Amongst my friends, I am known as the most cynical person they know - I'm incredibly cynical. I don't believe in God, I don't believe in the supernatural, I don't believe in anything! And I'm terribly cynical, and somehow or other, all three of my films and much of my television work has been rather sentimental, and 'heartwarming'. Nigel Cole
Some memories are unforgettable, remaining ever vivid and heartwarming! Joseph B. Wirthlin
When people say to me, 'You make us proud,' it's heartwarming to hear that. Nadine Labaki
Just knowing that through my music I actually inspire people is amazing for me and I find it very heartwarming. Thia Megia
God bless America - what other civilization would give Patrick Dempsey another shot to rule as a sex symbol, twenty years after 'Meatballs III: Summer Job?' His reign as Dr. McDreamy on 'Grey's Anatomy' is proof that there's nothing we love more than giving Eighties celebs a heartwarming second stab at life. Rob Sheffield