After a humiliating command performance at The Kennedy Center, the Barden Bellas enter an international competition that no American group has ever won in order to regain their status and right to perform.

Lilly Okanakamura: All my teeth come from different people.
[Talking about the rivalry between the Barden Bellas and Das Sound Machine]
John: This could be the most significant conflict between America and Germany in history!
Gail: ...Crack a book, John.
Fat Amy: You are one of us, you paid the registration fee.
Fat Amy: Listen, I don't want you guys to fight. You're Beca and Chloe, together you're Bhloe and everyone loves a good Bhloe.
Beca: Aca-Wiedersehen bitches!
Fat Amy: You're Beca Effin' Mitchell! You're the big B.M! You're the most talented person I know. And I've met three of the Wiggles... intimately.
Beca: Your sweat smells like cinnamon.
Fat Amy: Just tell her, Beca.
Chloe: I heard that! Tell me what?
Fat Amy: Aw, no. I clearly said... Fruffa fruffa muffa... Beca.
Cynthia Rose: What kind of white shit is this?
Aubrey: Oh, we don't have ladders. Ladders represent a social hierarchy that's counterproductive to what we're trying to do here.
NFL Player: I'm sorry, man - I was just focused in on 42 G's at D and B's!
Lilly Okanakamura: I sleep upside down like a bat.
Chloe: You seem so tense. Do you need a backrub?
Beca: Several body parts are rubbing my back right now, thank you.
Emily: Fat Amy, you have a lovely vagina.
Fat Amy: Thank you.
Lilly Okanakamura: I keep a quarter under my tongue.
Chloe: You know, one of my biggest regrets is that I didn't do enough experimenting in college.
Rip-Off Host: The prize? Epic bragging rights!
Crowd: [mumbles in disappointment]
Rip-Off Host: Oh, and a $42,000 gift card to DAVE & BUSTER'S!
Crowd: [uproars in cheers]
Pieter Krämer: With what? More of Flabby Abbie's baby shoot?
Fat Amy: That's not my name.
Pieter Krämer: I don't know your name. Could be anything. Obese Denise. Inflexible Tina. Lazy Susan.
Snoop Dogg: Groovy like a drive-in movie.
Beca's Boss: Any ideas? Because I...
Dax: Okay, um, hear me out. We can remove the sleigh bells, and put in kalimba... You know, the finger thing.
Beca's Boss: I know what a kalimba does; I know how it's operated, okay?
Dax: Kalimba...
Beca's Boss: Don't say it again. Go in the corner - go eat your lunch in the corner.
Dax: But what am I gonna do with my Sriracha?
Beca's Boss: Say one more hipster thing and I'm gonna shove you in your vintage bassoon case.
Fat Amy: Don't take this the wrong way: you're the dumbest person alive.

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