Kurt Sloane must learn the ancient kick boxing art of Muay Thai in order to avenge his brother.

Tong Po: [after beating Kurt senseless in a round of kickboxing] You bleed like Mylee! Mylee... good fuck!
Kurt Sloane: Nooo!
Kurt Sloane: Watch your wallet.
Eric Sloane: She doesn't want my wallet. She wants to make it with the champ!
Eric Sloane: [after a painful first round against Tong Po] Fucking music's driving me crazy.
Kurt Sloane: Let's forget about the music right now.
Eric Sloane: See that! He got me with an elbow.
Kurt Sloane: That's the way they fight here, I told you!
Eric Sloane: Motherfucker wants to street fight. I'll show him!
Kurt Sloane: Let's cancel.
Eric Sloane: No.
Kurt Sloane: Let's cancel please!
Eric Sloane: Noooo!
Xian Chow: This is stone city. Where many ancient warriors come. While you train here, listen!
Kurt Sloane: Listen to what?
Xian Chow: Just listen. With your mind, your heart, your whole being.
Xian Chow: You must learn to be faster than any punch or kick, that way won't get hit.
Xian Chow: I tell them you say they no good fighters... and that their mothers have sex with mules.
Eric Sloane: Now Su Kow! Nok Su Kow!
Xian Chow: [Show's Kurt a piece of meat] This will make you run faster.
Kurt Sloane: This! How?
[Kurt is sprinting with the dog running after him]
Kurt Sloane: [looking up at Freddy Lee] I want Tong Po! Give me Tong Po!
Xian Chow: You must learn to be faster than any punch or kick, that way won't get hit.
Xian Chow: [after learning the Kurt beat some of Freddy Li's money collectors] He did that!
Mylee: Yes, can you believe it!
Xian Chow: Good for him.
Mylee: Good! My store was a mess! I worked for days cleaning it up.
Xian Chow: Yes, but Freddie Lee's goons are also a mess. That's something I want to do along time ago, but if I do then put you in danger. American can get away with it! So its good!
Mylee: But, what if he doesn't get away with it?
Xian Chow: He will learn my way.
[Kurt arrives back from running]
Xian Chow: You're late for dinner...
Kurt Sloane: [Kurt is exhausted and in pain from kicking a Palm Tree] That's it... that's enough...
Xian Chow: [sternly] Take your bag and leave my house...
Kurt Sloane: [confused] What? What's going on...?
Xian Chow: [motions for Mylee to stay back and not get involved] You don't want training...
Kurt Sloane: [sarcastically] What... you want me to break my leg...?
Xian Chow: [making Kurt remeber his brothers vicious fight with Tong Po] Your brother remember...?
Kurt Sloane: [has flashbacks to Tong Po breaking Erics Back] Oh... you mean like this... huh... huh
Xian Chow: [breaks down palm tree with a rage of kicks, Xian walks away smiling at Kurts determination, Kurt colapses on the floor leg bleeding with Mylee trying to help]
Kurt Sloane: You want me to break my leg?
Tong Po: [to Kurt during final fight] You bleed like Mylee. Mylee... good FUCK!
Xian Chow: Wiggle palm tree.

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