When a debt puts a young man's life in danger, he turns to putting a hit out on his evil mother in order to collect the insurance.

Killer Joe Cooper: Were you aware of this, Ansel?
Ansel Smith: I'm never aware.
Killer Joe Cooper: Tuna casserole! May I serve?
Dottie Smith: How are you gonna kill my mama?
Killer Joe Cooper: That's not appropriate dinner conversation, Dottie.
Dottie Smith: Unless you poison her.
Killer Joe Cooper: That poor, miserable bastard set his own genitals on fire just to teach his girlfriend a lesson. I guess he showed her. I wonder if she ever got over it.
Dottie Smith: Was he all right?
Killer Joe Cooper: No. No, he was not all right. He set his genitals on fire.
Killer Joe Cooper: I mean all she did was suck his cock and try and steal your money. It could have been worse.
Ansel Smith: How?
Killer Joe Cooper: Well... no, I suppose that's about as bad as it gets.
[Joe just broke Sharla's nose and forced her to give fellatio to a chicken drumstick]
Ansel Smith: Sharla?
Sharla Smith: Yes.
Ansel Smith: Are you okay?
Sharla Smith: Yes, I'm fine Ansel.
Ansel Smith: Are you sure?
Sharla Smith: Yes I'm sure.
Ansel Smith: Okay.
Dottie Smith: Babies.
Chris Smith: Hey, Sharla. Your mascara's running.
Dottie Smith: I heard y'all talking about killing mama. I think it's a good idea.
Chris Smith: Well, there you go.
Killer Joe Cooper: Now suck this.
Dottie Smith: I'm... getting... ANGRY!
Sharla Smith: You want some chicken? I stopped by the K-Fry-C.
Killer Joe Cooper: Yes, please.
Sharla Smith: Help yourself. It's on the stove.
Ansel Smith: Get it for him, would you hun?
Sharla Smith: Sure. White or dark?
Killer Joe Cooper: Leg.
Dottie Smith: Your eyes hurt.
Killer Joe Cooper: I beg your pardon?
Ansel Smith: I got him Joe! Fucking kill him!
Ansel Smith: Hey Chris. Why don't you do us all a big favor and just go kill yourself?
Killer Joe Cooper: This is lovely. Now, who would like to say grace?
Chris Smith: Hi Digger.
Digger Soames: How ya been, boy?
Chris Smith: Pretty good, how about yourself?
Digger Soames: Oh, fair to middling. Blood pressure.
Chris Smith: You taking medicine?
Digger Soames: Yeah, all that. No salt, low stress. Course, Amy keeps making that fried chicken. You know I can't resist it.
Chris Smith: How is Amy?
Digger Soames: Well, she's all busted up right at the moment. You remember Dumpling, that old bluetick we had?
Chris Smith: Yeah, sure, Dumpling.
Digger Soames: Yeah, well, we had to put him to sleep yesterday morning.
Chris Smith: Oh, no.
Digger Soames: Yup. Well, you missed yourself a hell of a party a couple of weeks ago.
Chris Smith: Sorry I missed your birthday.
Digger Soames: Well, I'm glad you missed my birthday. I just wish you hadn't missed the party. How many people we have out there at the place, G-Man?
G-Man: A couple hundred.
Digger Soames: Oh, hell, it wasn't that many.
G-Man: 150 anyway.
Digger Soames: No shit.
Chris Smith: Sorry I missed it.
Digger Soames: Yeah, good old party. Lots of barbeque. Hey, G-Man here, he played the accordion. Hey, wasn't that gal out there? The one that's always sniffing around Chris's shit here. What the hell's her name? The one with the great big caboose on her.
Chris Smith: Arlene?
Digger Soames: Yeah, Arlene! You'd better look out for her, boy. She may be too much woman for you.
Chris Smith: Well, she'd better stay away from the barbeque or she'll be too much woman to fit through the door.
Digger Soames: Haha! Damn, you make me laugh. Hey, listen, I'm just gonna have the boys here kick the shit out of you. You'd better pay me my money in a couple of days or I'm gonna wrap you up in electrician tape and bury you in a coffin about 10 feet deep. Huh? I'll tell Amy you asked about her. That'll make her smile.
G-Man: [G-man and Biker Thug advance towards Chris] He really likes you.
Killer Joe Cooper: If you insult me again, I will cut your face off and wear it over my own. Do you understand?
Killer Joe Cooper: We never discussed the possibility of a retainer.
Chris Smith: What do you mean? Hey, man, you talking about my sister?
Killer Joe Cooper: Is that who she is?
Killer Joe Cooper: My payment is 25 thousand dollars, in cash, in advance. No exceptions.
Ansel Smith: 25?
Killer Joe Cooper: Yes sir.
Ansel Smith: [to Chris] I thought you said 20.
Chris Smith: I was told 20.
Killer Joe Cooper: 25. Is that a problem?
Chris Smith: We don't have a problem with 25. That's not our problem.
Killer Joe Cooper: What is your problem?
Chris Smith: We have a problem with the advance.
Killer Joe Cooper: No exceptions.
Chris Smith: Sir, let me explain. One of the reasons we're interested in having this done, is my mother holds a very large insurance policy.
Killer Joe Cooper: They usually do.
Chris Smith: We thought if we could guarantee payment after the policy had been covered...
Killer Joe Cooper: Look, this really isn't open for discussion. The conversation is finished.
[Chris goes after him as he leaves]
Killer Joe Cooper: What did you think this is, Let's Make a Deal? This is serious business you're fucking with here, boy.
Chris Smith: I'm aware of that.
Killer Joe Cooper: No, I don't think you are. I don't take you seriously.
Chris Smith: This is going to get done, one way or another.
Chris Smith: Joe, listen, we've gotta stop this. My sister never did nothing to nobody, I can't let you have her!
Chris Smith: Open the door!
Sharla Smith: [answers door, naked] What?
Chris Smith: Jesus, put some clothes on! The whole neighborhood can see. Why would you answer the door like that?
Sharla Smith: I didn't know it was you.
[Sharla is spraying herself with perfume]
Ansel Smith: When you're done fumigating the gates of hell...
[repeated line]
Ansel Smith: What fat kid?
Killer Joe Cooper: You know I'll kill you.
Chris Smith: Go fuck yourself.
Chris Smith: You ever hear of Joe Cooper? He's a cop. A detective, actually. He's got a little business on the side.
Killer Joe Cooper: [showing a picture to Sharla] Who's dick is that?
Dottie Smith: Are you gonna kill my mama?
Killer Joe Cooper: I don't know. Why?
Dottie Smith: Just curious.
Killer Joe Cooper: You want me off the job? Just say the word.
Chris Smith: When are you planning on doing it?
Killer Joe Cooper: Tonight.
Chris Smith: Really? So you'd be leaving tomorrow, then?
Killer Joe Cooper: No, no. The retainer is for the money. I'm not leaving until I get my money.
Chris Smith: I don't like that.
Killer Joe Cooper: Well, I don't care.
Chris Smith: I don't want you near my sister.
Killer Joe Cooper: I don't care.
Chris Smith: And if I tell you the deal's off?
Killer Joe Cooper: I'll leave right now, and you'll never see me again. Your call.

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