Carol Anne is staying with her aunt in a highrise building, and the supernatural forces that have haunted her previously follow her there.

Bruce Gardner: Carol Anne! Carol Anne! Carol Anne!
Pat Gardner: Bruce! Bruce! Bruce!
Carol Anne: [after missing her ride] Great! I don't have to go to that creepy school today!
Pat Gardner: [after Bruce gets sucked into the window void outside the building, Carol Anne shows up to warn Pat off]
Pat Gardner: Carol Anne!
Carol Anne: [sadly] Go away, Pat! He doesn't want them, he only wants me! You don't love me, you don't want me here. My parents don't love me either. They sent me away. Kane loves me, Kane wants me!
[holds out her hand]
Carol Anne: Give me Tangina's necklace and you can have Bruce and Donna back. They're your family. I'll go with Kane.
Pat Gardner: [voice quivering] Your mom and dad do love you! They love you very much! And I love you too. It's hard for me to show it sometimes but I do love you!
Carol Anne: [doesn't believe her] No, save your family! They're the ones who mean something to you, not me!
Pat Gardner: [with tears in her eyes] That's not true! You are part of my family! You and Donna are like my children! I love you, Carol Anne and I'll do anything to prove that! You've got to believe me!
Carol Anne: [angrily] No! Go away!
Pat Gardner: [sobbing] Carol Anne!
Carol Anne: [with Kane's voice and face] Go away!
[Pat jumps back in shock and the spirit masquerading as Carol Anne disappears into the void]
Tangina: I'm one of your brother-in-laws, weirder psychics. SHH!
Tangina: My God! HE FOUND HER!
Tangina: [on the phone] Dr Seaton? Kane found Carol Anne, and it's all your fault.
Tangina: Kane! Give her back her family. You don't need them. You don't need Carol Anne! I can lead you into the light. I have the KNOWLEDGE... and the POWER!
Carol Anne: A woman's entitled to change her mind.
Tangina: Stay back! He's got the girls, and now HE WANTS YOU!
Pat Gardner: You look great! Now remember, LESS IS MORE!
Marcie Moyer: Oh, Scott! My knight in shining acne!
Bruce Gardner: WHAT DO YOU WANT?
Kane: YOU!
Tangina: Outside, in.
Scott: [after busting out of a frozen pool and running face first into plate glass window] Donna?
Bruce Gardner: Scott?
Scott: Donna!
Bruce Gardner: Scott!
Scott: They... They've got Donna!
Bruce Gardner: Who's got Donna?
Scott: They've got Donna and...
Bruce Gardner: What are you saying?
Scott: ...and Carol Anne!
Bruce Gardner: Who's got Carol Anne?
Scott: ...They've got 'em.
Bruce Gardner: WHO DAMMIT WHO!
Bruce Gardner: Fucking son of a bitch!
Scott: The Puddle! *The puddle*!
Bruce Gardner: How would you feel if some quack told you that you had supernatural powers?
Pat Gardner: Do you remember that guy that was on all the talk shows, used to bend keys, fix watches, took Polaroids of himself in the dark? Maybe Carol Anne?
Bruce Gardner: Please not you too, give the kid a break, first your crazy brother in law used her as a scapegoat from the quarter of million homes, he built.
Pat Gardner: Steven didn't!
Bruce Gardner: Steven and your sister have put the poor thing threw hell, with those weirdo psychics and witchdoctors.
Tangina: Because Kane still thinks he needs her. He was insane when he lived and now that insanity has become The Beast. He wants Carol Anne now before she grows up. Youth is a strong life force. Innocence is pure life force. We lose strength as we lose our innocence. You see, innocence is the only gift we're given in life; all else must be fought for. In that gift is purity. In that purity lies strength.
Carol Anne: You are so declasse.
Donna Gardner: And they thought I was her.
[Donna is putting on powder and looking in her compact mirror]
Bruce Gardner: You better be careful. Remember what happened to Narcissus?
Donna Gardner: Nar-who?
Bruce Gardner: Greek mythology. He was a guy who loved looking at his reflection so much in a pond that he fell in and drowned.
Donna Gardner: Well, only a boy could be that clumsy.
Pat Gardner: You got that right.
Kane: Carol Anne, don't afraid! We won't harm you, we love you. You're are only angel, who can lead us into the light. We would never hurt you, NEVER! Don't run away from me. We need you Carol Anne, LEAD US INTO THE LIGHT!
Pat Gardner: Oh, who the hell goddam cares?
Tangina: Tweedledum or Tweedledumber?
Donna Gardner: [inside the security office] Wanna see panic?
[over the intercom while watching her friends swim in the pool]
Donna Gardner: This is the police! We have you surrounded! Please come out with your hands up and your pants down!
Scott: [on the intercom] Hello, this is your camp director. Jeff, quit pissing in the pool.

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