17-year-old Natalie thinks she's got it all figured out until she falls for a guy who has nothing to lose.

Keith: I had it all figured out, so I cut out early? Who cares? It's probably a good thing. Life sucks, anyway. Then I met you, and it got weird. And you were so amazing. And I...
Natalie: What? What?
Keith: I just wanted a little more time. So all in all, I'd say you're the worst thing that's ever happened to me. Goodbye, partner.
Keith: Wake up, Natalie. Don't you see what happened here? You had a beautiful life, and I had shit. I hated your guts. I wanted to take you down, I wanted to make you as miserable as I am, and that is exactly what I did. Now, how's that for a goodbye?
Natalie: Pretty lame.
Keith: Face it, Anderson, I screwed you. I screwed you big time.
Natalie: So you screwed me. So what? Me? I made love to you.
Keith: What's the rush? We're here in a yellow truck, a road ahead of us and nothing but opportunities.
Natalie: Fuck you.
Keith: You just did, partner.
Natalie: I don't... I don't care where you're gonna be next year. I don't care if you're crazy. God, I just know I wanna be with you. I don't understand what you're doing. It seems so pointless, I mean everything... It just seems pointless but when I'm with you it's different. I don't know why.
Keith: So you don't remember.
Natalie: What?
Keith: Well, I sit behind you in the sixth grade play, you were the princess and I was Russian Soldier #3.
Natalie: Don't remember that.
Keith: Of course not. A princess never remembers the little people.
Natalie: Excuse me while I cry for you.
Keith: [spills liquid on chem table] Ohh, God.
Natalie: Be careful, would you?
Keith: Am I gonna be in trouble for that? Are you gonna punish me for this?
Natalie: I might have to.
Keith: 'Cause you know how I feel about all that stuff.
Natalie: Look, partner, you know the deal.
Keith: But those spiky heels really hurt me.
Natalie: Keith, you've been a bad boy and now you gonna pay the price.
[Keith groans]
Natalie: [looking at the people sharing their chem lab table who are staring] Do you mind?
Natalie: I'm staying with you until you leave. I don't care how much time we have. Get that you stupid jerk.
Natalie: [Just after Keith stops his truck from going over the edge of the cliff] What the hell was that? You crazy? You don't do shit like that! You could get yourself killed!
Keith: Not to mention what would have happened to my truck.
Keith: [after he kisses Natalie] We should probably leave.
Natalie: Yeah.
Keith: We're lab partners.
Natalie: Yeah.
Keith: This is strictly a lab partnership.
Natalie: Absolutely.
Keith: And Walter would be very, very upset right now.
Keith: I've been thinking about what you said, about that concrete goal.
Alan Ascher: And?
Keith: I think I've nailed it. I feel really good about this one, Al.
Alan Ascher: Lay it on me.
Keith: It's a girl.
Alan Ascher: Cool. What's she like?
Keith: You know. Smart, beautiful, popular. A classic TGFY. Too Good For You, Al.
Alan Ascher: But not for you?
Keith: Well, I'm sorta outside the whole high school food chain at this point, wouldn't you say?
Alan Ascher: So, are you gonna ask her out?
Keith: Ask her out? No, bad idea, no. I mean, where's the theraputic value in that?
Alan Ascher: So, what's the plan?
Keith: Simple, I'm gonna have fun with her.
Keith: What are we doing? Really.
Natalie: This is the goodbye scene.
Keith: Let's not. Okay?
Keith: I've never lied in this far, and I'm not gonna start now.
Natalie: Why didn't you tell me?
Keith: Everybody bites it sooner or later. I'm just in the AP class, ahead of the game.
Natalie: Always the joke.
Keith: Al says it's a phase. It'll stop soon, but hey, at least it wasn't about the sympathy for the sick kid.
Natalie: That's not fair.
Keith: Is Duke fair? Is Europe fair? At this rate I won't even make it to London, Ontario. Is that fair? Bowling, that's what I get. Bowling.
Office Lady: Can I help you?
Natalie: Oh, we're just, uh, waiting for Mr. Richardson. He said he had to finish a phone call.
Office Lady: [skeptically] Okay.
Keith: [as soon as the office lady closes the door] Goddamn that Richardson!
Natalie: Yeah! Who does he think he is? That little monkey!
Keith: I'm sick of this shit! You know what, baby? We're going straight to the top! We're getting his little monkey-ass fired!
Natalie: Where you been the last two weeks?
Keith: "Last two weeks?" What, do you come here every day?
Natalie: You don't care what people think. You're just... you.
Natalie: In case you haven't heard: picnics - they usually take place outdoors.
Keith: Oh, is that what it says in the officaial picnic rulebook?
Keith: [Keith shows up out of the blue in chemistry class] Four test tubes, three beakers, and a bunsen burner.
Mr. Miles: Yeah, okay, everything seems to be in order. Keys?
[Keith hands him his key]
Mr. Miles: Natalie? Key?
[Natalie hands him her key]
Keith: The end of chemistry as we know it.
Natalie: You're such a goddamn glib little actor! As far as I'm concerned, this is a really chicken shit goodbye!
[Natalie storms out of the room]
Keith: Don't worry, Walter, she was addressing her remarks to me.
Keith: Do you think our check is ready? I-I know, pumpkin love; you know I'm pissed off, too. Can you believe this shit? It's been three months since that accident. The nerve.
Keith: [to Walter Miles] I'll whip her into shape.
Natalie: [to Keith] Who the hell do you think you are?
Keith: Who do YOU think I am?
[Unhappy with Keith as a chemistry lab partner, Natalie speaks to the teacher]
Mr. Miles: Keith is actually pretty sharp when he applies himself.
Natalie: Okay, but we kinda...
Mr. Miles: ...lack Chemistry?
Natalie: Yeah.
Mr. Miles: Try to make it work, okay?
[Natalie heads to the door. She just gets to it when Keith appears before the teacher as well]
Keith: About this Natalie Anderson thing: Walter, she's a complete anal-compulsive control freak. How do you expect me to work with that?
Natalie: Did you want to go over?
Keith: I wasn't even close.
Natalie: Yes you were.
Keith: You don't know how 'close' is.
Natalie: Are you crazy? You don't do shit like that! You could get yourself killed!
Keith: Not to mention what would've happened to my truck.

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