A drama based on the true story of a college professor's bond with the abandoned dog he takes into his home.

Ken: [Talking in Japanese] It's been a year, hasn't it? I wake up sometimes in the middle of the night and think about Parker. He was a good friend. I understand how you feel. Hachi, my friend, Parker is never coming home. But if Hachiko wants to wait, then Hachiko should wait. You want to wait for him, don't you? Have a long life, Hachi.
[last lines]
Title Card: The real Hachiko was born in Odate Japan in 1923. When his master, Dr. Eisaburo Ueno, a professor at Tokyo University died in May, 1925, Hachi returned to the Shibuya train station the next day, and for the next nine years to wait. Hachiko died died in March, 1934. Today, a bronze statue of Hachiko sits in his waiting spot outside the Shibuya railroad station.
Parker Wilson: I'm a lot older than you but I tend to think that there's an element of music that cannot be captured. Life cannot be captured. Human heart cannot be captured. The moment of creation itself is fleeting.
Cate Wilson: Hachi? Hachi? Oh, old thing! You're still waiting. That's right. If it's all right, could I wait with you for the next train? Yeah? Thanks.
Carl: Look, you don't have to wait anymore. He's not coming back.
Ronnie - 11 years: Where did Grandpa find Hachi?
Cate Wilson: Ronnie, actually, Hachi found your grandfather.
Andy Wilson: Hey. You know we love you, Hachi. We want you to stay here with us. If you have to go... that's okay too. Good-bye, Hachi.
Ronnie - 11 years: I never met my grandfather, he died when I was just a little baby. But when I hear about him and Hachi, I feel like I know him. They taught me the meaning of loyalty. That you should never forget anyone that you loved. And that's why Hachi will forever be my hero.
[class applauds]
Ken: I understand how you feel. Hachi, my friend, Parker is never coming home. But if Hachiko wants to wait, then Hachiko should wait. Have a long life Hachi.
Carl: [about vendor] Oh, you better be careful, Hachi. He's got hot dogs in there that are older than you.
[first lines]
Heather: So even if Columbus got lost and wasn't the first to discover America, he's still my hero. He was really brave to sail in such a tiny ship over a really big ocean. And because of him, we get Columbus Day off of school.
Teacher: Thank you Heather. Uh, Ronnie? Tell us about your hero.
Ronnie - 11 years: [writes HACHIKO on the blackboard] Hachiko was my grandfather Wilson's dog. Everyone called Hachi a mystery dog because they never really knew where he came from. Maybe Hachi escaped from a dog pound. Or maybe he jumped out of somebody's car some place far away, like Florida or New Jersey. But no matter how, Hachi was lost.
Ken: Cate...
Cate Wilson: Ken...
[silent for a while]
Cate Wilson: It's been a while.
Ken: It certainly has.
Cate Wilson: It's ten years. Can you believe it?
Parker Wilson: You want a dog?
Jasjeet: I prefer cash.
Parker Wilson: He would make a great guard dog for you.
Jasjeet: A guard dog to guard the hot dogs? I don't think so.

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