A pair of crew members aboard a spaceship wake up with no knowledge of their mission or their identities.

[last lines]
Bower: It's safe to wake up now.
[Bower sees that his hand is shaking uncontrollably, and he speaks to Payton over the walkie-talkie]
Bower: Payton? Pandorum, you ever felt the symptoms?
Payton: [aghast] Of all the things to remember, why would you pick that? Were you thinking of the Eden mission?
Bower: What about the Eden?
Payton: You just had to remind me of the biggest fucking catastrophe in space travel, the flight cautionary tale from Hell.
Bower: I remember, didn't they have some kind of hypersleep malfunction?
Payton: Three years into their shift, one of their officers had a psychological breakdown. The doctors referred to it as ODS symptom. The privates, we call it Pandorum. It drove him insane. He became convinced that the flight was cursed. Evil.
Bower: What did he do?
Payton: He evacuated the ship. He launched them all into oblivion. Five thousand people sent to their death with one push of a button.
Payton: Maybe this is a bad time to tell you, but the door is open.
Bower: Are you fucking kidding me?
Payton: Ya I'm kidding you.
[first lines]
Recorded Voice: You're all that's left of us. Good luck, God bless, and godspeed.
Bower: What are you doing?
Leland: Nothing personal, guys. It's just "survival of the fittest"... Or maybe it's the brightest
Leland: if you know what I'm saying.
Bower: You gassed us!
Leland: Oh yes! And I'm sorry, but I'm a little too old and too tired for the honorable way of hunting game.
Nadia: You better make sure I'm dead... oder ich reiss Dir Dein scheiss Herz raus du Wichser!
Leland: [stabs her]
Manh: [is yelling in Vietnamese]
Bower: You don't have to do this. We're on our way to save the ship.
Leland: Don't sweat it. I wouldn't have survived this long if I had a heart.
Nadia: You just woke up?
Bower: Yeah. Just joining the party.
Nadia: You'll never make it!
Bower: And why is that?
Nadia: You're going in the wrong direction.
[walks away]
Payton: I can't remember any of my life before this flight began.
Payton: We call it... pandorum.
Payton: We're not out on the belt collecting data. And we're not hauling cargo. We *are* the cargo.
Nadia: Where's your Lieutenant?
Bower: He's not my Lieutenant.
Bower: This is pandorum!

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