An 8-year-old boy genius and his friends must rescue their parents after the adults are abducted by aliens.

Jimmy: But dad, all my friends are going.
Mr. Neutron: I know son, but if all your friends were named Cliff, would you jump off them? I don't think so.
Sheen: I'm peeing... in the shower.
Sheen: I'm still doing it. Go. Go. Go.
Fat Child: We were having this contest
Fat Child: to see who could eat the most cotton candy...
[the child starts sniveling. The camera moves to show the child is very fat]
Fat Child: [Crying] And I won!
Mr. Neutron: Look, I was a kid once. I remember being grounded a whole week and not being allowed to go to my best friend's bachelor party.
Jimmy: All right, this is it. These crummy aliens stole our parents, it's time to show them what we're made of. We're tough, we're mean. Darn it, we're carbon based life forms! So, who's going to kick buttocks?
All: The Carbonated Life Forms!
Jimmy: What girl wants to dance with a guy who looks like he should still be in Gymboree?
Carl: [quietly] I didn't think we liked girls yet, Jim.
Jimmy: Oh, we don't, we don't, no, not yet. However, one day, Carl, an influx of hormones that we can't control will overpower our better judgment and drive us to pursue the female species against our will.
Nick: Are you sure about this, Neutron?
Jimmy: Well the data seems to support this hypothesis.
Sheen: [walking by and confusedly examining a piece of paper] Never... argue... with the data...
Ooblar: Hello.
Ooblar: What galaxy are you from?
King Goobot: Ooblar.
Ooblar: Where is your leader?
King Goobot: Ooblar, stop it. It's toast.
Ooblar: Oh. Hello, Toast. I greatly admire your ship.
Carl: Weee. Llamas, llamas, llamas.
[Jimmy's dad burps]
Mr. Neutron: Well, at least it's coming out of the attic and not the basement.
[the aliens are making the parents do a chicken dance]
Nick: They're making our parents dance so lame.
Carl: No, my dad really dances like that.
Cindy Vortex: If we get blown up, whatever's left of me is kicking your butt.
Mr. Neutron: Rockets are flying things.
[seeing the aliens for the first time]
Jimmy: They've evolved beyond the need for conventional bodies. They must be an advanced species, millions of years ahead of us.
Sheen: Wow. When I blow my nose, it looks like an advanced species too.
Cindy Vortex, Libby: Ewww.
Cindy Vortex: After class, I'll gladly demonstrate how boy dinosaurs got their BUTTS KICKED by girl dinosaurs on a regular basis.
Mr. Neutron: Jim, Jimmy, James, Jimbo, Son.
Sheen: We have to ask ourselves. What would Ultralord do?
Sheen: Jimmy, your dad is acting like a mind-controlled duck-man.
Jimmy: There's a 95 percent chance it'll work.
Cindy Vortex: And the other 5 percent?
Jimmy: We all get blown up.
[the crowd starts nervously chattering]
Jimmy: Hey, hey! Ninety-five is still an A.
Nick: I've never gotten a 95 in my life.
Mr. Neutron: Oh, you gotta admit, that is pretty neat!
Sheen: [the children are running from the aliens. Sheen is singing, as if he were Ultra Lord] Ultra Lord is not afraid of chickens.
[the aliens fire at the ship]
Sheen: Okay, he may be a little bit afraid of chickens.
Carl: Hey, this astronaut food isn't too bad.
Jimmy: That's toothpaste, Carl.
Carl: Oh. Minty.
[approaching the sun]
Cindy Vortex: Is this one of those macho things?
Sheen: [meeting up after rescuing his dad] Ultra Dad!
Sheen's Dad: Ultra Son!
[they hug each other]
King Goobot: Time to discipline the naughty children. Open fire.
[about the aliens]
Mrs. Neutron: I don't care how advanced they say they are. If your father and I haven't met them, they're strangers. Right, Hugh?
Mr. Neutron: Yeah, well, except for policemen. They're there to help you.
Sheen: I do so relish these times of peril.
Goddard (Jimmy's voice): [after Ooblar pulled a peice off of Goddard; Jimmy speaks through Goddard] Danger! Danger! You have just activated 'Self-Destruct Sequence Alpha'.
Ooblar: That's my bad, back in you go.
[Ooblar puts the piece back]
Goddard (Jimmy's voice): The Self Destruct unit is now engaged!
Ooblar: No, no, no, no, no, I put it back in! Can you understand me?
Goddard (Jimmy's voice): This unit will yeild in a 50 megaton nucular blast in exactly ten seconds.
Ooblar: That's not good!
Goddard (Jimmy's voice): Please vary in a 25 square mile area, thank you and have a nice day.
[Goddard shows Ooblar a timer counting down from ten]
Goddard (Jimmy's voice): Ten... nine...
Ooblar: Bad Dog! I need mother!
[Ooblar runs through the automatic doors, and as far away as possible]
Ooblar: Can I space another?
King Goobot: No.
Ooblar: Oh, please, brother.
King Goobot: I said "no," Ooblar.
Ooblar: [sing-song] Oh please oh please oh please oh please oh please oh please...
King Goobot: I would love for that to stop.

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