A woman hires a drifter as her guide through New Orleans in search of her father, who has gone missing. They discover a deadly game of cat and mouse behind his disappearance in the process.

[over the chaos of an ambush, van Cleef hears a fuse burning]
Pik van Cleef: GET THE FUCK DOWN!
Pik van Cleef: Randal, Randal, Randal. You were going to leave without saying goodbye, huh?
Randal Poe: My momma got sick in Biloxi. I was gonna call you, Mr. Van Cleef...
Pik van Cleef: Of course you were, Randal. Of course you were. I know you didn't mean to... hurt... my feelings.
Emil Fouchon: You are a fucking buffalo!
Chance Boudreaux: Grab the bar!
[last lines; after Fouchon stabbed Douvee with an arrow]
Chance Boudreaux: [shakes him] Douvee! Douvee!
Douvee: [opens his eyes] What is this noise?
[they help him sit up]
Douvee: I think I hurt pretty bad.
[He takes his flask out of his breast pocket, which has a hole punched in it]
Douvee: Now this... this real catastrophe! This real bad!
Chance Boudreaux: Yeah, real bad.
Natasha Binder: [after Douvee has been shot in the leg] Can you get up?
Douvee: I cannot dance... but, I can get up.
Emil Fouchon: [after a hunt] Was it worth it?
Mr. Lopacki: Every nickel.
Chance Boudreaux: Now take your pig-stick and your boyfriend, and find a bus to catch.
Douvee: Ooh-wee! Ha ha! Sometimes I 'maze myself! Good whiskey make jackrabbit slap de bear!
Emil Fouchon: Load me!
Pik van Cleef: Boudreaux, Boudreaux, Boudreaux. I've been looking all over for you.
Chance Boudreaux: You've been looking in the wrong places.
Pik van Cleef: That's good, cause I know you wouldn't want to hurt my feelings.
Stephan: [his only line] The place is clean, he just left.
Chance Boudreaux: Do you still have the 30.06... the one I gave you for your birthday?
Douvee: No... a gator ate it. But I still got your shot-gun.
Douvee: [handing Natasha a flask of his moonshine] Here, drink. But do not spill. It kill de grass.
Emil Fouchon: Careless is what you are, Randal. Careless and stupid and now you're sorry, too.
Chance Boudreaux: [Seconds before killing his enemy] Hunting season... is over.
Emil Fouchon: I'll fuck you, then I'll eat you.
Emil Fouchon: You see, Miss Binder, you I can understand. It was a matter of family.
[to Boudreaux]
Emil Fouchon: You had *nothing* in common with those people. What made you want to complicate my life like that?
Chance Boudreaux: Poor people get bored too.
Emil Fouchon: Ohh!
Waitress: How's that gumbo, Chance?
Chance Boudreaux: A tragedy. The coffee was tolerable, though.
Waitress: It ain't free, neither.
Chance Boudreaux: Yeah. I know.
Waitress: Leave your wallet in your tuxedo?
Chance Boudreaux: I play that one on you before?
Waitress: Yeah. For the gumbo.
Chance Boudreaux: That's right.
[hands her a whole bunch of change]
Natasha Binder: What kind of a name is Chance?
Chance Boudreaux: Well... my momma took one...
Elijah Roper: Hey! Help me, man! Come on, man! Help me!
Man On The Street: Hey, man! I ain't got no change, man!
Emil Fouchon: You're not angry at me, are you, Pik?
Pik van Cleef: I don't get angry.
[holds up his shotgun]
Pik van Cleef: I'm a professional.
Pik van Cleef: It appears your trophy is ripping us a new orifice.
Emil Fouchon: Let me review the tactical situation for you, gentlemen. Boudreaux is wounded. He's been pursued and harried across miles of open country. Now he's cornered and outnumbered 20 to 1. He's an annoying little fucking insect and I want him stepped on hard.
Emil Fouchon: There's always some unhappy corner of the globe where we can ply our trade.
Randal Poe: Well if it ain't my good friend Boudreaux. I thought you was gonna catch a ship.
Chance Boudreaux: Maybe I'll stick around to run for mayor.
Pik van Cleef: Randal, I come back here, I cut me a steak.
Randal Poe: [Lying face down on a massage table thinking the masseuse is still massaging him, not knowing that Chance is] Oh yeah baby
Chance Boudreaux: Hello Poe!
Randal Poe: [Making a startled rise from the table] What the fuck?
Chance Boudreaux: [Slamming Poe's face down into the head rest] You miss me?
Randal Poe: Oh Christ not again!
Chance Boudreaux: It looks like you're short an ear, so you better listen very carefully. Now, who sent those apes after me?
Randal Poe: [Squirming in pain] I dont know what you're talking about
Chance Boudreaux: [Pushes Poe's head harder into the head rest] Two million people in this city, who's gonna miss a fat slob like you?
Randal Poe: Van Cleef! His name is Van Cleef!
Chance Boudreaux: Good boy, where is he?
Randal Poe: I dont know where he lives, he ain't even American! Look he'll kill me if I dont do what he says, please...
Chance Boudreaux: [Again pushes his head further into the head rest] You tell your boyfriend Van Cleef that im going to find out who killed Douglas Binder. If you understand me, just grunt
Randal Poe: [Grunts hesitantly]
Chance Boudreaux: Again
[pushes his head even harder in the head rest]
[after blasting Stephan]
Chance Boudreaux: Sorry about your shirt.
Chance Boudreaux: You trust me?
Natasha Binder: Of course I trust you.
Chance Boudreaux: Close your eyes.
Natasha Binder: Why do you want me to trust you with my eyes closed?
Pik van Cleaf: [after punching a sleeping Poe in the stomach] Wakey wakey... you fat fuck!
Emil Fouchon: [Fouchon stops Zenan from shooting Roper before the chase can begin] This is New Orleans... not Beirut!
Chance Boudreaux: What's your name?
Natasha Binder: It's Nat.
Chance Boudreaux: 'Nat?'
Natasha Binder: Mm-hmm.
Chance Boudreaux: Your parents named you for a... bug?
Madam: Chance! What brings you here?
Chance Boudreaux: [mysteriously] Secret mission.
Madam: Oh...
[she motions him inside, he winks at her]
Chance Boudreaux: If you understand me, just grunt.
Emil Fouchon: [his last line] Whoops!

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