A sixteen-year-old girl who was raised by her father to be the perfect assassin is dispatched on a mission across Europe, tracked by a ruthless intelligence agent and her operatives.

Sebastian: So Hanna, is your mum and Dad still together?
Hanna: My mother is dead.
Sophie: [to Sebastian] Nice one, Dad.
Sebastian: I'm sorry to hear that. I lost my mum when I was very young, so...
Hanna: It's all right. It happened a long time ago.
Rachel: Hanna, what did your mum die of?
Hanna: Three bullets.
[Sebastian chokes on his wine]
[last lines]
Hanna: [to Marissa] I just missed your heart.
Hanna: [suddenly speaking in Arabic] I like Arabic very much. It's like Japanese, it's big.
Isaacs: Marissa, did she turn out as you hoped?
Marissa: [shakes head in feigned disappointment] Better.
Hanna: Are we going to kiss now?
Feliciano: Would you like to?
Hanna: Kissing requires a total of 34 facial muscles, and 112 postural muscles. The most important muscle involved is the orbicularis oris muscle, because it is used to pucker the lips.
Marissa: Hanna, I can help you.
Hanna: Please. I don't want to hurt anyone anymore.
Marissa: I just wanna talk.
Hanna: It's over now, Marissa. Let me go.
[Hanna turns and walks away]
Marissa: [uncharacteristically motherly] Hanna! Don't walk away from me, young lady!
Hanna: Adapt or die.
Erik: Think on your feet.
Hanna: Even when I'm sleeping.
Erik: I tried to prepare you.
Hanna: You didn't prepare me for this.
Marissa: Why now, Erik?
Erik: Kids grow up.
[first lines]
Hanna: I just missed your heart.
Hanna: Come and find me.
Hanna: Why do I need a piece of paper to tell me my name?
Knepfler: Not you. Not you, my dear, but everyone else. We need paper and computers so we don't have to ask people their names or look them in the face. You have a good face. You look just like your father. And you walk like him, too.
[playfully imitating an ape]
Hanna: Can we still be friends?
Sophie: I don't know. I mean, I don't really know who you are, do I?
Hanna: That's just it. Neither do I.
Moroccan Hotel Owner: Where do you come from?
Hanna: The forest.
Rachel: I feel so grounded in the countryside. The city stifles me, emotionally, creatively, spiritually. Places like this bring us closer to God.
Hanna: God?
Rachel: Well, not in any monotheistic sense. Buddha, Krishna, the god within. Whatever you believe in.
Rachel: What do you believe in, Hanna?
[gets no response, laughs]
Rachel: Nothing.
Marissa: This is very, very difficult. But sometimes children are bad people, too.
Lewis: Erik Heller escaped.
Marissa: How did that happen?
Sophie: If we're going to be friends, you're going to have to be honest with me. Them's the rules.
Hanna: Are we friends?
Sophie: Yes. I like you.
Hanna: I'd like to have a friend.
Sophie: I mean, you're a freak and everything, but I like you.
Sebastian: I just want her to stop saying "Vomitorium", alright?
[son Miles makes a puking noise]
Sebastian: Oi, it's not funny.
Isaacs: [while chasing Erik] Run little piggy!
Sophie: Mum is against plastic surgery.
Rachel: I am.
Sophie: Mum doesn't even wear makeup.
Rachel: I don't. I think it's dishonest. This is my face, take it or leave it. If you study history of art or anthropology...
Sebastian: [interjecting] Rachel got a first at Cambridge.
Rachel: [continuing] ... you learn that red lipstick mimics arousal and suggests the geography of the labia minora.
Sophie: [interrupting] Puke!
Rachel: [continuing] Whereas I have a lot of natural red pigment in my lips, so I really don't need it.
Sophie: Vomitorium!
Sophie: [about Hanna's Moroccan cloak] You can't wear those, you look like some mad German.

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