Four friends on their way to a boxing match get caught in heavy traffic, so they take a shortcut in order to get there faster, unfortunately it leads to them witnessing a murder which leaves them running for their lives.

Ray Cochran: Un-fucking-believable!
John Wyatt: Ray, calm down.
Ray Cochran: Calm down? This stuff's gonna cost me a fortune! I'm now the proud owner of this piece of shit!
Ray Cochran: All aboard!
Frank Wyatt: That's a conductor, not a bus driver.
Ray Cochran: Hey, why don't you sit down and shut up.
Frank Wyatt: Now THAT's a bus driver.
Fallon: No, you can't take my money. But you can... take my money.
Fallon: Don't move, don't whisper, don't even BREATHE!
Fallon: Attention, food shoppers. We have a special over at the frozen food department, dead meat!
Fallon: Shit. Hobo from Purdue. I hate Purdue. When's the last time they ever won anything anyway?
[after the guys fight with the freeway driver]
Frank Wyatt: Knock it off! I just wanna have a good FUCKING time tonight, all right?
John Wyatt: Hey fuck you, man! Let us get through!
Fallon: And your dad's what? He's a stockbroker?
Ray Cochran: Something like that. But I'm a self-made guy. I'm a self-starter. Just like you.
Fallon: That's funny. Cause these guys are always saying that to me.
Sykes: That's why we hang with him.
Rhodes: Self-made man.
Frank Wyatt: You better believe it.
Mike Peterson: It's all right, John's a good guy.
Ray Cochran: He's a good guy? He's a pain in the ASS!
Buck: Cause I'm a goddamned college graduate!
Mike Peterson: What the hell do I gotta do to shut him up?
Fallon: Francis Howard Wyatt! I used to have a girlfriend named Frances. She had blue eyes just like you.
Fallon: Let me tell you something, Ray. You don't understand shit, OK? Nothing. Guys like you check to see if they got a dick. I got one. You and your friends are the kind of spoon-fed fucking fruit bait that I fucking HATE!
Ray Cochran: I don't think you understood me.
Fallon: Shut the fuck up. You speak when fucking spoken to, okay. This is not fucking high school, motherfucker. I'll eat your fucking friends for fucking lunch. You know who we are? You got no fucking idea, do you? No. Jerks like you sail through life, reading about people like me in the newspaper. HEY! You're in a different place now, motherfucker! $ 100,000 might buy you out of North Shore. Here, that means shit. This is my fucking world.
Ray Cochran: Two hundred thousand.
Fallon: [long pause] All right.
Frank Wyatt: By the way, don't call me "Francis".
Frank Wyatt: What's the matter, asshole? Why so quiet all of a sudden?
Ray Cochran: Come inside this thing, it's bigger than your house.
Ray Cochran: We're stuck in this piece of shit which I NOW OWN!
[Fallon offers Dre a bribe of a handful of blood-soaked money]
Dre: That money's got blood on it, man.
Fallon: You ever seen any that didn't?
Fallon: [drowning Travis] You know what I hate? I hate whiners you know? I hate people who just complain, complain, complain! I know a guy in the joint once one time, cell next to me you know he'd just. He'd just used to yap about everything, he used to yap about the food and yap about the guards, and yap about this and yap about that and yap, yap, yap all night long! Fucking yap, yap, yap... like a fucking 747 you know what I mean? Like an engine stuck right between your fucking ears and you can't get rid of it because he's right next to you! Know what I mean?
Rhodes: I don't think he's getting up?
Mike Peterson: Frank, your little brother's a chickenshit!
Buck: I'm a college graduate. I used to play college ball.

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