An Irish fisherman discovers a woman in his fishing net whom his precocious daughter believes to be a selkie.

Fishery Board Man II: There's a girl here Syracuse, in your net.
Syracuse: Is that illegal?
Fishery Board Man II: No, but... it's unusual.
Priest: Misery is easy. Happiness you have to work at.
Annie: This town is what you call sartorially-challenged.
Ondine: What does that mean?
Annie: A supermodel's nightmare.
Syracuse: How long are you staying?
Ondine: Depends, I guess.
Syracuse: On what?
Ondine: On you.
Syracuse: On me? It depends on me, you can stay forever.
Ondine: Forever?
Syracuse: Forever, happily ever after, once upon a time... I'm been telling my daughter a story, a fairy tale...
[last lines]
Annie: What about your past lives?
Ondine: Are you sure I have them?
Annie: Oh yeah, everybody does. It's just a matter of remembering.
Annie: [to her dad] Stop peeping, would you?
Syracuse: I don't peep.
Annie: I mean, you could have even been married in one of them...
Ondine: I don't want to see anyone.
Syracuse: Well I just disappear then?
Ondine: I don't mind seeing you.
Syracuse: "You don't mind seeing me." That's nice.
Ondine: Say again?
Syracuse: Most people do.
Syracuse: [Ondine is sitting on the wheelhouse floor, steering the boat with her foot, showing lots of leg] You can't really guide a boat with your foot.
Ondine: I'm not doing well?
Syracuse: No, I never say that!
Annie: You sure it's not some kind of wish-fulfillment kind of thing?
Syracuse: Where did you learn words like that?
Annie: I go to school.
Syracuse: And I didn't...
Annie: No. Let's be honest, you didn't. You move your mouth when you read.
Annie: So I supposed she isn't a Selkie really. 'Cause you can't marry a seal, can ya?
Priest: No, you definitely cannot.
Annie: Not in the real quotidian world, any way.
Priest: Quotidian?
Annie: Yep. Means the one we have to live in. If she was a seal, though, would you still do the wedding?
Priest: Me?
Priest: So, who's going to marry her, Syracuse?
Syracuse: It's not like there's a queue, father.
Priest: And I can't marry her.
Syracuse: No, you're a tree.
Priest: Exactly.
Syracuse: What's wrong with being seen?
Ondine: Nothing. When you look good.
Syracuse: She sings to the fishes and he catches them.
[first lines]
Syracuse: [into radio] Anybody out there? I need a little help.
Syracuse: So what kind of a tree are you father?
Priest: Oh, well, I suppose I'm an Oak.
Syracuse: You look more like one of the ones that they make holly sticks out of.
Priest: Oh, an Ash, yeah...
Priest: I don't like this at all.
Annie: [Describing the Selkies] They don't speak, they sing.
Syracuse: Once upon a time...
Annie: So what's the story?
Syracuse: You don't like the dress?
Ondine: No, I like it. It's just, underwear would be better.
Syracuse: Doesn't fit?
Ondine: Tight around the edges.
Syracuse: You have edges?

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