A disgruntled security guard holds a school trip group hostage, while a news reporter forms a bond with him.

[Sam finally decide's to let the hostages go]
Kevin Hollander: [on megaphone] Sam Baily! You have 5 minutes to let the hostages go!
Sam Baily: Damn. I wanted it to be my idea.
[last lines]
Max Brackett: We killed him.
Max Brackett: I think they'd want to know.
Lou Potts: Jeez, I sent you to cover a piece of fluff, and you come back with a hostage situation.
Kevin Hollander: This guy's a poster child for the disenfranchised.
Max Brackett: You've got to ask for a fast car, a Learjet or a Greyhound bus.
Lemke: I don't want him understood. I want him out here and arrested.
Max Brackett: Mrs. Banks, go make sure the buffalo are grazing properly.
Sam: Don't negotiate my emotions!
Kevin Hollander: I'm who Americans trust for their news.
Max Brackett: You really shouldn't let a marketing slogan go your head.
Max Brackett: A man has been shot; a line has been crossed.

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