A movie special effects man is hired to fake a real-life mob killing for a witness protection plan, but finds his own life in danger.

Rollie Tyler: [Rollie gets the drop on Mason after faking his own death] What's the matter? Forget why you hired me?
Mickey: Leo, you're not saying Tyler killed Ellen Keith, Adams, and DeFranco all in one night?
Leo McCarthy: Hm. I don't believe it, either.
Rollie Tyler: [Rollie is riding in a backseat and realizes he's sitting on a plastic sheet.] Why all the plastic?
Lipton: I didn't want to get any stains on the seat.
Rollie Tyler: What stains?
Lipton: [points a gun at Rollie] I'm sorry, Rollie. No loose ends.
Rollie Tyler: [Mason grabs the Uzi Rollie has just set down] In this hand is the ammo for the gun. And this is Krazy Glue. A thousand and one uses. Now, a thousand and two.
[shoves him out the front door]
Ellen: How was I?
Rollie Tyler: You were great. Nobody dies like you.
Leo McCarthy: [holding a gun at the side of Rollie's head, calmly] Hiya, Rollie. My name's Leo, and we need to talk.
Ellen: How are you?
Rollie Tyler: I've been better.
[Rollie finishes making a cast of DeFranco's head.]
Nicholas DeFranco: Is that it?
Rollie Tyler: We can do it again if you want to.
Nicholas DeFranco: Huh. Wise guy.
Lipton: I've really admired your stuff since 'Vermin From Venus.'
Rollie Tyler: You saw that?
Lipton: Yeah.
Andy: That's the one that got him deported from Australia!
Rollie Tyler: Bok choi has great texture. Like alien flesh.
Ellen: Nobody cares about making movies about people any more. All they care about is special effects.
Rollie Tyler: [ironically] I'm gonna cry.
Rollie Tyler: [Andy has used movie smoke bombs to help break Rollie's truck out of the police impound lot] Jesus! What pots did you use?
Andy: The big ones!
Rollie Tyler: I said Hellraisers, not Killer Smoke!
Leo McCarthy: [Rollie has impersonated DeFranco to get his money out of a Swiss bank] Well, I'm gonna miss the job, but this should ease the pain somewhat. Well, Rollie me boy, you'll never have to put that shit on your face again.
Rollie Tyler: I don't know, Leo... it's hard for me to do anything else!
Lt. Murdoch: Took it like a man.
Capt. Jake Wallenger: Murdoch, You're an asshole!
Mickey: [pointing at one of Rollie's movie props] 'I Dismember Mama'.
Andy: [after Rollie has driven off without her] They'll kill you! And if they don't, I will!

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