Pootie Tang, the musician/actor/folk hero of the ghetto, is chronicled from his early childhood to his battles against the evil Corporate America, who try to steal his magic belt and make ... See full summary¬†¬Ľ

Trucky: You can't beat a ho with a belt... they like that shit.
Pootie Tang: See, my damie, Pootie Tang don't wa-da-tah to the shama cow... 'cause thats a cama cama leepa-chaiii, dig?
Pootie Tang: Baby, I'm going to sine your pitty on the runny kine!
J.B.: Pootie Tang will draw you a picture of how he gonna kick your ass, then mail it to you ten days in advance. The picture gets there right? You're goin', "What the hell is this?" and then Pootie Tang knocks on your door, Promptly kicks your ass and you still won't know what happened to you!
Biggie Shorty: You think that just cuz a girl likes to dress fancy and stand on the corner next to some whores, that she's hookin?
Pootie Tang: Sa da tay!
Pootie Tang: Sepatown!
Trucky: It was incredible. Only the third time a man had been mauled by a gorilla at that steel mill, that month!
Pootie Tang: Dirty Dee, you're a baddy daddy lamatai tebby chai!
Pootie Tang: Cole me on the panny sty.
Bob Costas: ...I'm sorry. What was that?
Pootie Tang: Cole - Cole me on the panny sty.
Bob Costas: What the hell are you talking about?
Pootie Tang: ...Cole me down on the panny sty?
Bob Costas: Oh, cole me down on the panny sty! All right!
Pootie Tang: Kapa-Chow.
Narrator: Dirty Dee is still dirty... because he's Dirty Dee dammit!
Trucky: He was rejuvenated. You hear that? Rejuvenated. He was juvenated before, lost it... and got juvinated again. Rejuvenated!
Dirty Dee: Yeah hehehehe Cappatown my ASS!
Dirty Dee: Pootie Tang! I come to call you out, maggoty eatin' *bitch*!
Pootie Tang: Ain't come one, but many tine tanies!
Pootie Tang: I gots to say na nay no.

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