Several survivors of a torpedoed ship find themselves in the same boat with one of the men who sunk it.

Connie Porter: Dying together's even more personal than living together.
Gus Smith: My name is Schmidt, but I changed it to Smith. That's what I got against these guys more than anything else. They make me ashamed of the name I was born with. I got a lot of relatives in Germany. For all I know this guy may be one of them. I say throw him to the sharks!
Willy: [to the delirious Gus] There's Rosie! She's waiting for you!
[Willy pushes Gus overboard]
Gus Smith: A guy can't help being a German if he's born a German, can he?
John Kovac: [referring to Willie] Neither can a snake help being a rattlesnake if he's born a rattlesnake! That don't make him a nightingale! Get him out of here!
John Kovac: [after the young German sailor pulls a gun] The baby has a toy!
Charles D. 'Ritt' Rittenhouse: [seeing a bejewelled Connie in a fur coat as he enters the lifeboat] Connie! Did you come from the freighter or the Stork Club?
Willy: [fixing her diamond bracelet] Looks like bits of ice.
Connie Porter: I wish they were.
Willy: They're really nothing but a few pieces of carbon crystallized under high pressure at great heat.
Connie Porter: Quite so, if you want to be scientific about it.
Willy: I'm a great believer in science.
Connie Porter: Like tears, for instance. They're nothing but H2O with a trace of sodium chloride.
Connie Porter: [On the tattoos on Kovac's chest, especially the heart with the letters B.M] Her initials are larger than the others. Was she the last or the first? What was her name?
[last lines]
Stanley 'Sparks' Garrett: "Aren't you going to kill me". What are you gonna do with people like that?
John Kovac: I dunno. I was thinking of Mrs Higley and her baby. And Gus.
Connie Porter: Well. Maybe they can answer that.
Connie Porter: We're not like you! You're made of iron, we're just flesh and blood! Hungry and thirsty flesh and blood!
[first lines]
[indistinct shouting]
John Kovac: Ahoy there!
[climbs into boat]
John Kovac: Lady, you certainly don't look like somebody that's just been shipwrecked.
Connie Porter: Man, I certainly feel like it.
John Kovac: [to Ritt] What do you know about a ship?
Connie Porter: Among other things, he just happens to own a shipyard, that's all.
John Kovac: Has he ever been in it?
Connie Porter: [Referring to using her bejeweled bracelet as fish bait] I can reccomend the bait. I know... I bit on it myself.
Charles D. 'Ritt' Rittenhouse: Well, folks, we're in business again!
Connie Porter: In a word: Wow!
Connie Porter: [speaking of the disaster] Reminds me of an air raid once that hit me in Chunking.
John Kovac: Reminds me of a slaughterhouse I once worked in in Chicago. Those Nazi buzzards - a tin fish ain't enough. They've got to shell us too!
John Kovac: As of now I'm skipper, and anybody who don't like it can get out and swim to Bermuda. What about that?
Gus Smith: I'll buy it.
Stanley 'Sparks' Garrett: Suits me. What about you, Miss?
Alice MacKenzie: I'm for it.
George 'Joe' Spencer: Yes, sir!
Charles D. 'Ritt' Rittenhouse: Well, if the rest agree.
Connie Porter: All right, Commissar, what's the course?

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