When his mentor is taken captive by a disgraced Arab sheik, a killer-for-hire is forced into action. His mission: kill three members of Britain's elite Special Air Service responsible for the death of his sons.

Davies: You don't trust that snake, do you? He's lying.
Danny: Yeah? How do you know?
Davies: His lips were moving.
Danny: What?
Davies: You show me a beautiful woman, I'll show you a bloke who's sick of her shit.
Danny: Shut up.
Davies: Roger that.
Hunter: My old man used to say, "life is like licking honey from a thorn".
Commander B: I've got no problem with blood. What worries me is ink.
Danny: I'm done with killing.
Agent: Yeah well, maybe killing ain't done with you.
Commander B: Who are you?
MI6 Man: I'm the one they let fly around in an unmarked chopper with a gun in my pocket. You can call me MFWIC.
Commander B: "MFWIC"?
MI6 Man: Motherfucker what's in charge!
[first lines]
Title Card: The world is in chaos. The economic crisis continues as an oil crises looms. War rages everywhere. It is a time of revolution, assassination and covert operations.
Title Card: It is 1980.
Danny: Killing's easy. Living with it's the hard part.
[first lines]
Hunter: Hey, Danny, what are you doing? I buy you a fancy Mexican meal and you're feeding it to a mutt.
Danny: Real fancy. You have any idea what that is?
Hunter: What?
Danny: Tree chicken.
Hunter: What?
Danny: That's what the locals call it. Colds, headaches, hangovers - cures anything. Iguana. That's what they say.
Hunter: What about indigestion?
Hunter: He wanted me here to protect you. And you look like you needed protecting.
Anne: From what?
Hunter: You.
Spike: Who the fuck are you?
Hunter: Who, me? The voice of experience.
Agent: Have you heard of the two percent? That's you. Davies, the SAS, all you lot. Mercenaries, hit men, heroes. You're all part of that two percent of men who are natural killers. That's why you'll never get out. You can't run away from who you are, Danny.
Danny: That's not who I am, that's what I've done. And I *can* do something else.
Danny: I want this finished!
Davies: And I want to be around to enjoy the money when it is.
Danny: The first thing you should buy is a pair of balls.
Hunter: [shooting a car] Relax, I only killed the car.
McCann: He's dead. He's dead as Elvis!
Jake: You got him, man!
McCann: Stop the car. We gotta make sure Elvis has left the building.
Spike: That pile of mincemeat was our best chance of finding out who these bastards are.
[last lines]
Danny: Hey. Aren't you Anne Frazer? The girl with those weird gumboots?
Anne: Are you Danny Bryce, the boy who went away?
Danny: Yeah. I'm back. Where you headed?
Anne: I don't know.
Danny: Me neither. Want to come along?
Anne: [jumps into car]

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