Megan Park — American Actress born on July 24, 1986,

Megan Park is a Canadian actress and singer. She is known for her roles in Charlie Bartlett and the television series The Secret Life of the American Teenager as Grace Bowman... (wikipedia)

I'm such a believer in 'if you're beautiful on the inside it really shows on the outside.' I know a lot of people who are physically very beautiful, but their inside doesn't represent that. So to me, it just doesn't come across as having a sparkle to them or an energy that just radiates.
You need to be feel beautiful on your own before a guy can make you feel beautiful, because it wont be a healthy relationship.
I never really wore makeup in high school; I wasn't really into it yet, which is probably good.
I think the most important thing is you have to learn to love auditioning, which I have definitely learned to love. It's going to be a huge part of your career, even if you're right at the top. You're still going to have to audition sometimes, and if you don't learn to love that, that's such a big part of what you're job's going to be.
I trained in Toronto with a private acting teacher, who was wonderful, for years growing up.