A family gets lost on the road and stumbles upon a hidden, underground, devil-worshiping cult led by the fearsome Master and his servant Torgo.

Torgo: There is nothing to fear, madam. The Master likes you. Nothing will happen to you. He likes you.
Margaret: Likes me? I thought you said he was dead?
Torgo: Dead? No, madam. Not dead the way you know it. He is with us always. Not dead the way you know it. He is with us always.
Torgo: I am Torgo. I take care of the place while the Master is away.
Torgo: There is no way out of here. It will be dark soon. There is no way out of here.
[repeated line]
Torgo: The master would not approve.
Torgo: But master, you have six wives. Why can't I have one for myself?
The Master: You are not one of us. Therefore you can not have one of them.
[final title card]
Title card: The end?
The Master: Kill! Kill! Kill! Manos has decreed it! Kill! Kill! Kill!
Michael: [gesturing at the painting] That must be your master. Where did you say he was?
Torgo: He has left this world, but he is with us always. No matter where we go he is with us.
The Master: Manos! God of primal darkness! As thou has decreed so have I done. The hands of fate have doomed this man. Thy will is done!
The Master: Find them! They must not escape, find them!
Master's Wife: No! Leave them alone! We cannot kill a child!
The Master: Enough talk! Find them! Manos will be served!
[last lines]
Michael: I am Michael. I take care of the place while the master is away.
The Master: You have failed us Torgo. For this you must die.
Master's Wife: The woman is all we want! The others must die! They ALL must die! We do not even want the woman!
[first lines]
Margaret: We're almost there, honey. Just a little while longer and your vacation starts.
Debbie: I'm getting cold, mother, and hungry!
Michael: Now, look, the sign pointed this way!
Margaret: Mike, let's go back to the crossroads and ask those kids we saw!
Michael: Okay! Okay, but I know we can't be wrong! Look, the sign pointed this way!
[repeated line]
Margaret: Mike, I'm scared.
The Master: O Manos... thou of primal darkness! Thou who dwelleth in the depth of the universe in the black casims of night! Thou who bestoweth the mother darkness upon thy faithful, to live eternally in her keeping. Thou dost make him most blessed forever! And thou who dost cursed with eternal burning life those whom transrest against thee! Holy art thou, holy art thou, holy art thou! Manos will be done! Thy priesthood remains steadfast, thy priesthood remains constant, thy priesthood remains righteous. Thou hast taught us, O Manos, and we hath listened. Give ear to our words, O Manos, and hear us! Hear us! Hear us! For we are faithful and thou art our God.
The Master: Arise my wives. Give ear to the words of Manos. Arise my wives! And hear the will of Manos!
Michael: We should be pretty close right now. The agent said that it was about twelve miles from highway ten and that was highway ten back there.
Margaret: But you know, we should have asked for better directions at the last gas station!
Michael: Listen, I've never gotten us lost before!
Torgo: [to The Master's first wife whom is asleep] You. You're the worst! You were his first wife! He doesn't want you anymore and now, even I don't want you!
Master's Wife: Your power fails you!
Cop: [to the drunk teenagers] Well, whatever it is you're *not* doing, go *don't* do it somewhere else!
Teenager in Car: Why don't you guys leave us alone?
Margaret: Mike, I don't like this.
Mike: Nothing to worry about. It's only your imagination.
Michael: Hey, Torgo, where's the phone? Yes, Alexander Graham Bell, you know, telephone?
Torgo: There is none, sir. The Master doesn't approve of such devices.
Margaret: Then... then where is the nearest phone?
Torgo: The nearest phone is at the crossroads. That's ten miles.
Margaret: Ten miles? Might as well be ten THOUSAND miles!
Michael: [getting mad] Easy, honey! It won't help to get mad!
The Master: You have caused enough trouble. I think perhaps your service to us is at its end now!

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