Kaskade — American Musician born on February 25, 1971,

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A lot of people see electronic music as a flavor of the week, but it can be more than that - has to be more than that.
It's interesting: in the late '80s, there was this really random mix of new wave, industrial, and these early house records. And a lot of it was coming out of Chicago because of Wax Trax! So I always visited Wax Trax Records.
Music evokes a lot of different emotions and triggers different senses.
I'm more of an artist and a songwriter than I am a DJ. That word seems a little bit - well, it doesn't really describe what I do.
Listening to music is such an uplifting, spiritual thing. It's far-fetched to some - I understand that. But the way dance music brings people together, it's not a big stretch from hymns.