An orphan boy and his magical dragon come to town with his abusive adoptive parents in pursuit.

Merle: [the Gogans have returned and want to take Pete away from Nora] Okay lady, we're gonna take him whether you like it or not. Right boys?
Grover: Right, Pa. Willie, you grab onto Pete, while I hold onto her.
Willie: You grab Pete, I wanna hold her.
Grover: I wanna hold her!
Willie: I'm gonna hold her!
[Willie and Grover push each other]
Merle: [separates them] Alright, I'll settle this: You two grab the brat, I'LL hold her.
Lena Gogan: If you think you're gonna hold her, like my boys wanna hold her, you're gonna be holdin' your head, ya understand?
Nora: Well, if there's enough room for a chowder-head like you, then there's *more* than enough room for a dragon.
Hoagy: [trying to tell Dr. Terminus about seeing Elliott for the first time]
[stutters scarily]
Hoagy: El- El- Dra- Dra...
Dr. Terminus: What is an "El- El-, Dra- Dra-"?
Lena Gogan: That boy is our legal property, same as the family cow.
Dr. Terminus: [explaining the plan to capture Elliott to Hoagy] Got it?
Hoagy: Got it. What I don't got is, how are you gonna get that monster, that hideous beast, that nightmare sent by the devil to come here?
Dr. Terminus: Easy, we get someone he knows to bring him here.
Hoagy: Who'd be crazy enough to do that?
[Dr. Terminus stares at Hoagy]
Hoagy: [screams] NOOOOO! NOOOOOO!
Dr. Terminus: He knows you, he trusts you!
Hoagy: He scares me! He hates ME!
Dr. Terminus: [talking to the Gogans after Elliott crashed their boat and they fell into the water and now they're sick] Excuse me folks, I witnessed what happened today and I'm completely sympathetic with you.
Grover: [offensively] What's "sympathetic" mean?
Grover: Hey Ma, w-why don't we get ourselves another orphan, huh?
Lena Gogan: Because I done paid our last $50 for Pete, plus $.50 legal fees, and we ain't got another $50 plus legal, that's why. Ya understand?
[Willie and Grover look at each other then shake their heads]
Lena Gogan: Well, here's somethin' you *will* understand: you're gonna have to start workin' the farm with your own two hands, less'n you spot that little twerp!
Pete: I can't sell you Elliot. I don't own him.
Hoagy: Well what did you do, rent him?
Dr. Terminus: Well who owns him?
Pete: No one, I guess. He just sort of goes to those who need him.
Dr. Terminus: *I* need him! Look deliver Elliot to me and the fiver is yours plus a special growth formula that's guaranteed to bring on puberty about a year early... and that's better than a dragon, eh?
Pete: Where's Elliott?
Lena Gogan: [comes out of the closet behind him and grabs him and messes up his hair] Nowhere! Your hokey pokey dragon is out helpin' Santa Claus pull his sled! Boys!
Pete: Let me go!
[Willie and Grover lift him up by his legs and Pete pounds on them and tries to get free]
Lena Gogan: You're never gonna get away again! We're gonna put chains on ya when you're workin'!
Merle: And when you're not workin'!
Willie: And when you're sleepin'!
Pete: [Pete, Nora, and Lampie are lobster fishing] I got one! I got one!
[pulls lobster out of the crate and holds it up]
Pete: Ugh, it's UGLY!
Merle: Say, have you seen anything of a mean, fresh, kid, about ye big? Answers to the name of Pete.
Hoagy: Half of the kids here in this town answer to Pete. Other half don't answer.
Nora: Where did you get that bruise?
Pete: Mr. Gogan. I was milking the cow and I missed the bucket.
Dr. Terminus: I hate Pa - pa - Pastahazootie, or whatever the name of this town is.
Hoagy: Quoddy.
Dr. Terminus: Yeah. I don't want to cure anybody here. They all deserve to have whatever they have.
Nora: [singing] Watch out, or I'll take you apart!
Lena Gogan, Willie, Grover, Merle: [singing] We'd like to see you try it!
Dr. Terminus: Why do I hear a bell ringing?
Hoagy: School must be out.
Dr. Terminus: It's too early, stupid.
Willie: [after being knocked in the mud by Elliott] Somethin' hit me!
Grover: What somethin'?
Willie: If I knowed what somethin', I wouldn't call it somethin'! I'd call it by its name!
Lampie: [trying to sneak past the lighthouse into Elliot's cave]
[drunk, shouting]
Lampie: Shussh! We don't want- we don't want Nora... to hear us!
Hoagy: Ssshh!
Lampie: Huh?
Hoagy: SSSHHH!
Lampie: [pause, still shouting] We don't want Nora to hear us!

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