Hayden Fry — American Coach born on February 28, 1929,

John Hayden Fry is a former American football player and coach. He played college football for Baylor University. He served as the head coach at Southern Methodist University, North Texas State University, now the University of North Texas, and the University of Iowa, compiling a career college football record of 232–178–10. He was inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame as a coach in 2003... (wikipedia)

We'll take what the other team gives us. We'll scratch where it itches.
We have to be realistic. If we don't win, life will continue.
Welcome to the Salvation Army. I've never been associated with an offense so nice about giving the ball away.
I wanted the players to feel like they were part of a family, to be conscious of that controlled togetherness as they made that slow entrance onto the field. It had a great psychological effect on the opposing team, too. They'd never seen anything like it.
I learned a great many things in the Marines that helped me as a football coach. The Marines train men hard and to do things the right way, just as a football team must train.