The haunted Captain of a Soviet submarine holds the fate of the world in his hands. Forced to leave his family behind, he is charged with leading a covert mission cloaked in mystery.

Demi: You know what they call an old boat captain without a boat? "Just another drunk."
Final Title Card: At the peak of the Cold War, a Soviet ballistic missile submarine went missing in the South Pacific. Decades after she was raised, her true intentions remain classified by both the United States and Russian governments. It is believed her missile was later recovered by the Americans, unexploded, from the ocean floor.
Bruni: Last chance captain. Compliance for a grateful nation?
Demi: There's a Ukrainian proverb that says: "Share a tent with Gypsies, and wake up in a field of shit."
Demi: There are only two reason why a boat would go rogue. One is to defect, and the other is to start a war. And I don't think we're defecting!
Demi: The Americans *do* have an incentive for peace.
Bruni: What would that be?
Demi: Empathy. Humanity.
Bruni: You'd wager the survival of our country on that?
[first lines]
Demi: My crew has just returned from 76 days at sea. The Americans are massing naval assets in the Pacific. There must be a dozen boats better rested.
Markov: Squadron Command is insisting on the most experienced captain and crew available.
Demi: I'm being retired, remember? You should know that. Your signature is all over the transfer. Even if I wasn't, my boat will be in dry dock for months.
Markov: You won't be sailing your boat. You'll be sailing the B-67.
Demi: Rum's a sailor's drink. Vodka, a politician's.
Demi: We risked our lives without knowing why. He's entitled to his opinion.
Pavlov: Opinions are antithetical for a clear chain of command.
Demi: The Americans value individual life above everything else. They wouldn't tolerate the loss of even one single city.
[last lines]
Demi's Daughter: I wish he knew how proud I am.
Sophi: He knows, sweetheart.
Demi's Daughter: He knows.
Demi: Bruni's trying to start the only kind of nuclear war we can win. One we're not in.
Markov: Greatness casts a long shadow.
Demi: Do you think we can be redeemed for the things we've done?
Markov: I don't know. In our dreams, maybe. If there is such a thing, it surely requires opportunity. And here she is knocking.
Bruni: What you do not understand, and what our politicians don't want to accept or face, is that the Americans have acquired a first-strike nuclear capability.
Demi: Well, even if that's the case, what makes you think they'd use it?
Bruni: *We* would.

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