A petroleum exploration expedition comes to an isolated island and encounters a colossal giant gorilla.

[last lines]
Carl Denham: It wasn't the airplanes. It was beauty killed the beast.
[last lines]
Police Lieutenant: Well, Denham, the airplanes got him.
Carl Denham: Oh no, it wasn't the airplanes. It was beauty killed the beast.
Carl Denham: And lo, the beast looked upon the face of beauty, and beauty stayed his hand. And from that day forward, he was as one dead."
Hayes: We could not understand because we were too far and could not remember because we were traveling in the night of first ages, of those ages that are gone, leaving hardly a sign - and no memories. We are accustomed to look upon the shackled form of a conquered monster, but there - there you could look at a thing monstrous and free.
Ann Darrow: Beautiful.
Dwan: You know I had my horoscope done before I flew out to Hong Kong. And it said that I was going to cross over water and meet the biggest person in my life.
Dwan: How can I become a star because of... because of someone who was stolen off that gorgeous island and locked up in that lousy oil tank?
Fred Wilson: Its not *someone*! Its an animal, a beast who tried to rape you.
Dwan: Thats not true. He risked his life to save me.
Fred Wilson: He tried to rape you honey. And before you cry a lot, you should ask the natives on that island what they thought of losing Kong.
Jack Prescott: Actually, they'll miss him a lot.
Fred Wilson: Like leprosy.
Jack Prescott: No, you're dead wrong. He was the terror, the mystery of their lives, and the magic. A year from now that will be an island full of burnt-out drunks. When we took Kong we kidnapped their god.
[Hayes has just explained the subtext of Heart of Darkness to Jimmy]
Jimmy: It's not an adventure story. Is it, Mr. Hayes?
Hayes: No, Jimmy. It's not.
Ann Darrow: Why would you do that?
Jack Driscoll: Why would I write a play for you? Isn't it obvious?
Ann Darrow: Not to me.
Jack Driscoll: It's in the subtext.
Hayes: When I tell you to run, run.
Jimmy: I'm not a coward. I ain't gonna run.
Hayes: It's not about being brave, Jimmy.
Preston: He was right. There is still some mystery left in this world, and we can all have a piece of it for the price of an admission ticket.
Jack Driscoll: That's the thing you come to learn about Carl, his undying ability to destroy the things he loves.
Jack Driscoll: [to Ann] Hey... I guess I love you.
Lumpy the Cook: Chuck everything except for the potatoes!
Lumpy the Cook: [seeing a footprint that Kong has left] There's only one creature capable of leaving a footprint that size. The Abominable Snowman.
General: [Riding in a truck full of troops on its way to deal with Kong] Listen up. This is New York City, and this is sacred ground. You hear me? It was built for humans, by humans. Not for stinking lice-infested apes. The thought of some mutant gorilla crapping all over the streets of this fair city fills me with disgust. So this is how it's going to be: We find it. We kill it. We cut its ugly head off and we ram it up...
[the truck is immediately trampled by Kong]
Jack Driscoll: I always knew you were nothing like the tough guy you play on the screen. I just never figured you for a coward.
Bruce Baxter: Hey, pal. Hey, wake up. Heroes don't look like me - not in the real world. In th real world they got bad teeth, a bald spot, and a beer gut. I'm just an actor with a gun who's lost his motivation. Be seeing you.
Captain Englehorn: There's nothing out there!
Carl Denham: Then you have nothing to lose...
[Jack Driscoll must sleep in a cage where animals slept]
Captain Englehorn: So what are you, Mr. Driscoll, a lion, or a chimpanzee?
Captain Englehorn: That's the thing about cockroaches. No matter how many times you flushed them down the toilet, they always crawl back up the bowl.
Carl Denham: Hey buddy, I'm out of the bowl. I'm drying off my wings and trekking across the lid.
Dwan: I'm Dwan. D-W-A-N, Dwan. That's my name. You know, like Dawn, except that I switched two letters to make it more memorable.
Carl Denham: Don't be alarmed, ladies and gentlemen. Those chains are made of chrome steel.
Carl Denham: Monsters belong in B movies.
Sleazy Studio Guy: Will there be boobies?
Carl Denham: Oh! Ann, this is... uh... Ann?
Ann Darrow: That's all right Mr. Denham. I know who this is. Thrilled to meet you. It's an honor to be a part of this.
[shakes hands with Mike]
Mike: [confused] Gee, thanks.
Ann Darrow: Actually, I'm quite familiar with your work.
Mike: [very confused] Really?
Ann Darrow: Yes, and what I most admire is the way you've captured the voice of the common people.
Mike: [smiling now] Well, uh, that's my job.
Ann Darrow: I'm sure you've heard this before, Mr. Driscoll, if you don't mind me saying, but, you don't look at all like your photograph.
[Jack Driscoll looks over]
Mike: [smile disappears] I'm sorry...
Carl Denham: Wait a minute, Ann.
Ann Darrow: [to Carl] He's so much younger in person. And much better looking.
Carl Denham: [as Jack approaches Ann from behind] Ann, stop. Stop right there.
Ann Darrow: [to Mike again] You see. I was just afraid that you might be one of those self-obsessed, literary types.
Mike: I'm sorry. I'm not...
Ann Darrow: You know, the tweedy twerp with his nose in his book and his head up his a...
[Jack snaps his book shut just behind her head. She turns around]
Jack Driscoll: It's nice to meet you too, Miss Darrow.
Jack Prescott: Fred, the kids would burn every Petrox gas station from Maine to California.
Carnahan: [conversing with Wilson over the 2-way radio regarding the next procedure in the search for Kong and Dwan] There's gonna be somebody on that radar all night, isn't there?
Fred Wilson: [in a tone of weary disgust] Any large furry BLIPS seen moving in your direction, you will KNOW...! Sweet dreams and out.
Jack Driscoll: She doesn't want the chocolate...
Hayes: The beast looked upon the face of beauty. Beauty stayed his hand, and from that moment he was as one dead.
Carl Denham: Defeat is always momentary!
Captain Englehorn: [after saving Denham and his film crew from natives] Seen enough?
Ann Darrow: I thought you didn't like woman?
Jack Driscoll: Yeah, but you're not woman.
Dwan: God it's scary it's like there's a curse on all of us.
Fred Wilson: Damn it! I'm tired of you trying to confuse this girl's mind! This is her big chance and yours too! You know there are stars in Princeton the same way there are in Hollywood Jack. You want out, you want me to cable Harvard or Yale and get Kong another keeper?
Jack Prescott: Coast to coast tours, beauty and the beast, that's a grotesque farce!
Jack Driscoll: Actors! They travel the world, all they ever see is a mirror.
[Kong has been knocked out by gas bombs]
Carl Denham: Why, the whole world will pay to see this.
Captain Englehorn: No chains will ever hold that.
Carl Denham: We'll give him more than chains. He's always been king of his world, but we'll teach him fear. We're millionaires, boys. I'll share it with all of you. Why, in a few months, it'll be up in lights on Broadway: Kong, the Eighth Wonder of the World.
Jack Driscoll: Taxi! Follow that ape!
Fred Wilson: Jack, you want to talk for us?
Jack Prescott: I'll try.
Carl Denham: [filming the dinosaurs] Walk forward, Bruce.
Bruce Baxter: What?
Carl Denham: You're the star of this picture. Get into character and head towards the animals.
Bruce Baxter: What the hell kind of place is this? Are you sure about this, Denham? Don't we have a stand-in for this type of thing?
Carl Denham: I need you in the shot, or people will say they're fake.
Bruce Baxter: Oh nobody's gonna think these are fake.
Dwan: [to Kong] You Goddamn chauvinist pig ape!
[Captain translates Native Chief's comments on Ann Darrow]
Captain Englehorn: He says, "Look at the golden woman."
Carl Denham: Yeah, blondes are scarce around here.
Carl Denham: Ladies and Gentlemen... I give you... KONG! THE EIGHTH WONDER OF THE WORLD!
Ann Darrow: Do you always take the pictures yourself?
Carl Denham: Ever since a trip I made to Africa. I'd have got a swell picture of a charging rhino, but the cameraman got scared. The darn fool, I was right there with a rifle! Seems he didn't trust me to get the rhino before it got him. I haven't fooled with a cameraman since; I do it myself.
Jack Driscoll: It's not about words.
Ann Darrow: Good things never last, Mr. Denham.
Jack Prescott: The ape had the right idea.
Jack Prescott: [interrupts the briefing aboard the Petrox Explorer] And I'm not so sure human feet have never walked on that island before. You see, in 1605, Piero Fernandez DeQuerez was blown south from Timetang. He wrote in his log of piercing the white veil. That's obviously the cloud bank - And landing on the beach of the skull... Where he heard the roar of the greatest beast. The rest of that log entry unfortunately was suppressed by the Holy Office in Rome.
Fred Wilson: Who are you?
Jack Prescott: In 1749, a waterlogged lifeboat was found in the same area, it was empty, but drawn in blood on the thwart was the likeness of some huge, slouchy humanoid thing. And this strange warning... "From the wedding with the creature who touches Heaven, lady, God preserve thee." I also heard of a note in a bottle written by a dying Japanese submariner in 1944. I haven't been able to track that one down.
Carl Denham: [warning Jack about women] Some big, hardboiled egg gets a look at a pretty face and bang, he cracks up and goes sappy!
Carl Denham: Ann, I'm not that kind of person.
Ann Darrow: Oh really, then what kind of person are you Mr.Denham?
Carl Denham: I'm someone you can trust, I'm a movie producer.
[Wilson steps out of the launch and onto the beach]
Fred Wilson: Let's not get eaten alive on this island. Bring the mosquito spray.
Dwan: You're just going to America to be a star.
Jack Driscoll: [to Ann] Say... I think I love you.
Carl Denham: Listen - I'm going out and make the greatest picture in the world. Something that nobody's ever seen or heard of. They'll have to think up a lot of new adjectives when I come back.
Sailor: [calling from the top of the wall] Hey, look out, it's Kong! Kong's comin'!
Ann Darrow: No! I said no! That's all there is. There isn't anymore.
Fred Wilson: Well, here's to the big one.
Hayes: If someone were to tell you this ship was headed for Singapore, what would you say?
Lumpy the Cook: I'd say they're full of it Mr. Hayes. I mean we turned Southwest last night.
Carl Denham: Fellas, we're not looking for any trouble...
Jimmy: No. You're looking for somethin' else.
Carl Denham: And now, ladies and gentlemen, before I tell you any more, I'm going to show you the greatest thing your eyes have ever beheld. He was a king and a god in the world he knew, but now he comes to civilization merely a captive - a show to gratify your curiosity. Ladies and gentlemen, look at Kong, the Eighth Wonder of the World.
Ann Darrow: Is this the moving picture ship?
Carl Denham: Not exactly. It's actually this one over here.
Fred Wilson: Except, I promise you'll never get another booking in your life. You'll end up tap-dancing at Rotary clubs.
Captain Englehorn: [Asking Jack which cage to stay in] What are you Mr. Driscoll, a lion? Or a chimpanzee?
Jack Prescott: Kong! Kong! Kong! Kong! you heard them chant that! He exists. You saw the wall, right? Now who the hell do you think they're planning to give that girl to?
Fred Wilson: It's some nutty religion. A priest gets dressed up like an ape and gets laid.
Carl Denham: Ann, I'm telling you - you're perfect. Look at you. You're the saddest girl I've ever met. You're gonna make them weep, Ann. You're gonna break their hearts.
Ann Darrow: See, that's where you're wrong, Mr. Denham. I make people laugh, that's what I do. Good luck with your picture.
Carl Denham: Ann? Miss Darrow, please! I'm offering you money. Adventure, fame, the thrill of a lifetime, and a long sea voyage. You want to read a script? Jack Driscoll's turning in a draft as we speak.
Ann Darrow: Jack Driscoll?
Carl Denham: Sure, why? Wait. You know him?
Ann Darrow: No, not personally. I've seen his plays.
Carl Denham: What a writer, huh? And let me tell you, Ann. Jack Driscoll does not want just anyone starring in this picture. He said to me, "Carl, somewhere out there is a woman born to play this role." And as soon as I saw you, I knew.
Ann Darrow: Knew what?
Carl Denham: It was always going to be you.
Fred Wilson: [as the "Petrox Explorer" comes in sight of Skull Island] ... Did you ever wonder how Hernando Cortez felt when he discovered the Lost Treasure of the Incas?
Jack Prescott: That wasn't Cortez; it was Pizarro. And he died flat broke.
Fred Wilson: I know the day, the hour you completed your toilet training.
Carl Denham: Fay's a size four.
Preston: Yes, she is, but she's doing a picture with RKO.
Carl Denham: Cooper, huh? I might've known.
Ann Darrow: Go back.
Bruce Baxter: For God's sake, Denham, leave the native alone.
Theatre Patron: I can't sit so close to the screen; it hurts my eyes.
Usher: This isn't a moving picture, ma'am.
Theatre Patron: What? But Mr. Denham makes those pictures with those darling lions and tigers and things.
Usher: This is more in the nature of a personal appearance, ma'am.
Theatre Patron: Well I never... thought I was gonna see something.
Fred Wilson: Ah, the power of it. Ah, the superpower! Hail to the power! Hail to the power of Kong! And Petrox!
Capt. Ross: You know, for some reason, I'm reminded of Amsterdam. Ever eat a raw herring with a beer chaser and a scoop of ice cream?
Fred Wilson: If that island doesn't produce huge, I'll be wiping windshields.
Carl Denham: [Kong frantically shakes his chains] Hey, wait a minute, wait a minute; he thinks you're attacking the girl...
Reporter: Aw, let him roar, it's a swell picture...
Manny: [Himself and Ann are now fired after their theater closes] Ann it's no use. The show's over. It's done. I'm done! I'm leaving Annie. I'm going back to Chicago. I'm sorry. I'm sorry Annie. Ever since you were small people have been letting you down. You got to think for yourself now. Oh I know what you are thinking. Fate comes along and snatches it away but not this time Annie. Not this time.
[the boat is leaving the dock, and Carl made Jack stay because he hasn't finished the script]
Carl Denham: I keep telling you, Jack, there's no money in theater. That's why you should stick with film.
Jack Driscoll: No Carl, it's not about the money. I love theater.
Carl Denham: No you don't. If you really loved it, you would've jumped.
Dwan: You know we're going to be great friends. I'm a Libra. What sign are you? I bet you're an Aries. Aren't you? Of course you are." I knew it. That's just wonderful.
Dwan: Radio your computer and ask them if you don't believe me.
Theatre Patron: Say, what is it, anyhow?
Theatre Patron: I hear it's a kind of a gorilla.
Theatre Patron: Gee - ain't we got enough of them in New York?
Jack Driscoll: Where's Carl?
Bruce Baxter: Carl? He's up there, filming.
Carl Denham: [Denham stalls as the ship prepares to depart] Alright. We might as well settle up.
Jack Driscoll: You're gonna pay me?
Carl Denham: I'm not gonna stiff a friend.
Jack Driscoll: I've never known you to volunteer cash before.
Carl Denham: How does two grand sound?
Jack Driscoll: That sounds great... sounds great.
Carl Denham: Here ya go.
Jack Driscoll: Carl, you... you've written, "two grand".
Carl Denham: Thought I did. I'm sorry, let's just do this from the beginning.
Carl Denham: Whaddaya think of that wall, Skipper?
Captain Englehorn: Colossal; might almost be Egyptian.
Carl Denham: Yeah, but what's on the other side of that wall; that's what I wanna find out.
Charlie: [offering native jewelry] Skipper, look what I find.
Captain Englehorn: A native bracelet!
Charlie: Crazy black man been here.
Carl Denham: I'm touching the beast.
Theatre Patron: Say, what's Denham got, anyway?
Another theatre patron: [in doubtful pre-disgust] Well, it better be good after all this ballyhoo!
Carl Denham: Hey, wouldja' look at that...
Captain Englehorn: Natives running through the village.
Carl Denham: Yeah... looks like the night before election.
Carl Denham: It's money and adventure and fame. It's the thrill of a lifetime and a long sea voyage that starts at six o'clock tomorrow morning.
Captain Englehorn: And you expect to photograph it?
Carl Denham: If it's there, you bet I'll photograph it!
Jack Driscoll: Suppose it doesn't like having its picture taken?
Carl Denham: Well, now you know why I brought along those cases of gas bombs
Bruce Baxter: What do you think, Driscoll? Dialogue's got some flow now, huh?
Jack Driscoll: [sarcastically] That was pure effluence.
Bruce Baxter: I beefed up the banter.
Jack Driscoll: Try to resist that impulse.
Bruce Baxter: It's just a bit of humor, bud. What are you a Bolshevik or something?
Jack Driscoll: Actors. They travel the world, all they ever see is a mirror.
Carl Denham: [just before he instructs Ann on how to act in front of the camera] I see you've put on the "Beauty and the Beast" costume!
Ann Darrow: Uh, huh... it's the prettiest!
Carl Denham: She's standing at the railing. She doesn't know it yet, but they are sailing toward disaster. You got that?
Jack Driscoll: Okay, so she turns and the first mate is staggering toward her. There's a knife sticking out of his back.
Carl Denham: Wait a second... We're killing off the first mate?
Jack Driscoll: Well that's assuming she knows who the first mate is.
Carl Denham: Come on, Jack. It was an honest mistake. Anne is near-sighted. It could'a happened to anyone.
Jack Driscoll: I was joking, Carl.
Photographer: Why would he do that? Climb up there and get himself cornered? The ape must have known what was coming.
Photographer: It's just a dumb animal. Doesn't know nothing.
Carl Denham: [observing the natives dancing] Holy mackerel! What a show!
Ann Darrow: Don't you think the skipper's a sweet old lamb?
Jack Driscoll: Ha ha ha! I'd hate to have him hear me say that!
Carl Denham: [chasing after sailor] Hey, come back with those bombs, you s...
Carl Denham: Wait a minute, what about Kong?
Jack Driscoll: Well, what about him?
Carl Denham: We can here to get a moving picture, and we've found something worth more than all the movies in the world!
Captain Englehorn: [incredulous] What?
Carl Denham: We've got those gas bombs. If we can capture him alive...
Jack Driscoll: Why, you're crazy. Besides that, he's on a cliff where a whole army couldn't get at him.
Carl Denham: Yeah, if he stays there...
[looks at Ann]
Carl Denham: but we've got something he wants.
Jack Driscoll: [holds Ann] Yeah. Something he won't get again.
Carl Denham: I've risked everything I had on this film.
Captain Englehorn: No Denham, you risked everything I have.
Policeman: [talking into a police call box] Send the riot squad and ambulances! Kong has escaped!
Captain Englehorn: There's a warrant out for your arrest. Did you know that? I have been ordered to divert to Rangoon.
Carl Denham: Another week. I haven't got a film yet. Please I have risked everything.
Captain Englehorn: No Denham. You risked everything I have.
Carl Denham: What do you want? Tell me what you want. I will do anything.
Captain Englehorn: I want you off my ship.
Fred Wilson: Take plenty of TNT when you go inland. Any sign of a monkey bigger than four feet, send him bang-bang.
Carl Denham: $2,000. It's a deal. Will you take a check?
Captain Englehorn: Do I have a choice?
Carl Denham: [the witch doctor has complained to the Chief] What's that?
Captain Englehorn: Must be the Witch Doctor. He says the ceremony is spoiled because we've seen it.
Carl Denham: Well, calm the old boy down! What's the word for friend?
Captain Englehorn: Bala.
Captain Englehorn: [moving toward the Chief, arms out and palms up] Bala; bala.
Skull Island nation leader: Punya!
Carl Denham: [Before climbing to the top of the bug-pit] Just as you go down... for the third and final time... as your head disappears beneath the waves... and your lungs fill with water... do you know what happens in those last precious seconds before you drown?
Bruce Baxter: [pushing Denham towards the rope] Come on, buddy. Get up the rope. Come on. Get out of here. Come on.
Carl Denham: [continuing] Your whole life passes before your eyes. And if you've lived as a true American... you get to watch it all in color.
Bruce Baxter: Oh, and you will. Now why don't you climb up the rope, huh? Come on.
[calling out to Jack]
Bruce Baxter: Come on, Driscoll. Let's go!
Choy: [talking to Jack] Skipper get you good deal on white rhino.
Carl Denham: [talking to Jack across the ravine] Why, you wouldn't follow that beast alone?
Jack Driscoll: Someone's got to stay on his trail while it's hot!
Jack Driscoll: [the crew has finally released the ship from the rocks where it was wrecked] Stop! We've got to go back! They've taken Ann!
Carl Denham: I'll give you another thousand if we leave right now.
Captain Englehorn: You haven't given me the first thousand yet.
Carl Denham: Can we talk about this later? Can't you see we are in the company of a VIP guest?
Captain Englehorn: Ma'am.
Ann Darrow: Ann Darrow.
Carl Denham: I'm finished.
Jack Driscoll: How did you think this would end, Carl?
[first lines]
Joe Perko: OK, Boan, how much you got here?
Boan: About eighteen hundred.
Joe Perko: Eighteen hundred? What's going on?
Boan: There's Bagley.
Joe Perko: Hey, Mr. Bagley! Something's haywire. They only loaded me enough pipe to push one test hole. Less than two thousand feet.
Roy Bagley: Yeah, that'll be enough.
Boan: Are you kidding? On Bagatan, we didn't come until we were past twenty-six thousand feet.
Roy Bagley: You take my word, fellas. This hole proves out within two thousand, or it's a write-off.
Ann Darrow: [as the ship's crew attempts to capture and sedate Kong] No! Let him go, it's me he wants!
Carl Denham: [protesting the agent's lack of confidence in the safety of Denham's voyage] You act as if I've never brought anybody back alive! Look at the Captain and first mate - - they've gone on several of my last missions, and they don't look any the worse for wear.
Jack Driscoll: [sarcastically, in wary half-hearted agreement with Denham's assertions] Yeah - - we're healthy!
Dwan: Did you ever meet anyone before whose life was saved by "Deep Throat"?
Captain Englehorn: Serve out the rifles! Man the boats!
Skull Island nation leader: Malem me pakeno!
Carl Denham: Don't worry, Preston. I've had a lot of practice at this. I'm real good at crapping the crappers.
Jack Driscoll: There's one thing we haven't thought of...
Police Lieutenant: What?
Jack Driscoll: Airplanes. If he should put Ann down, and they can fly close enough to pick him off without hitting her...
Police Lieutenant: You're right! Planes! Call the field!
Jack Driscoll: You don't have to be nervous, Miss Darrow.
Captain Englehorn: Ma'am?
Ann Darrow: Ann Darrow.
Captain Englehorn: So, you are ready for this voyage, Miss Darrow?
Ann Darrow: Sure.
Captain Englehorn: Nervous?
Ann Darrow: Nervous? No. Why? should I be?
Captain Englehorn: [Sarcastically after shooting several natives] Seen enough?
Jack Prescott: There is a girl out there who might be running for her life from some gigantic turned-on ape.
Carl Denham: Bring the tripod and all of the film.
Herb: Want to switch to the six-inch lens?
Carl Denham: [considering Kong, who only he has seen] The wide-angle will do just fine.
Venture Crew - Helmsman: Fifteen Fathoms! We have seabed!
Hayes: You should stop the ship!
Captain Englehorn: [continues steering] We're getting out of here Mr. Hayes.
Jack Prescott: Even an environmental rapist like you wouldn't be asshole enough to destroy a unique new species of animal.
Fred Wilson: Bet me.
Carl Denham: Holy mackrel, do you think I want to take a woman along?
Charles Weston: Then why?
Carl Denham: Because the public - bless 'em - must have a pretty face.
Lumpy the Cook: Excuse me, Shakespeare.
Carl Denham: [seeing the island for the first time] Well, Skipper, there she is... Skull Mountain, the wall... everything just like on my funny little map.
Ann Darrow: [Jack reminiscing] You're writing a comedy?
Jack Driscoll: I guess, I am. I'm writing it, for you.
Ann Darrow: Why would you do that?
Jack Driscoll: Why would I write a play for you?
Jack Driscoll: Isn't it obvious?
[Play going on: "Cry Havoc!" by Jack Driscoll]
Theatre Actor: So he took me to this fancy french restaurant, and half way through the hors d'oeuvres, he clutches my hand...
Theatre Actor: ...and that's when he told you how he felt?
Theatre Actor: No. He never said it.
Theatre Actor: He never said it?
Theatre Actor: [Man disguised as a Woman] He probably thought he didn't need to say it!
Theatre Actor: Well then how does she know that it's real?
Theatre Actor: He said that it was not about the words.
Theatre Actor: Oh! Please! If you feel it, you say it! It's really very simple.
Theatre Actor: He said we'd talk about it later. Only, there was no later. It never happened.
Theatre Actor: [Lady 1 Stands, walks towards the audience] Lady 1: That's how it ended.
Theatre Actor: He just let you walk away? He didn't try to save it?
Theatre Actor: I honestly believed things might actually work out, which was really very...
Jack Driscoll: [along with Lady 1] foolish.
Theatre Actor: Men! Oh, they'll give you the world! But they let the one thing that truly matters slip through their fingers, typical!...
Carl Denham: Throw your arms across your eyes and scream, Ann. Scream for your life!
Jack Driscoll: Actors. They travel the world, but all they ever see is a mirror.
Carl Denham: [after discovering a huge footprint of Kong] Keep those guns cocked.
Crew member: He's tellin' us.
Crew member: I'd hate to have that thing wrapped around me.
Jack Driscoll: [looking at map] What is that?
Carl Denham: What?
Jack Driscoll: That. That right there.
Carl Denham: I don't know. What is it? A coffee stain?
Hayes: [to Kong] Look at me.
Fred Wilson: Lights! Camera! Kong!
Carl Denham: I'm not gonna let them kill my film!
Fred Wilson: Jack, let me straighten you out on a couple of points. One, that wall is an ancient ruin. Two, this island is uninhabited.
[Loud drumming begins, coming from the direction of the wall]
Jack Prescott: And three, there's an uninhabited German beer hall down there with a mechanical band.
[after already promising to dedicate the film to Mike]
Carl Denham: Goddamn it Preston we're gonna finish this film for Herb. And We'll donate the proceeds to his wife and kids.
Captain Englehorn: [after discovering boxes of chloroform stacked haphazardly in one of the crates] What are you trying to do, put the whole ship to sleep?
[first lines]
Manny: [practicing sneezes] That's a funny one. Isn't that funnier?
Charlie: [after finding a native bracelet on the deck of the ship] All hand on deck! Everybody on deck! Everybody on deck! All hand on deck! Everybody on deck! Everybody on deck!
Dwan: [Kong has been wrecking the ship] Hey, Kong. Remember me from before, your blind date? Why are you waking up all these sleepy people?
Jack Driscoll: What do you call that thing?
Carl Denham: Something from the dinosaur family.
Jack Driscoll: Dinosaur, eh?
Carl Denham: Yes, Jack; a prehistoric beast.
Roy Bagley: Well, Fred, I finished testing the samples from that pool. It'll be real great oil!
Fred Wilson: Son of a bitch! Ah, ha ha! Fred Wilson is "crazy" is he? Wait'll those candy-asses in New York hear about this one! Wait'll I put the screws to them! I'll grind them...
Roy Bagley: Like I said, it *will* be real great oil... as soon as Mother Nature finishes cooking it a little longer... a bit more aging.
Fred Wilson: How much longer?
Roy Bagley: Shit, hardly a tick o' the clock, as geological time goes. Say, uh, ten thousand years. Until then, you'd get better mileage filling up your Cadillac with mule piss!
[Carl is filming a man being eaten]
Lumpy the Cook: Didja get that, did you?
Carl Denham: I'm gonna go out and find a girl for my picture - even if I hafta' *marry* one.
Carl Denham: I'll give you another thousand to leave right now.
Captain Englehorn: You haven't given me the first thousand yet.
[first lines]
Charles Weston: Say, is this the moving picture ship?
Watchman: The Venture? Yeah. Are you going on this crazy voyage?
Charles Weston: What's crazy about it?
Carnahan: If he's not gonna eat her, why did he take her?
Jack Prescott: Apes are highly territorial. He's probably gonna take her back to his turf.
Carnahan: What for? Joe and the guys, uh, said that you said the ape was gonna marry her. Is that some kinda joke or did you really mean his huge...
Jack Prescott: I don't know, Carnahan! Look, I'm just as ignorant about this as you are, so quit askin' me so many dumb questions, will ya?
Carl Denham: [to aboriginal girl] Look, chocolate! Here, take it. Go ahead, take it.
[through clenched teeth]
Carl Denham: Here, put it in you hand and take it.
[after a studio executive has suggested nude film shots]
Carl Denham: What are you, an idiot? Do you think they ever asked Cecil B. DeMille if he wasted his time on nudie shots? No! They respected the filmmaker! They showed some class! Not that YOU would know what class is, you cheap lowlife!
Carl Denham: Listen, there are dozens of girls in this town tonight that are in more danger than they'll ever see with me.
Jack Driscoll: Yeah, but they know that kind of danger.
[repeated line]
Bruce Baxter: Coming through!
Carl Denham: God damn it, Preston, all you had to do was look her in the eye and lie!

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