Joe Gold — American Businessman born on March 10, 1922, died on July 11, 2004

Joe Gold was an American bodybuilder and businessman. He was the founder of Gold's Gym and World Gym. He has been credited with being the father of the bodybuilding and the fitness craze... (wikipedia)

To keep it simple you run your gym like you run your house. Keep it clean and in good running order. No jerks allowed, members pay on time and if they give you any crap, throw them out. There's peace where there's order.
When they get a 50-inch waist and a gorilla butt, it's ugly looking - and I think bodybuilding has become ugly looking.
I couldn't pronounce Arnold Schwarzenegger, so I called him Balloon Belly.
Gold's was the first bodybuilding gym made for bodybuilders.
Everybody thinks that I did this and I did that, but I just went along with the times.