After she quits her lucrative job, Olivia finds herself unsure about her future and her relationships with her successful and wealthy friends.

Marty: I, um, I guess I have some issues.
Olivia: You do?
Marty: You know, people sort of, problems. I have them.
Jane: I'm just tired.
Aaron: Of what?
Jane: I just, guess I feel there's no more wondering what's it gonna be like.
Aaron: Like what's gonna be like?
Jane: My fabulous life.
Olivia: I'm a... maid. What?
Mike: You're... you're really a maid?
Olivia: Yeah.
Mike: Can I... watch?
[first lines]
Richard: So the corrugated metal not only reflects the beauty of the common, off-the-shelf material but also emphasizes the invisible line between the old and the new construction.
Christine: Wait. There'll be a line?
Richard: It's invisible.
David: Just let him finish.
Christine: Oh, sorry.
David: Who cares?
Christine: I care. Just because you can remove yourself enough to feel superior to everyone doesn't mean I can.
Jane: Christine and David have not had sex in almost a year.
Aaron: Wow.
Jane: Did you know she has never actually seen his asshole?
Aaron: What?
Jane: It's a fact.
Aaron: How is that actually possible?
Jane: I don't know. I guess if you didn't really want to see it, it could be avoided.
Jane: Oh, God, it is so sad.
Edie: Why don't you go find your own husband, Olivia?
Olivia: I would if I fucking COULD, Edie!

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