Dirty Harry is on the trail of vigilante cops who are not above going beyond the law to kill the city's undesirables.

[last lines]
Harry Callahan: A man's GOT to know his limitations.
[first lines]
Harry Callahan: [at end of main titles] This is a 44. Magnum, the most powerful handgun in the world, and it could blow your head clean off. Do you feel lucky?
[fires at the audience]
Lieutenant Briggs: Suppose they panic and start shooting?
Harry Callahan: Nothing wrong with shooting as long as the right people get shot!
Lieutenant Briggs: People are guilty until proven... I mean... God damn it, you know what I mean!
Sunny: [as Harry walks by to his appartment] Hi!
Harry Callahan: Oh, hi... what's your name?
Sunny: Sunny. You know, I've been living here for almost six months now. It's funny I've never met you before.
Harry Callahan: Oh well... I work a lot.
Sunny: I know. You're the cop who lives upstairs.
Harry Callahan: That's right.
Sunny: Mind if I ask you a question?
Harry Callahan: Go ahead.
Sunny: What does a girl have to do to go to bed with you?
Harry Callahan: [blinks twice, then smiles] Try knocking on the door.
Harry Callahan: [Harry is confronted by three of the vigilante cops] You heroes killed a dozen people this week. What are you going to do next week?
Officer Davis: Kill a dozen more.
[the phone rings, and Harry answers it]
Harry Callahan: Yah?
Lieutenant Briggs: Harry, this is Briggs. Are you alone?
Harry Callahan: No, as a matter of fact, I'm entertaining a young lady friend.
Lieutenant Briggs: Well, put your pants back on, Callahan, and come down to the city morgue as fast as you can.
Pilot: Excuse me, Captain. This may seem silly, but - can you fly?
Harry Callahan: Nope. Never even had a lesson.
Harry Callahan: You know those guys?
Early Smith: They came through the Academy after me. They stick together like flypaper, you know? Everybody thought they were queer for each other.
Harry Callahan: Tell you something. If the rest of you could shoot like them, I wouldn't care if the whole damn department was queer.
Lieutenant Briggs: You're a good cop, Harry. You had a chance to join my team, but you decided to stick with the system.
Harry Callahan: Briggs, I hate the goddamn system! But until someone comes along with changes that make sense, I'll stick with it.
Man at Mailbox: [seeing Harry take apart a mailbox] Hey, what's going on down here?
Harry Callahan: Taking apart the mailbox, what does it look like?
Man at Mailbox: Well you people live here, right? What the hell are you doing to the mailbox, did you lose your key?
Harry Callahan: Why don't you mind your own goddamn business?
Man at Mailbox: Ummm. That's my mailbox too, now. Don't you get smart with me!
[after a moment]
Man at Mailbox: Tampering with the mail's a federal offense. I'm calling the police.
[starts to head upstairs to do so]
Harry Callahan: I am the police.
Man at Mailbox: [comes back down] What?... oh. The cop who lives upstairs?
[Harry has the mailbox open now and finds a miniature bomb inside, with a red light lit up on it. He takes it out and clicks a button causing the red light to go out]
Man at Mailbox: What's that?
Harry Callahan: Plastic explosive.
Man at Mailbox: [quavering voice] A bomb?
Harry Callahan: Yeah, that's right. If you'd bothered me any more, we'd all be stuck to the ceiling now. Here... would you like to hold it?
Man at Mailbox: No no, I don't want to get involved!
[runs upstairs]
Lieutenant Briggs: Turn right here... get on the freeway.
Harry Callahan: The freeway? You got a new route to City Hall, Lieutenant?
Harry Callahan: [Briggs puts his glasses away, takes his gun out and points it at Callahan] Your gun's out of it's holster, Briggs. First time?
Lieutenant Briggs: You know you're not going to City Hall, Callahan. The only way you're going anywhere is in a rubber bag.
Infirmary Doctor: [stitching up Harry's head] Sure you don't want a local for this, Harry? Takes about seven stitches.
Harry Callahan: No, thanks.
Infirmary Doctor: Ok, it's your ass...
Harry Callahan: My head, the cut's on my head.
Infirmary Doctor: Why does everybody suddenly become a comedian in here?
Lieutenant Briggs: [comes in with Captain Avery] Does he have to stay in here?
Infirmary Doctor: No, I could stop and let the man's brains run out all over his shoes.
Captain Avery: Rogers, I don't need to have a doctor display that kind of attitude. A police officer is dead.
Infirmary Doctor: Sorry.
Lieutenant Briggs: I got those warrants for a search of the premises, Callahan, not for you to become judge, jury and executioner. It was supposed to be a simple arrest.
Harry Callahan: Well arresting a killer like Palancio isn't always simple.
Lieutenant Briggs: People are guilty until proven... I mean... goddamnit, you know what I mean. This city is on the verge of the worst criminal violence in it's history, and you have to start full scale military operations.
Harry Callahan: I didn't start shooting at anyone that didn't start shooting at me first.
Captain Avery: Every time you pull out that gun, my paperwork backs up for three goddamn months! The chief and I have already conferred on this matter, Callahan - a full investigation is warranted here.
[turns and leaves]
Lieutenant Briggs: [nodding repeatedly, obviously upset] What about a dead cop? I warned you against taking them.
Harry Callahan: Sweet was killed with the first shot. Besides, they were tipped off. They knew we were coming, Briggs.
Lieutenant Briggs: How? Don't hand me that crap.
Harry Callahan: I'm telling you, they knew we were coming. After 200 arrests, I know the difference!
Lieutenant Briggs: If I have my way, Callahan, you won't make another arrest as long as you live.
Harry Callahan: [contemptous] Is that all, lieutenant?
Lieutenant Briggs: No, that's not all. I want that slug you showed me.
Harry Callahan: I ran that through ballistics, it was nothing, the rifling was totally different.
Lieutenant Briggs: It's still state's evidence, I want it anyway.
Harry Callahan: [takes it out and throws it at Briggs] Eat it!
[the bullet hits Briggs in the chest and drops to the floor]
Harry Callahan: [Briggs bends down to get it and then slowly gets back up glaring at Harry]
Lieutenant Briggs: [With gun pointed] Just hold it right there, Callahan. No tricks!
Harry Callahan: [Activates the bomb he's holding out of sight] Your organization is through, Briggs.
Lieutenant Briggs: [Nods slyly] There's a lot more where they came from, believe me. Move out of the way. Move it!
[Harry tosses the bomb in the backseat and steps away. Briggs gets in]
Lieutenant Briggs: Uphold the law. You just killed three police officers, Harry. And the only reason why I'm not gonna kill you, is because I'm gonna prosecute you- with your own system. It'll be my word against yours. Who's gonna believe you? You're a killer, Harry. A maniac.
[Briggs starts to drive away when the car blows up]
Harry Callahan: A man's GOT to know his limitations.
[Walks away]
Harry Callahan: [someone knocks on Harry's door] Who is it?
[no answer and there's another knock]
Harry Callahan: [takes gun out and aims it at door] Come on in.
Lieutenant Briggs: [enters] I don't like looking down one of those.
[Harry reholsters his gun]
Officer Phil Sweet: What kind of a load do you use in that .44?
Harry Callahan: It's a light Special. This size gun it gives you better control and less recoil than a .357 Magnum with wadcutters.
Harry Callahan: Well, I just work for the city, Briggs!
Lieutenant Briggs: So do I, longer than you, and I never had to take my gun out of its holster once. I'm proud of that.
Harry Callahan: Well, you're a good man, lieutenant. A good man always knows his limitations...
Officer Davis: I feel somewhat responsible.
Carol McCoy: [to Harry] Damn. Do you think with all these kids I'm ever going to get laid?
Lieutenant Briggs: You're on loan to Stakeout, Callahan.
Harry Callahan: That's right, Lieutenant! You saw to that.
Prostitute: [to the cabdriver] Too bad you're not on welfare, I'd give you a freebie.
Harry Callahan: Where'd you learn to shoot like that? Certainly not around here.
Officer Phil Sweet: No, sir. Airborne Rangers... Special Forces.
Harry Callahan: And how about the rest of these guys? Are they as good as you?
Officer Phil Sweet: Well, Grimes here... I'd say he's about even with me... Astrachan's a little better on a good day
Officer Red Astrachan: [snickers] A little better?
Officer Phil Sweet: And Davis there... he's just dog crazy. He's a lot better.
Harry Callahan: A lot better? You sure show a sense of style... Sweet is it? Well, when I get back on homicide I hope you boys will come see me.
Lieutenant Briggs: [Comparing bullets under a microscope] Close, but no match. It has much more lines than the other. Where'd you get it from, by the way?
Harry Callahan: Oh, just some hunch.
Lieutenant Briggs: Tell me where.
Harry Callahan: Look, it doesn't matter because it doesn't match up, so there's no reason for me to tell you.
Lieutenant Briggs: Don't play any crap games with me.
Harry Callahan: [seeing the three hold-up men come into the store] Well, here's three salty-lookin' dudes!
Walter, Crime Scene Investigator: [Harry and Walter are examining the car of the pimp shot to death] Now, he'd have to be standing right here, this close. Point-blank range.
Harry Callahan: The driver's license and a hundred dollar bill were out, almost like he was showing it to a traffic cop.
Walter, Crime Scene Investigator: Yeah. And from what we have it figures to be someone impersonating a police officer. On the cars at least, it's been done before. This close it would have to be someone he would never recognize.
Harry Callahan: Or never suspect.
Nude Boy: This coke is out of sight!
Nude Girl: Oh, Guzman is the man, baby.
Nude Boy: Oh, you bitch. Don't spill it.
Lou Guzman: That stuff's worth $900 an ounce. You better not spill it.
Nude Girl: Don't get so uptight.
Lou Guzman: Nobody says "don't" to me. You understand? Nobody.
Harry Callahan: Couldn't of happened to a nicer bunch of guys.
Pool Girl: Will you look at my ring?

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