"Sugar" Ray is the owner of an illegal casino, who contend with the pressures of vicious gangster and corrupt policemen who want to see him go out of business. In the world of organized ... See full summary¬†¬Ľ

Vera: YOU shut the fuck up, Bennie! I would tell you to kiss my ass, but knowing you, you probably can't find it, you blind motherfucker!
Quick: How's Sunshine doing on that pick up man?
Bennie Wilson: Oh, he proposed to her four times already, said he would leave his wife & kids and convert from Catholic to Baptist. Now you know that's some mean pussy to make a man change gods.
Richie Vento: Yeah, get me Hollycourt 55377. Hello, it's Daddy. Hey, darling. Put Mommy on the phone. Yeah, Barbara, it's Richie. Yeah lookit, I ain't never coming home no more. Take it easy.
Sugar Ray: Quick, you're not a gangster. We're not. We're club owners. We run a dance hall. Calhoune... he's a cold-hearted killer. He'll have your ass killed. Now, the man probably doesn't know about La Rue yet. But in the morning, he's going to want you really dead. So, we got to find a place where we can lay low. Till we can run the scam and split.
Quick: You telling me I should hide?
Sugar Ray: No. I'm telling you you're gonna hide. You don't hide, Quick, they're gonna kill you. I'm not gonna let that happen to you. I didn't come this far with you so you can prove you ain't no punk and die. What are they gonna put on your tombstone? "Here lies a man, 27 years old. He died, but he ain't no punk." Hey man, that's bullshit. OK? You know when you die? When you're 89... got your children and your grandchildren around the bed... that's cool. It ain't cool to die at 27. I'm not gonna let you do that to yourself. I'm not gonna let you do it to me. 'Cause they kill you, they're gonna have to kill me. 'Cause I'm gonna kill them.
Sugar Ray: I'm gonna take this little boy home to his mother.
Young Quick: My mama's dead.
Sugar Ray: Well, your daddy?
Young Quick: My father's dead, too.
Sugar Ray: Did you kill 'em?
Young Quick: No, they just dead.
Sugar Ray: Ok, the same fella who made the drop last year is gonna do it again. I want somebody on him. Vera, do you have a girl?
Vera: I've got a girl who's pussy is so good, if you threw it up in the air it would turn into sunshine.
Sugar Ray: Vera, you know we tally up at 4 o'clock. What is your problem?
Vera: Kiss my ass, Sugar. I've got to watch my girls until the last trick is gone. And I'm not about to ask no customer to roll over so I can punch some goddamn clock. Now, this is your place, but I am in charge of the girls... and you can just kiss my ass.
Sugar Ray: [Sugar Ray makes kisses toward Vera] Oh baby!
Vera: No, stop it,Sugar, stop doing... Don't do that. Stop that!
Quick: So, baby, how'd we do tonight?
Vera: We made about 200.
Quick: 200? Your girls have been back there all night. How'd they only make 200 dollars?
Vera: You kiss my ass, Quick! I don't ever say nothing to you when the crap table and the bar come up short.
Quick: Cause the bar and the crap table never come up short, just the girls.
Sugar Ray: Now, calm down, Vera.
Vera: Kiss my ass, Sugar! I wanna know what it is Quick is trying to say?
Quick: I ain't trying to say shit. You're in charge of the girls, right?
Vera: I am in charge of the girls.
Quick: Are you in charge of the girls?
Vera: I AM in charge of the girls.
Quick: OK, The girls are always coming up short. Alright, let's get this shit out in the open. The girls are always coming up short even when the place is packed the girls come up short. Now, either you or them got a problem with their arithmetic.
Vera: Are you saying I'm stealing?
Bennie Wilson: The man didn't say you was stealing, Vera. Now, come over here and sit down and shut the fuck up!
Vera: You shut the fuck up, Bennie. I would tell you to kiss my ass too, but you probably can't find it you blind motherfucker.
Bennie Wilson: Fuck you, bitch.
Vera: [Vera turning and looking at Quick] Me and you got to step out back.
Sugar Ray: Hey, it was just a misunderstanding.
Vera: [Vera starts taking off her hat] nuh-uh, No it ain't, it ain't no misunderstanding. Quick just accused me of stealing. and if you gonna take up for Quick in here, we can all be some fighting motherfuckers in here this evening. Bring your ass, nigger. Bring it on. Come on. Bring your ass! Come on, get up and come on, motherfucker!
Quick: All right, bitch, you want to fight? We can fight then, you fat motherfucker, l'm tired of your shit!
Vera: Just bring your ass!
Quick: What would a woman that fine want in a big, fat, nasty, greasy, fat, stank, bloated, cheesy-backed, 12-sandwich-eatin' bastard?
Quick: It's not how many you shoot. It's who you shoot.
Toothless Gambler: [about Young Quick at the crap table] Man, I ain't shootin' shit! I told you kids bring me bad luck! I can't stand them little bastards!
[turns to young Quick]
Toothless Gambler: Now get the fuck outta here before I kick yo' ass!
[last lines]
Quick: So, where you wanna go, Pop?
Sugar Ray: I don't know, Son. But we got a tank full of gas, and a trunk full of money.
Quick: That sounds like a sweet combination.
Sugar Ray: Sweet as sugar.
Cop at police station: To post bail for that many people would cost...
[he smiles, thinking the price will scare Sugar away]
Cop at police station: $75 hundred.
Sugar Ray: $75 hundred?
Cop at police station: [still smiling] yes.
Sugar Ray: [throws him $10,000] gimmie a receipt
Vera: Kiss my ENTIRE ass!
Sugar Ray: Damn, I'm sure gonna miss that place. You know we can't ever go back there again.
Quick: Man, there's other cities. Find someplace else to start all over again.
Sugar Ray: But there's no place like Harlem.
Bennie Wilson: You ain't lying, Sugar. Let me look at it one last time.
Quick: Vera, put that razor away!
[pulls gun]
Quick: I ain't playin' games no more. You put that fuckin' razor away or I'll blow your goddamn pinky toe off!
Vera: Oh! Now you're gonna shoot me in my pinky toe.
Quick: I'm not playing with you. I will blow that little black, gnarled crusty, dead motherfucker the fuck off your foot! Now put the razor away!
Phil Cantone: OK Ray, here's the deal. I got a call from a friend of mine by the name of Bugsy Calhoune. He told me you're sitting on a little gold mine here. Now don't get me wrong. I know there's always gonna be after-hour places. We pretty much leave them alone when the money's not that significant, but you guys are doing about 10-15,000 a week. I mean, that's a lot of money. And to be perfectly honest. Mr. Calhoune & myself want some of it.
Sugar Ray: How much money you talking about, you maggot motherfucker?
Phil Cantone: Well, you guys are doing 15.000 a week. Let's say our cut is 10,000.
Sugar Ray: You're robbing us, you son of a bitch.
Phil Cantone: No, no, no. You're robbing the system, Ray. What do you want... sympathy from me? You're criminals, for Christ's sake. And I think it's a pretty fair deal. I wanted more, but Bugsy said it was fair. I mean, he's a real softy, Bugsy. I mean, if it was up to me, I'd give you jigs just enough money to function. So when I see you guys with the... with the fancy suits and cars and nice houses, and I'm living in a FUCKING HOVEL... I mean, that bothers me.
Quick: You're gonna be the nine-toed-havingest-limpingest bitch in Harlem if you don't stop fucking with me. Now put the razor away.
Quick: I haven't had my ass whipped in a while. Probably been like 1911.
Sugar Ray: Yeah, that's when the doctor slapped you on the ass
Quick: Yes. That's the last ass-whipping I recall. I'm looking for him.
Sugar Ray: How was your date?
Quick: I killed her.
Sugar Ray: Ah, tore the pussy up, huh!
Quick: No, man, I killed her.
Sugar Ray: What the fuck you talking about
Quick: I shot her,man.
Sugar Ray: Hmm. Was the pussy that bad, man?
Sugar Ray: What if we made love real hard for 35 minutes then drop off into a deep, coma like sleep?
Quick: [Quick is getting ready to sleep with Dominique and putting his gun under a pillow... he discovers she's done the same under one] Oh, that's cute! I thought I was the only one who slept with a gun under the pillow... look at the little gun!
[kisses her gun]
Quick: Aw, that's so adorable.
[pauses for a moment after realizing that she intends to kill him]
Quick: It's cute.
[after Quick leaves to fight Vera]
Bennie Wilson: You betta watch it, Quick! You fuckin' with a heavyweight!
Sugar Ray: The candy business is something else
Phil Cantone: I'll say. Must not be a nigger in the street with a healthy tooth in his mouth.
Crying Man: [crying and loading machine gun after discovering his brother Tommy dead in his apartment] He messed with the wrong nigger's brother! Oh, Quick is mine!
Phil Cantone: I'll see you later, Ray.
Sugar Ray: I bet you will... Shit.
Vera: Benny, you put this orange juice back in here, ain't nothin' left but a swallow!
Bennie Wilson: Then swallow it and shut the fuck up!
Bugsy Calhoune: It's a set-up... It's a fucking set-up!
Sugar Ray: You have got to stop over-reacting.
Quick: [shouts] Over-reacting?
Crying Man: Only way you're going home is shot, motherfucker!
Roberto: Sugar, Tommy's coming.
Sugar Ray: [sees Tommy Smalls and crew coming in... nods] Thank you.
Roberto: Want me to "kick he ass"?
Sugar Ray: No, don't "kick he ass". Thank you, Roberto.
Quick: Hey, I have a lot of money on you, Man.
The Champ: W-w-w-well... y-y-y-you's gettin ready to b-b-b-be a rich nigga... you see, cause, c-c-come next week... I'm knockin'... somebody... the fuck out!
Bennie Wilson: Excuse me, I got somethin' in my eye.
Gambler: Well, get it the fuck out yer eye you blind muther fucker!
Sugar Ray: Wait, man, look. You shot, you lost. I mean, we'd have paid you if you'd won, but you lost. Now take your big ass home, and brush that tooth!
Bennie Wilson: Man didn't accuse you of stealing, Vera. Now sit down and shut the fuck up!
Quick: [Quick is at the open door of Tommy's apartment] Tommy... hey man, you asleep? Tommy! Yo... hey... hey... hey... hey...
[sees Tommy dead in his chair, bullet-ridden and with his throat cut]
Quick: Holy shit... somebody fucked you up real bad, man. I think I'm going to leave, cause you probably want to sit there by yourself, alone, and think about who you pissed off. So, I'll let you have your space. Excuse me.

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