Set a few days after the original, a championship basketball team's bus is attacked by The Creeper, the winged, flesh-eating terror, on the last day of his 23-day feeding frenzy.

Minxie Hayes: It isn't dead. It's time ran out.
[Taggert stabs The Creeper again]
Taggert: It looks dead to me.
Boy: You Taggert?
Older Jack Jr.: That's right.
Boy: Can we see it?
Older Jack Jr.: [referring to the sign "Bat Out Of Hell"] Can you read?
Boy: Is that thing real? Because I've heard it's a bunch of bullshit.
Older Jack Jr.: It's still five bucks.
Girl: Where'd it come from?
Older Jack Jr.: My dad killed it.
Boy: Yeah, but where'd it come from?
Older Jack Jr.: It's five bucks from you too.
Boy: How'd he kill it?
Older Jack Jr.: Ask him.
Dante Belasco: [holding The Creeper's wing] Shower curtain? This thing's like a fucking piece of toilet paper!
Coach Charlie Hanna: What is that? A flare gun? You plan on being lost at sea in this thing?
Bus Driver Betty Borman: You making fun of my lock box? Because everything in this thing has saved my sweet ass at least once.
[in Minxie's vision]
Darry Jenner: [voice speaking backwards, then normally] Every 23rd spring, for 23 days it gets to eat.
Minxie Hayes: Eat what?
[she turns to look at him again, his eyes are gone]
Darry Jenner: Eat us.
Coach Dwayne Barnes: [holding a throwing star with teeth in it] Did you get a good look at the points on this thing? It's either ivory or some kind of bone.
Coach Charlie Hanna: Throw that damn thing away before you need a tetanus shot!
Sheila, Radio Announcer: The fire which gutted the church south of Pertwella four days ago continues to offer up a gruesome bounty. County Sheriffs excavating the charred ruins estimate the body count is now up well past three hundred. County coroners say that the bodies were found stitched to each other, covering the basement's walls and ceiling. One on-the-scene witness called it "a human tapestry of torture and sadism," and a sight he will never forget.
Peter, Radio Announcer: Sheila, the details keep getting stranger and stranger every day this week, it seems. Any new information?
Sheila, Radio Announcer: Some of the corpses they have found had false teeth made out of wood. That means some of the bodies they're finding down there are over two hundred years old. But Peter, it's the condition of the cadavers that's the strangest fact of all. The county coroner's office reported yesterday that they have yet to find any one complete body. Each one is missing an external limb or an internal organ.
Dante Belasco: Maybe it only opens from the outside.
Jake: It's an Emergency Exit, idiot!
Dante Belasco: Well then you fucking open it!
Izzy Bohen: Javelins? We got spears on this bus?
Scott 'Scotty' Braddock: Sticks. You want to wait around so that you could poke at that thing with sticks?
Izzy Bohen: That thing shows up here again I'd rather have a sharp stick in my hand than nothing at all.
[Taggert is looking for the disabled bus]
Taggert: Are there any landmarks nearby? What are you close to?
Buck: I'm close to pissing my fuckin' pants!
Rhonda Truitt: [while the team continually sings] How long can they keep this up?
Chelsea Farmer: Forever. They have a fight song with the word cock in it.
Buck: Two classes of people? What, the "will be eaten" and the "won't be eaten"?
Jack Taggart, Jr.: Are you still there?
Buck: I'm so fucking still here!
Jack Taggart, Jr.: Okay. Okay. Just say again what you just told me.
Buck: We're not playing games here, alright?
Jack Taggart, Jr.: Just say it man!
Buck: We are trapped in a broken down school bus out on East 9. And something is going to kill us if we don't get help out here right away!
Jake: That thing is gone, man. I'm willing to bet money on it.
Izzy Bohen: You willing to bet stepping off this bus, because that's the real bet.
Jake: You know what the story is on those scars there, right?
Izzy Bohen: No, tell me.
Jake: Got into a fight when you snuck into a bar.
Izzy Bohen: So?
Jake: A gay bar, bro. You do know what they call you, don't you Izzy?
Izzy Bohen: That's my name.
Jake: Or isn't he?
Scott 'Scotty' Braddock: Assholes and elbows. Everybody back on the bus.
Rhonda Truitt: You know, you could talk about it. It might help a little bit.
Scott 'Scotty' Braddock: What'd I play today? Twelve minutes?
Rhonda Truitt: Well, it was a great twelve minutes.
Scott 'Scotty' Braddock: Hanna's got it in for me. Him and his little token white boy Barnes. I don't know. Maybe I got the wrong skin color to play on this team.
Rhonda Truitt: I know you don't mean that. Maybe they just wanted to make sure everyone got a chance to play in the championship.
Scott 'Scotty' Braddock: Everyone's not the reason why we made it to the championship. Half the losers on this bus had nothing to do with us getting to state. I did.
[last lines]
Boy: What's the story on this thing?
Taggert: Whatever you've heard, probably.
Boy: You expect us to think that that thing's real?
Taggert: Don't really care.
Boy: How'd you kill it?
Taggert: Stabbed it right through the heart, with a big homemade harpoon.
[awkward silence]
Girl: When?
Taggert: About twenty-three years ago.
[another awkward silence]
Boy: You waiting for something?
Taggert: About three more days, give or take a day or two.
Jack Taggart, Jr.: You little butt-sniff. I otta come out there and kick your ass!
Billy Taggart: YOU WISH!
Jonny Young: You gotta be...
Buck: ...fucking kidding me.
Scott 'Scotty' Braddock: You want to play cock on the walk, bro?
Deaundre 'Double D' Davis: Why do I think you want to call me something else? You want to call me something else, Scotty? 'Cause I don't think you get it. I can see you thinking it, whether you say it or not.
Deaundre 'Double D' Davis: [after Coach Barnes gets taken away] What was it? Scotty, what the fuck was it? Scotty, come on!
Rhonda Truitt: Scotty, we just want...
Scott 'Scotty' Braddock: [yelling] I don't know what it was, alright!
[kids move to the back of the bus]
Scott 'Scotty' Braddock: It had wings. Big fucking wings.
Izzy Bohen: [referring to the doors] He jammed it. We thought it was trying to come in, but this frickin' thing was making sure we couldn't get out.
Jack Taggart, Jr.: Billy, you little asshole. Why don't you rat your self out for a change.
Billy Taggart: What did I do?
Bus Driver Betty Borman: We're out on East 9. We are down and disabled. Come back.
[first lines]
Taggert: [yelling out to Billy, who's putting up scarecrows] Billy! Get number three up now. Don't come in to eat before you do. And check the other two! Make sure they're wired up good. I don't want them blowing over again the first big wind.
Coach Dwayne Barnes: What happened? What did you see?
Jake: What'd you see?
Coach Dwayne Barnes: Come on! Did you see something or not?
Jake: She flew away.

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