Escaped convict Sam Gillen single handedly takes on ruthless developers determined to evict Clydie - a widow with two young children. Nobody knows who Sam is.

Clydie: Where'd you learn to fight like that?
Sam Gillen: Law school!
[after shooting the bad guy]
Sam Gillen: Au revoir, fucker!
[pointing a shotgun towards a prisoner who's trying to steal his car]
Sam Gillen: Steal the car, go to hell.
Mr. Dunston: [Mr. Dunston walks up on the porch towards Sam] Well, I'm surprised to see that you're still here.
Sam Gillen: No, you're not.
Mr. Dunston: Yes, I am.
Sam Gillen: [Sam walks closer to Mr. Dunston] If I see you near her or the children I'll kill you.
Mr. Dunston: [Mr. Dunston walks up closer] Look. You seem like a smart fellow. The woman isn't worth it. And I'll tell you, when push comes to shove you're not going to be dealing with some little tin-badge local sheriff guy. You're going to be dealing with me. Okay?
Sam Gillen: I'll look forward to it.
Mr. Dunston: Me, too.
[Mr. Dunston walks away from Sam... ]
Mr. Dunston: Au revoir.
Sam Gillen: Yeah for now.
Bree Anderson: [after having seen Sam Gillen bathing naked in a pond] He's got a big penis.
Country Store Clerk: What you doin' out this way?
Sam Gillen: Hunting.
Country Store Clerk: In a suit?... What kinda huntin'?
Sam Gillen: Pink flamingos.
Sam Gillen: [after beating up a thug] Three strikes you're out!
Billy: [Sam listens to a tape recording of his deceased friend Billy] Hey Sam, this is me Billy. I wish I could be there to split all that money with you, but I guess if you're listening to this then it's all yours now, right?
[Billy Chuckles a bit]
Billy: Well you deserve it, man I mean... being in prison all that time because of me. Hey, I wonder which way I'm headed. Either way, up or down I guess I got a 50-50 chance of meeting Elvis, huh? Ha-ha. How do you like that suit I picked out for you? Anyhow, lay low and don't go getting into things the way you sometimes do. Oh, and Sam... I'm glad I knew you.
Franklin Hale: You bastard! Do you know who I am?
Sam Gillen: [Smacks a door in his groin] I know *what* you are.

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