The Freeling family have a new house, but their troubles with supernatural forces don't seem to be over.

Carol Ann: They're back.
[last lines]
Taylor: Your car.
Steve Freeling: Yeah, well its happy.
Taylor: Not yet.
Steve Freeling: How are we gonna make it happy?
Taylor: It wants to come home with me.
Steve Freeling: You asked it?
Taylor: Yes.
Steve Freeling: OK, its yours, take it.
Diane: We thank you.
Steve Freeling: It started right up.
Robbie Freeling: Dad, you gave our car away?
Steve Freeling: Yes.
Diane: But Steven, we have no... we need a ride home.
Steve Freeling: Taylor, whoa! That car needs me, Taylor.
Old Indian: Car's still angry, eh?
Steve Freeling: Angry? That car's pissed!
Taylor: [talking about Robbie] He wants to be a man.
Diane: Well, there are a lot of ways to be a man. I'm not sure wearing claw marks and warpaint is one of them.
Taylor: How would you know?
Diane: What?
Taylor: You're not a man, are you?
Diane: OK, I'm not a man. But you're not a mother. It is my job to do everything I can to make my children part of a normal world. A world of schools and friends and lovers and families of they're own someday.
Taylor: Well, that's good.
Diane: Right, I know. And I hope that they'll learn to forget all of this soon.
Taylor: You can't learn by forgetting.
Diane: Well, what would you have me do? I mean they're just children for God's sake.
Taylor: Children have fought wars. They have built nations. They are strong and have courage. Don't treat them any less than that because they're young.
Kane: You're all gonna die in there! All of you! You are gonna die!
Steve Freeling: [to Taylor after discovering his house is haunted] You stay, we're gone!
Carol Anne: So, after Alice fell down the hole, why'd she drink from that bottle?
Diane: Because it said, 'Drink me' on it.
Carol Anne: Oh. Were they gonna capture her... and take her someplace bad?
Diane: Yes, but Alice gets home alright, remember?
Carol Anne: Did she know why they wanted to hurt her?
Diane: I don't think so, honey.
Carol Anne: 'Cause I know.
Diane: You know what?
Carol Anne: Why they're here.
Diane: Why, baby? Why are they here?
Carol Anne: (near tears) 'Cause they don't know where else to go!
Steve Freeling: [shouting] WHY THE HELL WON'T YOU LEAVE US ALONE?
[Steve is then thrown across the living-room from his armchair]
Kane: [in spirit form] You can't keep her. I am not dead.
Steve Freeling: [to Taylor] You can stay in the house, OK. You can have my aura, my spirits, the ghosts, the whole deal, the whole casaba. But keep your hands off my car, OK. Hands off! Its worse than it was before.
Taylor: Car's still angry, huh?
Steve Freeling: Angry? That car is pissed!
Kane: Are you lost, sweetheart? Are you 'fraid, honey? Well then, why don't you come with me?
Carol Anne Freeling: No!
Kane: Alright then! I'll sing you a song... until your mom comes back!
Kane: God is in His Holy Temple! Earthly thoughts be silent now!
Robbie Freeling: Dad, are we gonna have to move again?
Steve Freeling: I don't know Robbie. I'm gonna think about it.
Diane: Where could we go?
Carol Anne Freeling: Disneyland?
Robbie Freeling: Oh puke, don't be such an infant!
Diane: Shhh!
Carol Anne Freeling: Ok, what about Dunkin' Donuts?
Robbie Freeling: Shut up, jerko!
Taylor: Join together. The light of the family can defeat him. This is the moment you've been moving towards all your lives.
Carol Anne Freeling: I've read about these rain dances, I know.
Robbie Freeling: We don't need rain.
Gramma-Jess: Diane, you've got to go on unafraid in this life. You don't want to instil fear into that child who's truly gifted, and filled with knowledge.
Diane: I don't want her to be gifted!
Kane: [to his followers] Come with me!
Tangina Barrons: [the Freelings have defeated Kane] Thank God, thank God!
Taylor: [to Steve] Some battle, huh?
Steve Freeling: [sees Carol-Anne hiding in the car] Carol... open the door sweet pea. Come on honey, open the door. Lift up the knob, sweetheart. Come on honey, open the... oh sweetheart, that wasn't Daddy upstairs in the bathroom, you know that.
Diane: [seeing the dead bodies buried beneath the remains of the Freeling house] Oh no, oh God, they're all... they're all dying here, oh God. They're all reaching out for him, that will never come, and all because they worshipped him.
Steve: Taylor! Taylor, where the hell were you? We're not safe here anymore. My son almost died and you just sit here.
Taylor: I was protecting Carol Anne. It's her he's after, not Robbie, not you or Diane.
Taylor: [sees Steve laughing about something] Funny?
Steve Freeling: Well, I love the health club I'm just wondering when I get the key to my locker.
Taylor: Sense of humor, that's good. You're gonna need it.
Taylor: [after breathing an enchanted smoke into Steve's mouth] Smoke, make him one with power and knowledge.
Steve Freeling: Taylor said we go back together as a family, that's all of us.
Robbie Freeling: Do you believe him, Dad?
Diane: Honey, it was real smart of you to hide in the car like that.
Carol Anne Freeling: It wasn't my idea. Taylor said it was the only safe place.
Robbie Freeling: Dad, do you believe him?
Steve Freeling: I... I do... I do believe him son... I do.
Taylor: Your car?
Steve Freeling: [sees smoke coming from the engine] Yeah?
Taylor: Very angry.
Steve Freeling: Uh huh.
Taylor: I'll fix it.
Steve Freeling: Make it happy?
Taylor: Yes.
Steve Freeling: OK.
Taylor: He's still here. He feels she belongs to him.
Diane: But why?
Taylor: I'm not sure, but he's used to getting what he wants.
Steve Freeling: Taylor, who is he? What is he?
Taylor: He's a man filled with the demon, lost in a dimension that surrounds our world. This entity believes that his world and ours are the same.
Diane: But why doesn't he know he's dead?
Taylor: Because he isn't.
Steve Freeling: But how can that be?
Taylor: Nothing really dies, like when a caterpillar becomes a butterfly. Death only transforms us into another state of being. This man was evil, and his soul remains evil, because he chooses not to see the light, and pass on to another state of consciousness.
Steve Freeling: How are we gonna beat this thing?
Taylor: Until we learn how to defeat him, we do not let him win.
Steve Freeling: [sarcastically] That's a hell of a plan! That's a lot of crap!
Diane: I suppose you have a plan of your own?
Steve Freeling: THAT'S A LOT OF CRAP!
Taylor: Listen, don't come apart now. This spirit is very clever. He knows your strength is your love, and he hates you for that. He's been trying to pull this family apart, and he will continue to try. If he succeeds, he will possess Carol-Anne... and destroy your spirit.
Steve: Why the hell won't you LEAVE US ALONE!
Kane: You can't keep her, I AM NOT DEAD!
Diane: They denied our claim again.
Steve Freeling: What?
Diane: I told you we never should have said the house vanished into thin air.
Grandma Jess in another person's body: Listen, children. You can't run from this thing. It has made contact and it will stop at nothing. You've got to fight it head-on. Stay together. Be loving. Be brave.
Steve Freeling: [Steve and Robbie are listening to a baseball game on the radio and one of the players just hit a home-run] Did you see that, Robbie?
Robbie Freeling: No Dad, I didn't see it.
Diane: [seeing a vision of Kane and his followers] It is him, he's the preacher. They follow him in death as they did in life. They seal themselves into a cavern because Kane says the end of the world is coming.
Kane: Come with me!
Diane: The day for the end comes and goes, but Kane won't let them leave. No, no.
Tangina Barrons: Oh, Diane. Yes, it all makes sense now. When you brought Carol-Anne back to this world, his followers became restless because they had tasted the light of her being, her lifeforce.
Diane: And now he wants her back.
Tangina Barrons: This person is no longer human. He is the Beast.
Steve Freeling: [holding a tequila bottle] Tequila. Tekillya!
Taylor: The Beast lies!
Steve Freeling: [Taylor is standing in the front door] Who the hell are you?
Taylor: Name's Taylor.
Steve Freeling: Great, good name!
[to his family]
Steve Freeling: Come on, let's go!
Taylor: Tangina Barrons sent me.
Steve Freeling: Oh yeah? Well say hello to the magic munchkin for us, will you?
Diane: [Steve, possessed by Kane, starts groping Diane] Honey, don't. Not now.
Steve Freeling: [getting angry] Why? When?
Diane: What do you mean?
Steve Freeling: Diane, I have needs too.
Diane: Well it seems to me your needs have been fulfilled by the bottle tonight.
[Steve comes up behind Diane and grabs her]
Diane: Oh, Steven don't!
Steve Freeling: Diane, are you accusing me of being drunk?
Diane: I'm not accusing you of anything.
Steve Freeling: Yes you are, but that's what you're thinking.
Diane: No, I'm not.
Steve Freeling: Yes, but that's what you're thinking. I know you and that's what you're thinking.
Diane: Spare me, Steven.
Steve Freeling: Diane! Do you remember just the other day, when you were seven and you were helping your Mommy, plant flowers in the garden? You saw it clearly.
Diane: How the hell do you know that?
Steve Freeling: Because I am smart.
[getting angrier]
Steve Freeling: You think that all of our troubles are because of Carol-Anne! You wish Carol-Anne had never been given BIRTH TO! You never wanted
Steve Freeling: CAROL-ANNE!
[Diane tries to shush Steve]
Steve Freeling: But you thought it! You thought it! You thought it! You thought it!
Diane: No!
Steve Freeling: You thought it, baby! Shush! You thought about it! You thought that! You thought it, shush! You thought it! Diane has secrets!
Robbie Freeling: Why can't we get a TV, like everybody else.
Steve: NO! No we can't get a TV.
Robbie Freeling: GREAT! I'll just have to grow up retarded!
Steve: COME ON ROB! Kids don't grow up RETARDO! because of lack of television.
Kane: [to Steve about Taylor] Please! Open your hearts and your minds to what I am saying. He is dangerous. I can see that he has a strong hold on this family. Who do your wife and children turn to with they're problems? They turn to him, now don't they? They don't trust you anymore, but what you fear, is that you're not man enough to hold this family together.
Steve Freeling: [stunned] How do you know?
Kane: Because, I'm smart. And I'm your friend. And I know... what you are thinking.
Steve Freeling: How?
Kane: Now, let me in, and let's talk about it. Let me in.
Steve Freeling: [wavering] You are my friend.
Kane: Let me in.
Carol Anne Freeling: [from somewhere in the house] Daddy?
Kane: Now! Before its too late!
Steve Freeling: No!
Kane: [furious] You're gonna die in there! All of you! YOU ARE GONNA DIE!
Steve Freeling: Get the hell out of here!
Kane: Sorry to see, you're still unconvinced. Pleasure visiting with you.
Diane: Steven, we are almost broke.
Steve Freeling: Okay, we're, we're broke, but we're not, we're not starving!
Diane: Okay. But I don't happen to like having to live off my mother, and I think that we deserve a house of our own again someday.
Steve Freeling: Aw, honey, geez... see, that's the difference between you and me, Diane, I am into downward mobility. I'm not settling for it, I'm *into* it, I - I like getting out there in the streets and meetin' those people; I like selling vacuums, I like carrying the pipes and the apparatus in my little demo case.
[snaps his fingers]
Steve Freeling: Let's get the kids up and we'll, we'll paint the car different colors, kind of day-glo, like we used to do when were kind of *freaky,* you know - the *Freaky Freelings,* on the road again! The family whose house disappeared! Watch them find it, Diane! I'm not gonna get upset about this but I'll tell you something, I'm writing them back, and when I sign that letter I'm signing *Mr. President!*
Taylor: You feel like a leaf at the mercy of the wind, don't you?
Steve Freeling: Yeah, that's right. That's me.
Taylor: Since the day you were born one way or another, someone has been doing something to you.
Steve Freeling: No I... I don't think that's true.
Taylor: And they've been doing something to you against your will, and now you're feeling helpless, like a leaf in the wind.
Steve Freeling: Taylor, it would help me out a lot if you just say what's on your mind so I can understand you.
Taylor: You understand me. No matter how much you like to feel sorry for yourself, you have to change that. I'm a warrior. A warrior would rather be defeated and die, than act against his nature. That is the path you have chosen to take, whether you know it or not. You should assume full responsibility.
Steve Freeling: Responsibility for what?
Taylor: Responsibility for everything. Everything in your world.
Carol Anne: Hi, Grandma. Do you have wings now? My ballerina costume does. Grandma? Who are you? No, uh-ah. I don't remember. What?
Toy robot: Hello, little one. I am your friend. We want the angel.
Robbie Freeling: Carol Anne, what is going on? Carol Anne, what are you doing? Carol Anne, come on. What are you doing?
Taylor: You must take your family back to Cuesta Verde.
Steve Freeling: What?
Taylor: The evil spirit that is stalking you. It knows who you are. Where you are. How to find you. What your weaknesses are. Your best bet would be to confront him, surprise him on his own ground.
Steve Freeling: But Taylor, what about Diane and the kids?
Taylor: They are your power, and you are they'res.
Steve Freeling: Are things desperate Taylor?
Taylor: What you see as desperate, I see as inevitable.
Taylor: Children have fought wars, have built nations. They are strong and have courage, don't treat them any less THAN that because they're young.
Steve Freeling: Are you in cahoots with the lady in there?
Taylor: I cahoot with no one.

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