Johnny English goes up against international assassins hunting down the Chinese premier.

Johnny English: Dear God, let me not die at the hands of the Swiss.
Johnny English: I may not know much about golf, Tucker, but I know how to hold the bat.
Ting Wang: [ominously] MI7 wants you on the first flight back to London.
Johnny English: Master, am I ready?
Ting Wang: No... Window seat, or aisle?
Agent Two: Welcome back. How long has it been?
Johnny English: Oh, I don't know, five years, three months and six days. Or something.
Johnny English: Let's kick some bottom.
Johnny English: [after he realises that the key is stolen] Shushan!
Johnny English: [wrestling elderly woman] She was in Hong Kong! She's the killer!
Pamela: She's my mother!
Johnny English: Couldn't she be both?
Johnny English: Hand it over, chimp!
Johnny English: Well, the man's a god.
Kate Sumner: Well, I prefer mortals - pure, complicated, maddening mortals. I've come to realize that what's really exciting to me is great loyalty, determination, and courage.
Pamela: Gentlemen, may I remind you all that MI7's current weapon of choice is dialog.
Johnny English: You mean there's a mole AND a vole?
[first lines]
Agent One: Johnny English. Five years ago he was our top agent.
Agent Two: Yeah. Took his eye off the ball in Mozambique.
Agent One: Does it have to be him?
Agent Two: He's the only one our contact will talk to.
Agent One: So where is he?

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