This movie tells the story of a man who goes undercover in a hi-tech prison to find out information to help prosecute those who killed his wife. While there he stumbles onto a plot involving a death-row inmate and his $200 million stash of gold.

Sasha: [Sasha talks about his wife] She was the best part of me.
Sasha: [Sasha confesses to Nick about who he is] I'm undercover. F.B.I.
Nick: But you passed the lie detector test.
Sasha: That's nothing man. Anybody can do that.
Nick: [with anger in his voice] All this time... y ou've been settin' up on me.
[aims his weapon at Sasha]
Nick: I believed in you. I trusted you. Brought you into my family...
Nick: I vouched for you! And you betrayed me?
Sasha: It's not that simple.
Lester: [places hand on Nick's shoulder] Don't do it.
[Nick disarms himself, unable to shoot Sasha]
Sasha: [guilty expression on his face] Well, I'm sorry.
[Sasha walks away to take Lester to safety]
Nick: I thought we was friends, Sasha.
Sasha: [stops in his tracks] We still are. You can bet your life on that.
Little Joe: Go with God, my brother.
Lester: Always.
Nick: [after seeing an inmate fall to his death climbing up a rope trying to escape] Damn!
Twitch: Your turn now Joe
Little Joe: My big black ass up that rope?
[Chuckles and playfully hits Nick]
Nick: Goddamn Joe!
Twitch: [to Nick] What about you, you little bitch? Wanna give it a try?
Nick: Nah, not me, that's not what I'm gonna do. But you, you can go on up there. Im gonna go over here, in my cell, watch you fall and bust your ass... you little biatch!
49er Six: I am the Queen Bitch of the Universe.
Nick: [driving the stolen car] You know you're crazy, don't you?
Sasha: Yeah, cuckoo crazy!
Sasha: [Sasha talks to Nick in the prison] Well, for the record. I couldn't have done it without you.
Nick: You better not be playing me.
Sasha: You know me. I ain't playing.
Twitch: Everything is good in the 'hood.
Sasha: [Sasha draws his weapon on 49er One after failing to take him down on the chains above]
Sasha: Don't even think about it!
49er One: [grinning wickedly] Your clip's dry, 1137. You know it.
Sasha: Do you think so?
49er One: Yeah, I think so. You would have used it by now if it wasn't.
Sasha: Are you sure?
49er One: [not certain at first] Yeah, I'm pretty sure.
Sasha: [Sasha takes the clip out and shows it to 49er One] That's right. The magazine's dry. The question is... do I still have one in the tube?
49er One: [feeling lucky, he decides to call Sasha's bluff] I say you're dry.
Sasha: Make your move.
49er One: [draws his weapon, Sasha pull the trigger and the gun doesn't fire] That's a nice bluff.
Sasha: It wasn't a bluff. It was a misfire.
49er One: Where's Lester?
Sasha: Find him yourself.
49er One: Sweet dreams, partner.
Lester: My destiny is in God's hands. I'm cool with that.
Nick: [after Sasha's confession, Nick needs the whole truth about his being in Alcatraz] Yo, you need to break a few things down to me.
Sasha: Yeah, what am I doing here? Maintaining my cover, earning your trust.
Nick: [dryly] You already screwed that up.
Sasha: The Bureau thought that if we did time together you might trust me with more sensitive information when we got back out on the streets.
Nick: [puzzled] Ya'll want Sonny that bad?
Sasha: [miserably] My wife's dead because of him. She died when one of his men jacked my car and put four bullets in her chest. You bet your life, I want him that bad.
Nick: [regretfully] I'm sorry man, I didn't know.
Sasha: [sighs] I don't know. She was the best part of me.
Williams: What the hell's going on out there?
Sasha: I got everything under control.
Williams: Any good news?
Lester: The rumor is you went half past dead and came back.
Sasha: Yeah!
Lester: Took a ride on the flat line for 22 minutes... and lived to tell. Thought we could play some cards and talk about that.
Nick: [SPOILER] I heard you busted Sonny.
Sasha: That's what I started out to do. I usually like to finish what I start.
49er One: [after storming the New Alcatraz] Anybody hit?
49er Six: Seven's down.
49er One: [looks down at the body of their injured comrade and shrugs] He's your man.
49er Six: [pulls out a gun and aims it at 49 Seven] Sleep tight, friend.
[shoots him dead]
Kesler, Bad Ass Guard: [Kesler brings Sasha to the death chamber after Lester requests to see him] Welcome to "Slaughterhouse Five".
Sasha: Why they call it that?
Kesler, Bad Ass Guard: A man can be legally executed five different ways. Lethal injection's the most popular, followed by hanging, gas chamber, firing squad and then there's my personal favorite...
[holds up stun baton]
Kesler, Bad Ass Guard: electrocution. It's all done here, in this totally soundproof isolation chamber. We even let the condemned man choose.
Justice Jane McPherson: [seeing Sasha come in, turns to the warden, El Fuego] Who is that man?
El Fuego: Number one, one, three, seven.
Justice Jane McPherson: What's he doing here?
El Fuego: When a man asks for someone to spend his last hour with, you give it to him.
Justice Jane McPherson: The jury decided; I presided.
Little Joe: [Little Joe standing with a big "Rambo" gun] Hey, how do I look?
Twitch: Like a big-ass prom queen.
49er One: You give me Lester, and we'll let you thumb a ride with us.
Sasha: Hitchhiking's dangerous. Didn't your mama ever tell you that?
49er Six: I think we've got a problem.
49er One: Who?
49er Six: Prisoner 1137.
49er One: [Walks down to El Fuego to ask him] Who is 1137?
El Fuego: A major pain in your ass.
49er Six: You think you're funny now?
El Fuego: B├ęsame el culo, cabrona.
Sasha: Who is this guy?
[Sasha turns to a cell guard]
Lester: I'm a man with 50 minutes to live.
49er One: Your clip's dry, 1147. You know it.
Sasha: Do you think so?
49er One: Yeah. You'd have used it by now if it wasn't.
Sasha: Are you sure?
49er One: Yeah, I'm pretty sure.
Sasha: [Sasha removes the magazine from the gun] That's right. Magazine's dry. Question is, do I still have one in the tube?
49er One: I say you're dry.
Sasha: Make your move.
[Sasha pulls the trigger and the gun doesn't go off]
49er One: That's a nice bluff.
Sasha: Wasn't a bluff. It was a misfire.

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