A teenager with teleportation abilities suddenly finds himself in the middle of an ancient war between those like him and their sworn annihilators.

David Rice: Why are you walking?
Griffin: I like to walk for a change. Makes me feel normal.
[first lines]
David Rice: Let me tell you about my day so far. Coffee in Paris, surfed the Maldives, took a little nap on Kilimanjaro. Oh, yeah, I got digits from this Polish chick in Rio. And then I jumped back for the final quarter of the N.B.A. finals - courtside of course. And all that was before lunch. I could go on, but all I'm saying is, I'm standing on top of the world.
David Rice: Where'd the Paladin go?
Griffin: Swimming.
David Rice: Pacific?
Griffin: No, Actually, Atlantic. Nice little shark pit round Cuba.
Griffin: If it moves, I can jump it. Actually, I knew this Jumper once - crazy bastard - tried to hop a whole building. Won't be trying that again.
David Rice: Why's that?
Griffin: That's 'cause he's dead. Killed him. Still managed to shake it a little though.
David Rice: So how long you been doing this for?
Griffin: Doing what? Driving?
David Rice: No. Jumping.
Griffin: Since I was five.
David Rice: Five?
Griffin: Yeah.
David Rice: How'd you keep it a secret from people? Like your parents.
Griffin: It's pretty easy when they're not around.
David Rice: Where were they?
Griffin: Not around.
David Rice: [referring to bomb] What's that?
Griffin: What?
David Rice: What are you doing?
Griffin: Nothing, I was uh, you know thinking about going bowling
David Rice: What?
Griffin: Roland's in there with his whole army. I'm going to go back there and end this, what do you think? Yeah I'm gonna blow him to Timbuktu.
David Rice: Millie's in there!
Griffin: Oh yeah, there is that as well.
David Rice: [jumps into Griffin's lair] I just came through your jump scar.
Griffin: What do you think you're doing here? Huh? If I were you, I'd jump back. You're not supposed to see all this stuff. Get out! So if you'd like to kindly fuck off, as in now. Maybe your girlfriend's still alive.
David Rice: [sees Griffin taking a pee] Whoa!
Griffin: Eh, little privacy over here, yeah?
David Rice: yeah, ok
Griffin: Big coliseum, guy peeing... it's not a fashion show, can you give me some space?
David Rice: Sure, place is all yours.
Griffin: Welcome to the war.
David Rice: Take a deep breath.
Griffin: You can't just keep following me.
David Rice: Actually, I'm the only one who *can* keep following you.
David Rice: [to Roland] I told you I'm different. I could have dropped you with the sharks.
Roland: Only God should have this power.
Griffin: [after Mille is taken by the Paladins] Crap, I uh, I didn't expect that. I didn't know.
Roland: You always go bad.
David Rice: Maybe I'm different.
Roland: You're not different.
Griffin: I'm different, boo!
Roland: [to David] You think it could go on like this forever? Living like this with no consequences?
[David tries to Jump and Cox stops him]
Roland: There are always consequences!
Millie: If you don't want to tell me everything, that's fine. Just don't lie to me.
David Rice: You, uh, you ever read Marvel Team-Up?
Griffin: Yeah, I've read it. And?
David Rice: Two superheroes joining forces for like, uh, a limited run.
Griffin: You see, I see what you're trying to do, yeah? I'm not buying it. For your own sake, just go home.
David Rice: You live in a cave.
Griffin: It's called a lair. And what's the point?
David Rice: I'm just saying, you know. We, uh, kind of have this common thing.
[last lines]
David Rice: Where do you want to go?
Millie: Surprise me.
David Rice: You speak Italian?
Millie: No.
David Rice: [translate sign] Well, uh, l'ingresso means "come on in."
Millie: Oh! I thought it meant "bullshit."
Griffin: Paladins have been killing Jumpers for years. Way back since medieval times. They're fanatics. Religious nut jobs. Inquisition, witch hunts. That was them. Look, they're smart. They're fast, they're organized. No matter what, they'll kill anyone that gets in their way. Like your family, your friends. That little girlfriend you're traipsing around with you. They're dead. All of them. Get used to it. It's just a matter of time.
David Rice: Who are these people?
Griffin: Paladins. Paladins kill Jumpers, I kill Paladins. Class dismissed.
Griffin: You're not a hero David, you're a jumper. You don't save the girl.
Roland: [about David's mother, who he realizes is a Paladin] When's the last time you saw her?
William Rice: She split when the kid turned five.
Roland: Five. Oh.
William Rice: [opens door] Haven't heard a word since. If I hear anything, I'll be sure to give you a holler.
Roland: [closes door] No, you won't.
William Rice: No, I won't.
David Rice: So you're a Paladin and I'm a Jumper. What happens now?
Mary Rice: I'm giving you a head start, son. Because I love you.
Roland: [to David] What I'd like to know is how you rob a bank without opening any doors.
Griffin: [about David] Rookie, no idea.
David Rice: [bowing to Coliseum statues] Thank you very much! Next showing will be at six o'clock. Don't forget to tip your usher.

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