A young girl receives a vision that drives her to rid France of its oppressors.

The Duke of Burgundy: [to Joan] Personally, I don't believe in God. I don't believe in the Devil either. Perhaps that is why I am never disappointed.
Joan of Arc: I've always been faithful to God and I've followed everything He's ever said and I've done everything He's ever asked me to do.
The Conscience: God asked you to do something?
Joan of Arc: Yes. Yes, lots of things.
The Conscience: You mean God said, "I need you, Jeanne."
Joan of Arc: No. But He sent me signs.
The Conscience: Signs? What signs?
Joan of Arc: The wind. The wind. And the clouds, ringing!
The Conscience: Ringing clouds?
Joan of Arc: The dance. The dance. The dance. The dance.
The Conscience: The dance.
Joan of Arc: The sword! The sword lying in the field. That was a sign.
The Conscience: No. That was a sword in a field.
Joan of Arc: No. No, that was a sign!
The Conscience: No. That was a sword. In a field.
Joan of Arc: It can't just get there by itself! It can't. A sword just doesn't get there by itself. It can't just get there by itself.
The Conscience: True. Every event has an infinite number of causes, so why pick one rather than another? There are many ways a sword might find itself in a field.
Pierre Cauchon: Joan, be careful, you're not helping yourself by refusing to submit to our judgment.
Joan of Arc: You, who claimed to be my judges, you'll be careful, for you too one day will be judged.
The Conscience: Who are you to even think that you can know the difference between good and evil?
Cauchon: Father Vincente, you're the most venerable among us. What do you think?
Father Vincente: I think this trial is a masquerade, and I won't be part of it anymore. I'm willing to be her judge, but not her executioner.
Cauchon: That's what I'm trying to ensure.
Father Vincente: [In a reproving tone] A verdict comes at the end of a trial, Cauchon, not at the beginning.
[In questioning Joan regarding all the gifts that King Charles VII bestowed upon her]
Priest: What about all these dresses you were given? Silk dresses, weren't they?
Joan of Arc: Yes, I was given a few, but I never had time to wear them.
Priest: Still... pretty wealthy for a peasant girl, wouldn't you say?
Joan of Arc: You look pretty wealthy to be a servant of God, wouldn't you say?
Joan of Arc: May God forgive your blasphemy, because I never will!
Joan of Arc: This morning God gave us a great victory, but it is nothing compared to what he is ready to give us now. I know you are all tired and hungry, but I swear to you that even if these English were hanging from the clouds by their fingertips we would pull them down before nightfall. Now let all those who love me... follow me! Follow me!
Joan of Arc: It's not my body I want to save. It's my soul.
Joan of Arc: I don't think. I leave that to God. I'm nothing in all this, I'm just the Messenger.
Aulon: Jeanne! Are you all right?
Joan of Arc: Yes, I'm fine. Why are you staring at me?
Aulon: Because there's an arrow in your leg.
Joan of Arc: [Looks down at arrow] So there is.But that doesn't stop you from climbing!
[Motions him towards the wall]
Joan of Arc: Raymond! Take this arrow out of my leg.
Joan of Arc: There's nothing to hear! And why is there nothing to hear? Because I haven't DONE anything! And why haven't I done anything? Because none of you, WILL LISTEN TO ME!
Joan of Arc: All you have to do is do as you're told. What could be simpler than that? I am the drum on which God is beating out His messages. And right now He is beating so hard, it's splinting my ears!
Aulon: But how do you know that these voices aren't just really you?
Joan of Arc: They are me. That's how God speaks to me. Even you could hear them if you listened hard enough.
Joan of Arc: Never look behind, only ahead.
Joan of Arc: [to Dunois] You have been with your counsel. I have been with mine.
[first lines]
Title Card: 1420. Henry V, King of England, and Charles VI, King of France, sign the Treaty of Troyes. The treaty states that the kingdom of France will belong to England upon the king's death. But the two kings die a few months apart. Henry VI is the new king of England and of France, but he is only a few months old. Charles VII, the Dauphin of France, has no intention to abandon his kingdom to a child nor even to his tutor, the Duke of Bedford. A bloody war begins and the English, along with the Burgundians, invade France.
Title Card: La Loire, difficult river and natural frontier, temporarily holds back the invaders. Charles VII, the Dauphin, takes refuge in Chinon. He would like to go to Reims to be officially crowned king of France. But Reims in is the hands of the English.
Title Card: France is going through the darkest period of its history. Only one thing can save it. A miracle.
Joan of Arc: I did not come here to perform tricks. You're all much cleverer than I am. Me, I don't know A from B. But this much I do know. That while the people of France lie bleeding, you sit around in your fine clothes trying to deceive me, when you're only deceiving yourselves. You say you are men of God. Yet, you do not see His hand in having guided me through 500 leagues of enemy country to bring you His help. Is that not proof enough? Do you still need more signs?
Yolande of Aragon: Don't worry, Charles. If God is still with her, she will be victorious.
Charles VII: But her army is so much smaller.
Yolande of Aragon: Then her faith will have to be bigger.
The Conscience: Who are you to even think you can know the difference between good and evil? Are you God?
Joan of Arc: I am just the messenger. He needs me.
Joan of Arc: I don't think. I leave that to God. I'm just a Messenger in all of this.
Aulon: Is there anything you need?
Joan of Arc: Well, I'll need a sword, a shield, some armour in my size, a horse and an artist to paint me a banner.
Aulon: Now?
Joan of Arc: Better today than tomorrow.
Joan of Arc: France does not belong to you, Charles. She belongs to God.
[last lines]
Title Card: Joan of Arc was burnt on May 30th, 1431. She was nineteen years old. She was canonized by the Vatican five hundred years later.
Charles VII: [Considering Jeanne's proposal] After all, with half of France in the hands of the English, what do we have to lose?
La Tremoille: The other half!
Joan of Arc: I've always been faithful to God, and I've done everything He's ever asked me to do.
Joan of Arc: I've seen enough blood, but if you want more, I can't stop you. But I must warn you, that it will be your blood, and not ours.
Joan of Arc: How dare you stop me from doing God's will?
Aulon: He didn't tell you to cut all your hair.
Joan of Arc: How dare you tell me what God tells me to do?
Aulon: Whatever, but since he's not going to come down and do it himself - I mean - at least let someone cut it properly!
Opening title: France is going through the darkest period in its history. Only one thing can save it... a miracle.
La Hire: [praying] I swear that I will never swear again in my life, if you save her life. But I'm warning you, if you let her die, then you're the biggest...
Joan of Arc: Laxart! Don't swear.
La Hire: He heard me.
La Hire: I swear those Goddamned bloody English will pay for this.
Joan of Arc: They will. And so will you, if you don't stop swearing!
Joan of Arc: Give me an army, send me to Orleans, and I will show you the sign I was sent to make.
[repeated line]
Joan of Arc: Sooner is better than later.
Charles VII: [Bathing in a tub with his wife] We are grateful for your pas efforts, but now your task is done. Now is the time for negotiation.
Joan of Arc: Peace will only be got with the English by the end of a lance.
Charles VII: Why are you so bloodthirsty? Do you enjoy it?
Joan of Arc: No.
Charles VII: Diplomacy is far more civilized, far safer, and far cheaper.
Gilles de Rais: [about Joan] She's nuts!
Charles VII: Hey, shouldn't you be learning your lessons?
Louis XI - 5 Years Old: I don't want to learn. I want to fight.
Charles VII: You will, you will. But for now you must at least learn to wipe your nose.
Joan of Arc: [to Glassdale] Yield! Yield, to the King of Heaven! Or go back to your island.
English soldier: And you, go back to your pigsty!
Joan of Arc: I need to speak to the captain of the English Army.
Dunois: To see the captain, we will have to cross the river.
Joan of Arc: Well, who gave the order for me to be brought to this side of the river?
The Conscience: Yet from an infinite number of possibilities, you had to pick this one. You didn't see what was, Jeanne. You saw what you wanted to see.
[At Joan's insistence, a letter is fired by arrow over the British walls]
Joan of Arc: [voice-over] This is the third and last time I will write to you... If you are still here at noon, I warn you that you will hear from me to your very great destruction. Please give me your answer speedily.
Redbeard: [yells from the tower] Go fuck yourseves!
Joan of Arc: What did he say?
Aulon: He said he'd think about it.
Charles VII: [Clearly frustrated with Joan] If only she would just go home!
The Conscience: I must admit you have a big imagination. But maybe not big enough. Death is much more... simple. After a few months it gets more interesting. Then after a year it finally becomes... romantic.

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