James Herbert — English Writer born on April 08, 1943, died on March 20, 2013

James John Herbert, OBE was a best-selling English horror writer who originally worked as the art director of an advertising agency. A full-time writer, he also designed his own book covers and publicity. His books have sold 54 million copies worldwide, and have been translated into 34 languages, including Chinese and Russian... (wikipedia)

For me, a good friend is someone you might only see once or twice a year but each time it feels as though you've just seen them last week.
I've actually seen a ghost, so I know they're really around.
I'm very cagey about making friends, and I rarely do.
I hate violence, and I didn't plan to write horror; it just poured out of me.
I never plan my novels because if I know what is going to happen, it bores me rigid. I let the story tell itself.