Hobbs has Dominic and Brian reassemble their crew to take down a team of mercenaries: Dominic unexpectedly gets convoluted also facing his presumed deceased girlfriend, Letty.

Roman: Father thank you for the gathering of friends, Father we give thanks for all the choices we've made because that's what makes us who we are, let us forever cherish the loved ones we've lost along the way; thank you for the little angel, the newest addition to our family, thank you for bringing Letty home, and most of all thank you for fast cars.
Roman: [sees Hobbs walking up the driveway] Hey, Mia, you better hide your baby oil.
Roman: I'm just playing.
Hobbs: [continues walking] And you better hide that big-ass forehead.
[Tej spits out his drink from laughing so hard]
Roman: [mumbling] I was just joking, but whatever.
[Roman asks Tej for change to use the vending machine]
Tej Parker: You're a millionaire and still asking for money?
Roman: That's how you stay a millionaire.
Roman: This is crazy. We are not in Brazil. So we got cars flyin' in the air, on some 007 type shit? This is not what we do!
Tej Parker: Man you really gotta check that emotion. Your voice just went from Shaggy to Scooby Doo. This is not what we doooo roo roo!
Roman: [a tank appears on the road] Who's got a plan B?
Tej Parker: Plan B? We need a plan C, D, E. We need more alphabet!
Brian O'Conner: Hey! We do what we do best. We improvise, all right?
Hobbs: [Riley and Letty are fighting] Hey!
[Hobbs throws a harpoon gun to Letty]
Letty Ortiz: [Letty cocks the harpoon gun and aims at Riley] Wrong team, bitch!
[Letty harpoons Riley out of the plane]
Roman: I don't know, man. That was disrespectful. And I don't like the way she said it, like,
[imitates Giselle]
Roman: 'He's a man.'
[normal voice]
Roman: "He's a man"? So, what are we?
Han: Come on, she's just doing her job.
Roman: 'Doing her job.' I see what's going on.
Han: See what?
Roman: You got the little stardust in your eyes, eh? Little birds floating around a little bit.
[whistles then laughs]
Roman: Uh, you don't want to lease this model. You want to buy.
Han: Can you please stop talking?
Roman: No, no, you're in love! Look at you!
Han: Just stop.
Roman: [finishes laugh] You got special plans? Big day? You're going to invite us all out? Better make sure you get her a big rock, man, 'cause she doesn't look like she'll be that easily impressed. And if it's not a big rock, you better be big somewhere else. You know what I'm talking about.
[laughs then nudges Han]
Han: That's why all your girlfriends wear so much bling, huh?
Letty Ortiz: You've got some serious balls man.
Dominic Toretto: I've been told.
Letty Ortiz: You know you're lucky I missed my shot.
Dominic Toretto: I think you hit your mark.
Letty Ortiz: Really... what is it with you? What, have you got a death wish or something?
Dominic Toretto: If that's what it takes. I just wanna race.
Letty Ortiz: Might lose your car.
Dominic Toretto: Let's do it.
Letty Ortiz: Your funeral.
Dominic Toretto: Ride or die, remember?
Brian O'Conner: Maybe the Letty we once knew is gone.
Dominic Toretto: You don't turn your back on family, even when they do.
Owen Shaw: There she goes, leaving you, again. Bloody fickle, that one.
Dominic Toretto: You want bloody? We can do bloody.
Owen Shaw: A street kid, starts out stealing DVD players in East L.A., ends up heisting $100 million in Rio.
Dominic Toretto: Not bad, huh?
Owen Shaw: It's a good story, isn't it? Almost inspiring. See, what I couldn't fathom is why he's not relaxing on a beach somewhere with that cute little Brazilian number. Instead, he's working with a two-bit government hack like Hobbs. And then I realized, he has a weak spot.
Dominic Toretto: We all got a weak spot.
Owen Shaw: You know, when I was young, my brother always used to say, "Every man has to have a code." Mine: Precision. A team is nothing but pieces you switch out until you get the job done. It's efficient. It works. But you? You're loyal to a fault. Your code is about family. And that's great in the holidays, but it makes you predictable. And in our line of work, predictable means vulnerable. And that means I can reach out and break you whenever I want.
Dominic Toretto: At least when I go, I'll know what it's for.
Owen Shaw: Well, at least you have a code. Most men don't. So, I'm going to give you a chance: Take your crew and walk away. That's the only way you're going to keep your family safe.
Dominic Toretto: Your brother never told you never to threaten a man's family? It's a pretty stupid thing to do. But I'll make it simple for you: I walk away when she walks away.
Owen Shaw: Well then, it appears this inspiring tale has come to an end.
[a laser dot appears on Toretto as Adolfson points a sniper rifle at him in the distance]
Dominic Toretto: If that's the way it has to go.
[a laser dot appears on Shaw]
Owen Shaw: [laughing] Let me guess: Hobbs?
Hobbs: [in the distance targeting Shaw] Come on, you son of a bitch.
Dominic Toretto: The "two-bit government hack".
Owen Shaw: [laughs, then leaves] See you around, Toretto.
Dominic Toretto: You can bet on it.
Tej Parker: It's all between you and the car you build it's a bond, it's a commitment.
Hobbs: Sounds like a marriage.
Tej Parker: Yeah, but with cars when you trade up they don't take half your shit.
[Roman is trying to figure out the amount on his coins for the vending machine]
Roman: Hey, uh, which one of these is like a dollar?
[Hobbs shoots the vending machine]
Hobbs: It's on the house.
Tej Parker: Uh, guys, they got a tank!
Roman: [When chasing Owen Shaw on a runway at the military base] Where the hell does this dude think he's going? We're on an army base, he's trapped.
Tej Parker: [Suddenly, emerging large cargo aircraft] Wow, you just had to open your mouth. Now we got a big-ass plane to deal with.
Roman: That ain't a plane. That's a planet.
Roman: Why do I smell baby oil?
Hobbs: You keep runnin' that pie-hole, and you'll be smelling an ass-kickin'.
Roman: Somebody do something! I've got a tank on my ass!
Dominic Toretto: [Hands over the microchip to Hobbs] So this is worth billions.
Hobbs: [Smiles] Name your price, Dom.
[Long pause]
Dominic Toretto: [Referring to his old address in Los Angeles] 1327.
Letty Ortiz: Klaus, aren't you team muscle? Don't make me go over there and make you team pussy.
[a Mercedes-Benz collides with Han's Mazda RX-7, leaving Han upside down while his car catches fire. Ian Shaw exits from the Benz, throws Toretto's necklace to the ground next to the RX-7, and makes a phone call]
Ian Shaw: Dominic Toretto, you don't know me.
[Han's car explodes]
Ian Shaw: But you're about to.
[Shaw hangs up]
[Toretto arrives to pay Brian, Mia and Jack a visit. He sees Brian giving Jack a blue Nissan Skyline GT-R R34 diecast car]
Dominic Toretto: Are you pushing imports on him?
Brian O'Conner: [waving Jack's hand at Toretto] Daddy's not pushing anything, Uncle Dom.
Dominic Toretto: He may be an O'Conner...
[Toretto gives Jack a diecast replica of his Dodge Charger]
Dominic Toretto: ...but he's also a Toretto.
Nurse: Señor O'Conner, Señor O'Conner, hurry, come! Come! This way! This way!
Elena: [to Nurse] It's all right, I've got it.
[to Brian]
Elena: It's okay, you're just in time.
Dominic Toretto: You're gonna be a great father, Brian.
Brian O'Conner: What makes you so sure?
Dominic Toretto: Because I'll be there to kick your ass if you ain't. Get in there.
Elena: Go.
Dominic Toretto: Brian. Remember, the second you go through those doors, everything changes. Our old life is done.
[Brian nods]
Dominic Toretto: You've got the best crew in the world standing right in front of you, give them a reason to stay.
Brian O'Conner: You know what they say, Stasiak, if you want the career-changing big fish, you gotta be willing to put on the big boy panties and sail out to the deep water.
Letty Ortiz: I may not remember anything, but I know one thing about myself. Nobody makes me do anything I don't want to.
Hobbs: The crew we're after, they hit like thunder and disappear like smoke. You go in alone, you won't ever touch them. I've been chasing these guys across four continents and twelve countries and believe me the last place I want to be is in front of your door step selling girl scout cookies. I need your help Dom. I need your team.
Dominic Toretto: Not bad for a cop.
Hobbs: I never thought I'd trust a criminal. Till next time.
Dominic Toretto: Till next time.
Tej Parker: It's all between you and the car. It's a bond. It's a commitment.
Hobbs: Sounds like a marriage to me.
Tej Parker: Yeah! But the car when you trade the car they don't take away half of your shit.
[after Roman and Han lose in a fistfight with Jah at the Waterloo Station]
Roman: No one needs to know about this. No one.
[Letty approaches Elena]
Tej Parker: This is gonna be awkward...
Tej Parker, Roman: ...but sexy as hell!
Hobbs: So this is what a 100 million buys? It wasn't that hard to find you Toretto.
Dominic Toretto: Wasn't hiding.
Hobbs: Toretto. I need you to know, the moment we let him walk out that door with that chip, words like "amnesty" and "pardon" walk out with him.
Dominic Toretto: Those words went out the day we were born.
[Race girl approaches Toretto and Letty's cars]
Racer: Listen up! Out here, we're used to getting what we want. This is London, baby! But remember... don't bite the bait. Are you ready?
Racer: [pointing at Letty] Ready?
Letty Ortiz: [whispers] Ready.
Racer: [points at Toretto] Steady?
[Toretto revs engine]
Racer: Go!
[Hobbs has just asked Dom to reassemble his team in order to take down Owen Shaw. We cut to an airplane soaring through the sky]
Roman: [Roman is in a plane full of hot girls en route to Macau, and is handing out Champagne to them] All right, ladies. Bring it in. I want to make a toast. Come on.
[Sits down in between two hot girls at the rear of the plane]
Roman: Listen, I know a few of y'all have already been to Macau, but you have never seen the town till you've seen it through my eyes. We've got a penthouse suite with an ocean view that's gonna change your life. 150 foot yacht with a helicopter pad. Hm-hmm. Safe to say, you're about to have to time of your lives.
Hot Girl: No, you are!
Hot Girl: Cheers!
[Scene cuts to Costa Rica where we see a Ferrari parked in the middle of a street. We pan to see Tej at an ATM withdrawing money. A person speaks to him in Spanish]
Santiago: [In Spanish] Hey, Tej. Look at you, rolling in a Ferrari, pockets full of cash!
Benito: [In Spanish] Yeah, man. You used to be all Robin Hood, sharing all the money you got.
Santiago: [In Spanish] You know what I'm telling you. Money changed you.
Tej Parker: [In Spanish] You're right. It has changed me. I realized that money doesn't grow on trees. It rains from the sky!
[Tej presses a button, and the ATM shoots out money]
Tej Parker: [Scene cuts to Hong Kong, where Han and Giselle are at the food stand in the middle of a plaza. Giselle is at a window ordering food in Cantonese]
Gisele: [Speaking to the server in Cantonese] Thank you... it looks delicious.
Han: [Shocked that Giselle knows Cantonese] Nice.
Gisele: [Sitting down at the table] I'm a citizen of the world.
Han: Ever thought about settling down, starting a life together?
Gisele: Aren't we doing that?
Han: Are we?
[Suddenly, the plaza is stormed by Chinese Police officers. Giselle and Han draw their guns, and are told not to shoot]
Lead Chinese Agent: [In Cantonese] Put your guns down... NOW!
[the female police officer presses a button on her cell phone, and throws it to Han. We then cut to Tej in Costa Rica and Roman on the plane as their phones are going off before returning to Han and Giselle in Hong Kong]
Han: Hello? Dom?
Tej Parker: [Scene cuts back to Costa Rica where Tej is on the phone] I'll be there.
Roman: [Scene cuts back to the plane where Roman is hanging up his phone]
[to pilot]
Roman: Hey, my man, I need you to turn this plane around.
[to girls on plane]
Roman: Okay, listen. So, ladies, there's been a little change of plans. Something came up. You know that casino I was telling you all about. I've got some vouchers to the buffet.
[We get a look at the profile of Roman's plane. The tail says "It's Roman, Bitches!"]
Russian Officer: [as Hobbs 'interrogates' a suspect all around the room] Is that legal?
Riley: No. But are you gonna go in there and tell him?
NATO Commander: I can't believe they stole a seventy-ton tank for a three-ounce computer chip.
Hobbs: That three-ounce computer chip is more deadly than a thousand of those tanks.
Letty Ortiz: That girl you remember, it's not me.
Dominic Toretto: Not from what I just saw. Like it or not, you're still the same girl.
Brian O'Conner: Letty is dead Dom.
Dominic Toretto: I need to know for sure.
Brian O'Conner: Then I'm going with you.
Gisele: There's one thing you boys are forgetting. He's a man.
Ian Shaw: If Ivory's dead, he made a mistake. If you make a mistake, you pay the price.
Letty Ortiz: That's a great eulogy, Shaw. You gonna give the same speech for the rest of us when we go out?
Riley: [after Hobbs interogates a prisoner] That room was bugged, so any information you just beat out of him, Interpol has now.
Hobbs: Great. Now they can take the morning off, Shaw is in London.
Riley: Let's go pick him up.
Hobbs: Woman, you don't just pick up Owen Shaw like he's groceries. You want to catch wolves, you need wolves. Let's go hunting.
Tej Parker: [after seeing the tank come out of the large military vehicle]
[through walkie-talkie]
Tej Parker: Uh, guys, we might wanna come up with another plan! They got a tank!
Roman: [through walkie-talkie] I'm sorry, did someone just say "a *TANK*"?
Jah: Vegh, hantam mereka! (Vegh, I need your help)
Han: [to Gisele] I've got you.

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