Jack Ryan, as a young covert CIA analyst, uncovers a Russian plot to crash the U.S. economy with a terrorist attack.

Viktor Cherevin: You Americans like to think of yourselves as direct, but I wonder if perhaps you are just rude.
Jack Ryan: You Russians think of yourselves as poets but perhaps you're just touchy.
Jack Ryan: [to Harper, while arguing with Cathy] Can we have a... a-a-a minute, please ?
William Harper: No, you can't.
Cathy Muller: I would like to talk to Jack alone.
William Harper: This is geopolitics. It's not couples therapy.
Jack Ryan: You didn't pick this life. I did.
Cathy Muller: But I picked you.
William Harper: [to Jack] You're not just an analyst anymore. You're operational now.
Viktor Cherevin: [In Russian] It was always for Russia.
The Minister Sorokin: So is this.
[He shoots Viktor]
[last lines]
President: And what's your name, son?
Jack Ryan: Ryan, Mr. President. Jack Ryan.
Viktor Cherevin: Regret. It piles up around us like books we never read.
Jack Ryan: [collapsing on his crutches] I don't like you very much, doctor.
Cathy Muller: I'm not a doctor. I'm a 3rd-year med student who is four credits short in P.T. until you decide to walk.
[first lines]
Jack Ryan: Hey, what's going on?
Student: In there. It's on the news.
Jack Ryan: I'm in the CIA.
Cathy Muller: Thank God. I thought you were having an affair.
William Harper: [waiting to see the president] Any way you can get that boy-scout-on-a-field-trip look off your face?
Jack Ryan: [big smile] Not a chance.
William Harper: That's what I like about you.
CIA Operator: Remember your tradecraft and you'll be fine.
Cathy Muller: Look, I will see you tonight, we're having dinner, and we're gonna split the check.
Viktor Cherevin: [speaking of Afghanistan] Different time, different empire, same graveyard.
Jack Ryan: Do you know what happened three years ago today?
Cathy Muller: You agreed to stop wearing cargo shorts?
Viktor Cherevin: Trust. Truth. I think it's like most opinions - best unexpressed.
Jack Ryan: Jesus, you weren't kidding. You *are* in the CIA.
William Harper: Somebody has to be.
Viktor Cherevin: Partnerships are delicate, Mr. Ryan. Sometimes they end violently.
William Harper: I want to send you back to school to finish your doctorate, then you'll join financial intelligence as an analyst. You'll work in a series of private banks on Wall Street while you'll use your position to uncover funding for terror groups.
Jack Ryan: Covertly.
William Harper: Yep. So, you have to keep it to yourself. Your employers won't know you work for us; the people you love won't know you do, either. It's gonna get lonely but... it's how we like to do things.

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