A seductive teen befriends an introverted high school student and schemes her way into the lives of her wealthy family.

Ivy: It's nice and cool in here. I missed my ride. Can you take me to Olympic and Fairfax?
Darryl Cooper: No.
Sylvie Cooper: Just a sec
[to her Father]
Sylvie Cooper: Dad, she's my best friend.
[last lines]
Sylvie Cooper: [voice over narration] I still think about her. I guess, still love her. She might have been even more alone than I was. I miss her.
Sylvie Cooper: What the hell are you doing in my Mom's car?
Ivy: I found the key.
Ivy: It won't ever happen again.
Sylvie Cooper: I'm a geek.
Ivy: No, Fred, come here.
Sylvie Cooper: No, Fred, come here.
Georgie Cooper: Who slashed their wrists?
Sylvie Cooper: Oh, Ivy, this is my Mom, Georgie.
Ivy: Everybody hates me.
Sylvie Cooper: Oh well everybody hates me too.
Sylvie Cooper: You killed her.
Ivy: She wanted to die.
Ivy: I thought you both could use this.
Georgie Cooper: Get out.
Georgie Cooper: Leave it open.
Sylvie Cooper: It's supposed to rain tonight.
Georgie Cooper: Then open it wider. What kinda girls are impressed by suicide?
Sylvie Cooper: I like her.
Georgie Cooper: She has a hole in her nose.
Sylvie Cooper: Yeah well a lot of girls do.
Georgie Cooper: I think you'd be embarrassed.
Sylvie Cooper: What?
Georgie Cooper: Getting caught lying all the time. Did you tell her you're black too?
Sylvie Cooper: You don't want me to have any friends do you?
Georgie Cooper: People you have to lie to so they like you arn't worth your friendship.
Sylvie Cooper: My name's Sylvie Cooper.
Ivy: So Cooper, what they nail you for?
Sylvie Cooper: The fact that Fred hated ever human except me really meant something.
Ivy: This is great.
Sylvie Cooper: I like the ivy.
Ivy: Well the cross makes me think of death, but the ivy is life. Sort of the tragic and hopeful you know.
Ivy: Hello, Mr. Cooper, care for anything?
Sylvie Cooper: There's something about her. I don't know. Those lips. You know lips are suppose to be the perfect reflection of a woman's anatomy. Not that I'm a lesbian... Well. Maybe I am. No, definitely not. I told my mother I was just for shock value. She said "fine. As long as you don't smoke".
Sylvie Cooper: I'm a geek.
Ivy: You're beautiful.
Sylvie Cooper: You're still my best friend.
Ivy: 'Till death.
Sylvie Cooper: Please, stop.
Ivy: I want to hear you say it! Are you excusing me of something?
Sylvie Cooper: Why? Did you do something?
Sylvie Cooper: So what are you busted for?
Ivy: I gotta keep a certain grade point average. I'm slipping in biology.

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