him. A bunch of years went by, and everyone forgot about it. And that's when the murders started to happen.
Suzi Donaldson: Jason did it?
Jim Miller: His mother blamed the counselors for her son's death, and she tried to kill them all, but she got her head chopped off by one of them. Legend has it that Jason came back to get even, vowing to kill every teenager in the area. And every now and then, the murders just start up. Forget about it, Suzi. They're just stories.
Charles McCulloch: Senior predictions started five minutes ago and Rennie isn't there.
Wayne Webber: Maybe some of us don't want our futures predicted.
Charles McCulloch: In your case, I'm sure that's true.
Tamara Mason: [Before cutting the drugs] Night time is the right time.
Tamara Mason: I hear the crew members are cute guys in their twenties.
Eva Watanabe: Really?
Tamara Mason: I'm sure we'll have no problem getting them to party with us... especially with this.
[unzips her purse revealing a packet of cocaine]
Tamara Mason: It's a graduation gift from Daddy. It cost a thousand bucks but it's the best.
Eva Watanabe: He bought you that?
Tamara Mason: More or less. It's part of my college fund.
[after finding the dead bodies of some of the crew]
Julius Gaw: Now I saw we regroup and let's go find this motherfucker before he finds us, huh? Are you with me?
Charles McCulloch: Watch your mouth, young man! And you'll do no such thing. I'm in charge here!
Julius Gaw: School is out, McCulloch. Okay?
Gangbanger #2: [to Jason, after watching his friend die whilst attempting to rape Rennie] Who the fuck are you?
[Jason just stands there]
Gangbanger #2: You're dead, fuckhead.
[pulls out gun, shoots Jason six times]
Gangbanger #2: [as gun clicks empty, his face is slammed on a steam pipe and burned]
Charles McCulloch: You know, long lady, you've been coming out here every summer for the last three years and you still haven't learned how to swim.
Young Rennie: I'll take some lessons this time. I promise.
Charles McCulloch: Now, that's what you said last year. I think the time has come for your first swimming lesson. You don't wanna end up drowning like that Voorhees boy, do you? He never learned how to swim, either. And he's still at the bottom of this lake.
Young Rennie: He is not.
Charles McCulloch: Yes, indeed, he is. And he's ready to pull down anybody who falls in and can't swim.
Young Rennie: You're telling a lie.
Charles McCulloch: Am I? Let's find out.
[pushes her into the water]
Charles McCulloch: Better swim, Rennie, before Jason pulls you down.
Young Jason: Mommy! Don't let me drown! Mommy!
[before finding the dead Julius]
Charles McCulloch: The first order of business is to find Julius.
Irish Cop: Oh, I'm sure he'll just pop up somewhere.
Colleen Van Deusen: We've already thought about that. Nobody could possible see a flare gun in this storm.
Charles McCulloch: There's only one person who needs to see it. I'm gonna find that deck hand.
Colleen Van Deusen: What about the fire?
Charles McCulloch: How do you know there really is one?
Colleen Van Deusen: What are you talking about?
Charles McCulloch: Use some common sense. Setting off a fire alarm causes panic, the same kind of panic caused by suggesting that Jason Voorhees is alive and aboard this ship. Enough is enough.
Colleen Van Deusen: Hello, Charles.
Charles McCulloch: Colleen. You know, this cruise was your idea, so at the very least you can show up on time.
Colleen Van Deusen: Has everyone checked in?
Charles McCulloch: No. Jim Miller and Suzi Donaldson never showed up, and I'm more than a little concerned.
Colleen Van Deusen: Well, don't be. They probably decided to explore each other rather than New York.
Charles McCulloch: [disgusted] Oh, that's nice.
[first lines]
DJ: [narration] It's like this... We live in claustrophobia, the land of steel & concrete. Trapped by dark waters. There is no escape. Nor do we want it. We've come to thrive on it and each other. You can't get the adrenaline pumpin' without the terror, good people... I love this town.
[just before he gets a sauna rock in his chest]
Other Boxer: Nice fight, Julius. Guess I gotta work on my left-right-left combo.
Charles McCulloch: Facing your fear doesn't always conquer it.
Julius Gaw: [to himself, right before starting a boxing match with Jason] Use the combos, keep the feet light. This is it.
J.J. Jarrett: Oh, man. Don't tell me you're still trying to scam on Tamara. How long have we known each other? Don't be a dweeb, Wayne. She's not interested in you, only what you can do for her. She is a user.
Wayne Webber: She's sexy.
J.J. Jarrett: So what? So is this guitar.

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