A group of medical students devise a deadly game: to see which one of them can commit the perfect murder.

Jake Gallo: [while cutting open a corpse's head] When I think about them, you know, out there, in their rooms, on the streets, utilizing public transportation, downloading pornography, ordering their lives out of catalogues, cashing welfare checks, the whining, bitching, moaning, suing, copulating, and multiplying - it makes me sick. What we need, brothers and sisters, is less of them and more of these.
Jake Gallo: That sheet, on which she embroided fantails once, spread it so as to cover her face. If her horny feet portrude, they come to show how cold she is, and dumb. Let the lamp afix its beam. The only emperor, is the emperor of ice cream.
Ted Grey: It was nitrous oxide. You brought him a bottle; a gift. You shared a drink with him but you didn't drink. You mixed ethonol and nitrous oxide with the alcohol, probably a flavored alcohol to mask the bitter taste. Using a needle would've been too dangerous, because any first year med student would know to look for the mark. You cut him up while he was still alive, but unconscious. So there was no struggle. Then you put him in the back of your truck, drove him to 4th Avenue, and shot him in the back of the head.
Jake Gallo: Motherfucker. Well, you are good.
[Ted starts to walk away]
Jake Gallo: Hey, you want to play the game, you gotta bring something to the table. Comprendo?
Jake Gallo: [to Ted] I know exactly what you're thinking. You think you feel guilty, but it's not that. There's no such thing as guilty. There's just the fear of getting caught. It's the first day after, so that fear is still fresh. Your brain's all sick and twisted up. You're paranoid everyone knows, you fucked up, you're going to lose everything. You want to throw up but there's nothing in your stomach. You're not going to sleep tonight. You'll hit the bottle, you'll watch some TV, looking for any news that they're on to you but there won't be any. Tomorrow morning, you're going to wake up and it's going to be the same world. Nothing has changed. And that fear will start to creep away, and after a few days you're going to realize no one knows shit. That this whole bloody thing that's amounted to you as some kind of importance has somehow slipped beneath the notice of the world. And then you'll be a new man.
Jake Gallo: By the way, props to you for killing everyone.
Jake Gallo: [to Ted Grey] Uh-oh. Who's that? That's you. That's me. That's me. Me. You. Me. You. Me. You're me. You're a fucking killer. You're a fucking animal.
Ted Grey: How do you know I won't tell?
Jake Gallo: Because there so happens to exist distinct physical evidence putting you at the crime scene at the time of death. I know because I placed it there. And I can prove with a mathematical certainty that you killed him, but that won't really matter if you're the boy I think you are.
Ted Grey: You killed him.
Jake Gallo: Maybe. The point is how?
Ted Grey: What is this, a game?
Jake Gallo: Exactly. It's a game.
Ted Grey: I don't fucking believe this.
Jake Gallo: Come on and get over it, will you?
Ted Grey: Get over it?
Jake Gallo: There are 6.5 million people in the city, Ted. Trust me, this asshole will not be missed.
Dr. Quentin Morris: [to Jake and Ted] I expect you two will get along quite well.
Ted Grey: You're losing it, Dr. Gallo!
Jake Gallo: [upon seeing Juliette jealous of Jake's fiancé] Are you fucking kidding me? Huh?
[Juliette starts to walk away, but Jake grabs her arm]
Juliette Bath: Fuck you. Don't touch me.
Jake Gallo: Oh, what? You want to fuck that guy? You want to fuck that guy? Go fuck that guy! Hey, we got a fucking whore in the room! Go fuck him. Just remember your ass belongs to me.
Juliette Bath: You don't fucking own me.
Jake Gallo: Oh, I fucking do!
Chip Bentwood: [upon seeing Juliette dead on the autopsy table] What the fuck...
Jake Gallo: What the fuck?
Ted Grey: [to Juliette] Fuck you.
Jake Gallo: Are you playing fair?
Ted Grey: Is there such a thing?
Jake Gallo: No.
Jake Gallo: [coming upon Ted drinking from a water fountain] That stuff will kill you.
Ted Grey: We all gotta go at some point, right?
Juliette Bath: [to Ted, while lighting up pipe] Welcome.
[last lines]
Ted Grey: Dr. Stravinsky, let's take a look inside.
Jake Gallo: [to Ted] I've misjudged you.
Dr. Quentin Morris: [to Gwen] You look very sexual... I mean, alluring.
Juliette Bath: [to Ted Grey] Your fiancée is really beautiful. You must be very happy.
Griffin Cavenaugh: You wanted to know if there was a problem? There is one. We don't like you.
Ted Grey: That's not a problem.
Griffin Cavenaugh: [as an intern vomits while performing an autopsy] You don't wanna to be cutting into the poop pipe, kid.
Ted Grey: [to Jake, upon being led to the basement of the hospital] This where you bring all your dates?
Jake Gallo: Really, who needs a reason? We're animals. It's our nature to kill. Remember?
Griffin Cavenaugh: [after playing with corpses] Yeah, we're going to hell.
Jake Gallo: Tomorrow night, just you and me.
Ted Grey: Doing what?
Jake Gallo: Nothing too exciting.
Mr. Williamson: So what about Africa? You enjoy hunting there?
Ted Grey: Hunting... I'd say hunting's a lot better in the city.
Mr. Williamson: Thatta boy... I think.
Jake Gallo: [giving toast] To the dead!
Catherine Ivy: If you could kill anyone and get away with it, who would you kill?
Chip Bentwood: The guy who invented condoms. Fuck that guy.
Jake Gallo: [before explosion] Oh, I get it.
Jake Gallo: [about Juliette] Oh, Teddy, she didn't give you that whole routine about how her father raped her when she was a little lad, did she? Oh, what an imagination. No, her father is alive and well. Paid a visit to us last month, in fact. Chairman of an obscenely profitable banking institution, and a hell of a guy I might add. Hell of a guy.
Dr. Quentin Morris: [giving lecture] As pathologists, you will learn the nature of disease and it's causes, it's processes, development, and consequences. But far far more than that. I like to think of the pathologist as offering a window to god, if you will. Now, it may be said that pathology is the study of all things human, save the soul of course. But it is in that particular branch of pathology known as forensics, that we will delve into what it means to be inhuman. You will see the perversion, the corruption of the flesh by all means unnatural. And then we will work backwards, always back to that original pristine design, to determine the affecting cause of death.

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