After surviving a brutal attack (Instrument used was a board with nails in it) by a student, teacher Trevor Garfield moves from New York to Los Angeles.

Trevor Garfield: Your whole way of life is bullshit! Macho is bullshit!
Cesar: It's all I got!
Trevor Garfield: Are you willing to die for stupidity Cesar? Cause ya see I am, if it'll teach you something.
Trevor Garfield: The only thing you respect is stupidity.
Cesar: I got one in six chances. I'm gonna beat this bitch.
Trevor Garfield: You gonna hide behind your chickenshit homeboys? Where's your pride?
Trevor Garfield: You do know me, I'm a teacher, just like you.
Benny Chacon: You're no real teacher, fool. You're just a sub. Wannabe motherfucka.
Trevor Garfield: Has anybody read 'Animal Farm'?
Cesar: No, but I fucked a sheep once.
[first lines]
school official: Alright, let's go people, let's go. One minute until tardy lock-down... take your hat off, thank you... let's go, let's go. Everybody move inside, move inside... morning Trevor, good morning. Let's go, get inside... let her go! No smoking - I don't smoke, you don't smoke. Let's go people, today's a *good* day to learn.
[Giving Trevor a cactus as a gift]
Ellen Henry: It flowers.
Trevor Garfield: Why do you still teach?
Dave Childress: For the same reason as you do, for a paycheck.
Trevor Garfield: Like you, I used to think the world was this great place where everybody lived by the same standards I did, then some kid with a nail showed me I was living in his world, a world where chaos rules not order, a world where righteousness is not rewarded. That's Cesar's world, and if you're not willing to play by his rules, then you're gonna have to pay the price.
Trevor Garfield: He and Benny were takers, they want what they want, when they want it, we can't expect the system to protect us.

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