After a bizarre encounter at a party, a jazz saxophonist is framed for the murder of his wife and sent to prison, where he inexplicably morphs into a young mechanic and begins leading a new life.

Ed: Do you own a video camera?
Renee Madison: No. Fred hates them.
Fred Madison: I like to remember things my own way.
Ed: What do you mean by that?
Fred Madison: How I remembered them. Not necessarily the way they happened.
Mystery Man: We've met before, haven't we.
Fred Madison: I don't think so. Where was it you think we met?
Mystery Man: At your house. Don't you remember?
Fred Madison: No. No, I don't. Are you sure?
Mystery Man: Of course. As a matter of fact, I'm there right now.
Fred Madison: What do you mean? You're where right now?
Mystery Man: At your house.
Fred Madison: That's fucking crazy, man.
Mystery Man: Call me. Dial your number. Go ahead.
Pete Dayton: I want you.
Alice Wakefield: You'll never have me.
Mr. Eddy: I'm really glad to know you're doin okay. You're *sure* you're okay? Everything alright?
Pete Dayton: Yeah?
Mr. Eddy: I'm really glad to know you're doin good, Pete. Hey, I want you to talk to a friend of mine.
Mystery Man: We've met before, haven't we?
Pete Dayton: I don't think so. Where is it you think we've met?
Mystery Man: At your house. Don't you remember?
Pete Dayton: No. No, I don't.
Mystery Man: In the East, the Far East, when a person is sentenced to death, they're sent to a place where they can't escape, never knowing when an executioner may step up behind them, and fire a bullet into the back of their head.
Pete Dayton: What's going on?
Mystery Man: It's been a pleasure talking to you.
Ed: Fucker gets more pussy than a toilet seat.
Mr. Eddy: [to a tailgater after running him off the road] Don't tailgate! Don't you fucking ever tailgate! Do you know how much space is needed to stop a car traveling at 35 miles per hour? Six car lengths! Six fuckin' car lengths! That's a hundred and six fuckin' feet, mister! If I had to stop suddenly, you woulda hit me! I want you to get a fuckin' driver's manual, and I want you to study that motherfucker! And I want you to obey the the goddamn rules of the road! Fifty-fuckin' thousand people were killed on the highways last year 'cause of fuckin' assholes like you! Tell me you're gonna get a manual!
[in Pete's vision of Alice]
Alice Wakefield: Did you want to talk to me? Did you want to ask me "WHY"?
Fred Madison: Dick Laurent is dead...
David Bowie: [singing] Funny how secrets travel...
Guard Henry: Man, that wife killer looks pretty fucked up.
Guard Mike: Which one?
[both laugh]
Mr. Eddy: How you doin' Pete?
Pete Dayton: Okay.
Mr. Eddy: I'm sure you noticed that girl that was with me the other day, good lookin' blonde? She stayed in the car? Her name is Alice. I swear I love that girl to death. If I ever find out that somebody was making out with her, I'd take this...
[pulls out a .357 pistol]
Mr. Eddy: ...and shove it so far up his ass it would come out of his mouth. Then you know what I'd do?
Pete Dayton: What?
Mr. Eddy: I'd blow his fuckin' brains out.
[Mr. Eddy puts his gun away]
Mr. Eddy: Hey, you're looking good. What you been up to?
Lou: What a fucking job.
Hank: His or ours, Lou?
Lou: Ours, Hank.
[repeated line]
Mystery Man: We've met before, haven't we?
Fred Madison: Where's Alice?
Mystery Man: Alice who? Her name is Renee. If she's told you her name is Alice, she's lying.
[filled with rage]
Mystery Man: [shouts] And your name? What the fuck is your name?
[into a phone]
Arnie: There's nine people down here, and you can ask seven of them. If you can get that price from one of them, I'll let you ask the other two.
Guard Johnny Mack: Captain Luneau?
Captain Luneau: Yeah, Mack?
Guard Johnny Mack: Captain, this is some spooky shit we got here.
Sheila: What do you want?
Pete Dayton: Wanna go for a drive?
Sheila: [coyly] I don't know.
Pete Dayton: Get in, baby.
Al: Do you know what I think?
Ed: What is it? What is it that you think?
Al: There is no such thing as a bad coincidence.
Mystery Man: Call Me. Dial your number. Go ahead.
[Fred dials the number and the Mystery Man answers]
Mystery Man: [over the phone] I told you I was here.
Fred Madison: [amused] How'd you do that?
Mystery Man: Ask me.
[Fred's facial expression turns from amused to serious as he's clearly rembering the anonymous video tapes]
Fred Madison: [angrily into the phone] How did you get inside my house?
Mystery Man: [voice] You invited me. It is not my custom to go where I am not wanted.
Fred Madison: [into the phone] Who are you?
[Both Mystery Men laugh mechanically]
Mystery Man: [voice] Give me back my phone.
[Fred gives the cell phone back to the man in front of him]
Mystery Man: It's been a pleasure talking to you.
Arnie: Pete! Where've you been? It's really good you're back! A lot of people are gonna be happy that you're back, including me!
Pete Dayton: Well, it's good to be back, Arnie.
Arnie: Mr. Smith is waiting for you.
Pete Dayton: Sure, I'll take care of him.
Arnie: And Mr. Eddy called every day asking about you. Can I call him and tell him to come in?
Pete Dayton: Sure, call him. Tell him to come in and I'm ready to work.
Arnie: You're ready to work?
Pete Dayton: I'm ready to work.
Arnie: [to the other garage employees] Pete is back!
Fred Madison: I had a dream about you last night.
Renee Madison: Yeah? What was it about?
Fred Madison: You were in the house, calling my name, but I couldn't find you. Then there you were, lying in bed... but it wasn't you. It looked like you, but it wasn't.
Fred Madison: Andy, who is that guy?
Andy: I don't know his name. He's a friend of Dick Laurent's, I think.
Fred Madison: Dick Laurent?
Andy: Yeah, I believe so.
Fred Madison: But Dick Laurent is dead, isn't he?
Fred Madison: How did you meet that asshole Andy, anyway?
Renee Madison: It was a long time ago. I met him at this place called Moke's. We... became friends. He told me about a job...
Fred Madison: What job?
Renee Madison: Ah... I don't remember. Anyway, Andy's okay.
Fred Madison: Yeah well, he's got some fucked-up friends.
Pete Dayton: Where the fuck are we going, Alice?
Alice Wakefield: We have to go to the desert, baby.
[laying on the ground with his throat slashed by Fred and the Mystery Man]
Mr. Eddy: [gagging from his bloody throat] What do you guys want?
[the Mystery Man pulls out a hand-held Watchman TV and gives it to Mr. Eddy who looks on it to see an interior of Andy's house at night with with Mr. Eddy and Renee watching a snuff-porno film while fondling each other beside the projector. The image suddenly changes back to Fred and the Mystery Man standing before him in the frame]
Mystery Man: Now you can hand it back.
Mr. Eddy: [as he hands the portable TV back] You and me, mister... we can really out-ugly them sonafabitches. Can't we?
[Pete, disturbed by the saxophone music on a radio, switches the channels]
Phil: What'd you change it for? I liked that.
Pete Dayton: Well, I don't!
Phil: I liked that.
Mr. Eddy: This is where mechanical excellence and one-thousand four-hundred horsepower pays off.
Ed: You're a musician?
Fred Madison: Yeah.
Al: What's your axe?
Fred Madison: Tenor. Tenor saxophone. Do you...
Al: [shakes his head and point at his ear] Tone deaf.
Bill Dayton: The police called us today.
Pete Dayton: What'd they want?
Bill Dayton: They wanted to know if we had a chance to find out what happened to you the other night. And they wanted to know if you remembered anything.
Pete Dayton: But... I don't remember anything. What'd you tell them?
Bill Dayton: [after a long pause] We're not going to say anything about that night to the police.
Candace Dayton: We saw you that night, Pete.
Bill Dayton: You came home with your friend, Sheila.
Pete Dayton: Sheila?
Bill Dayton: Uh-huh. There was a man with you two.
Pete Dayton: What is this? Why didn't you tell me anything? Who was the man?
Bill Dayton: I've never seen him before in my life.
Pete Dayton: What happened to me? Please Dad, if you know, tell me.
[Bill and Candace sorrowfully look away from Pete]
Mr. Eddy: Boy, that's smooth. Smooth as shit off a duck's ass!
Fred Madison: Who the hell owns that dog?

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